Zimmerman caught speeding!

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by HolyRoller2000, Jul 31, 2013.

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    He runs to tipped over cars and speeds and shoots teenagers because they wear hoodies......
    Die bitch die
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    What's the expression I'm looking for here somebody! Something about a fire.
  4. mongrel Member

    <engage the motherfucking capslock fury>


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    I didn't think a veteran would participate in such a manner as you just have. Being said that, It probably will be taking soon. If not, my I request it be, its causing problems. I would like not to do that anymore.
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    Your English improved!
  8. Anonymous Member

    By the way thread not causing problems. I think Mongrel is drunk again.
  9. Anonymous Member

    He's left Florida and is on his way to free Barrett brown
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  10. mongrel Member

    So lemme get this straight, a wannabe cop gets into a fight with a wannabe thug... and one of them gets killed.

    Now why exactly should I give even a single fuck about this? Seriously.

    That implies there is ever a time when I'm not drunk.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Meanwhile, you are being spied upon , Brown's in jail as is Manning and Aaron Swartz is dead.
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  13. Copy/Paste Member

    Very true O' mighty and powerful.
  14. mongrel Member

    Ya know, I had this long message composed about how many black men are murdered every day, how many black children grow up without fathers, the prevalence of AIDS in black communities, rampant unemployment, domestic abuse, and.....

    But your comment is just as good about pointing out the fact that there are far more prescient issues to be concerned with than a fabricated white-on-black "hate-crime". After all, it is equally as appropriate to refer to either Zimmerman or Obama as being "white". Yet, somehow, we have a black president and a white murderer.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I appreciate that Mongrel, thanks.
    FWIW, I just came from giving a presentation (to all of 22) on racism within Despicable Me (2010.) 1 African American in the entire film.
    Derail over...but well...loves.
  16. How fast was he going?
  17. Anonymous Member

    More like Zoomerman

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  18. Anonymous Member

    I personally liked Obamas refering to himself as "a mutt like me". The black vs white dichotomy is bollocks., and should be seen for what it is, underprivileged versus other underprivileged people.
  19. Go figger
    'Twas a nigger
  20. Anonymous Member

    Soon the underprivileged will be forced into gladiator fights to the death for the whole of privileged to see... Or am I a slowpoke.jpg again and there already is such a thing?
  21. Anonymous Member

    The Zimmerman case is important because a grown man was told not to follow a teenager who was doing absolutely nothing wrong, followed him, shot him as soon as he started losing the fight and got away with it. Justice was NOT served here. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a complete fucking moron or just doesn't care because the kid wasn't white. Hopefully, Zimmerman gets his dick electrocuted.
  22. This thread is about his speeding. If you want to start a thread about hoping his dick gets electrocuted please do so.

    How fast was he going?
  23. Speeding makes someone a killer? I'm sorry, I didn't know that that was the new standard for sociopathic murderers.

    Let's get this straight. Since we can't see into the mind of Zimmerman or Treyvon, we're going to have to rely on the evidence from the case, and evidence from the past.

    Not their skin colors.
    Yeah, that's right. I got that from an article. With evidence. Actual solid, untainted by media evidence.

    Zimmerman, based on the facts of his life before shooting Treyvon was not racist. The FBI questioned 30 people/acquaintances of Zimmerman and found zero evidence of racism being involved in the case. And don't even get me started on the jury. Just because they didn't decide against Zimmerman doesn't mean all six people on a jury of an extremely controversial case were so racist that they would choose to deem the extremely and undoubtedly unpopular side as innocent. Especially when the decision was unanimous.

    As for the 911 call, a witness says that he saw one person straddling another person, the one on the bottom being the one who called for help.
    And when asked if the person on top was Martin, aforementioned witness said, "Correct, that's what it looked like."

    My main point is, if you post shit without anything except media reports, you get hit. The evidence says that Zimmerman reacted in self defense.

    And pretty much the only reason why Zimmerman is getting so much hate is because the media is fucked up. First reports of the trial blatantly put Treyvon in a favorable spotlight and overall slandered Zimmerman by making him out to be a racist, gun-toting, trigger-happy "white guy". If it weren't for those original reports, maybe Zimmerman would have a better chance at life. But now, thanks to idiots who only think about skin color, the rest of his life will pretty fucking sucky--what with every goddamn person in the country being led to believe that he's a monster.

  24. the reason that Zimmerman is "getting so much hate" is because he shot an unarmed black kid for carrying a bag of skittles and an iced tea. He IS a Monster and the fact that you would try to sugar coat this makes you either very ignorant or just another asshole. I honestly don't understand people like you.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Zimmerman created a situation where he got to kill someone legally. He created the situation. Now he is speeding his way through Texas and I hope he creates another situation but without hitting a car and killing more people.
  26. Poor me. I am such a sweet and gentle little boy.
    Saying that I am a racist is so unjust. After all I am only a latin, german, black mixture.
    I love blacks just as Hitler loved his brother jews.
  27. AnonEaskUK Member

    You sir, are a dickhead.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I laughed a little to hard at that, lol.

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