Youtube video archive

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by caekanon, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. caekanon Member

    Youtube video archive

    This has been discussed in the past and I decided to do some work on it. As we all know, there is a problem with false-flagging and "guilty until proven innocent" suspensions. But for whatever reason our videos aren't accessible on youtube in the future, it is a good idea to have an archive.

    The archive should be of practical size as well. Many of our source videos are 1GB+ and we may have 100 videos on our channel. It simply isn't going to work to have a 20TB folder of all these. The .flv of full length videos is usually in the ballpark of 50MB which is much more practical to keep.

    I haven't settled on the best way to do this so I'm going to throw out what I've found so far:

    Get the Download helper extension for firefox: download helper.

    I have gone through each of my videos and saved the high-quality .FLV version of it the name usually starts with [35HQ] or something similar. The mp4 is compressed much more and looks worse. Now I have all 33 of my videos in a folder which is less than 2 GB. Not too terribly big.

    Now I'm wondering, should I include a text file with the description with each video and put them in separate folders or maybe make 1 text file with the description of all of them. Or is this even necessary at all? As for distributing, torrents are a possibility, however IP fagging would be a concern. They might be too large for sites like rapidshare as well.

    If everybody could do something like this with their channel, we could have a library put together in a relatively short time. Anyways, discuss.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Youtube video archive

    This is something that has crossed my mind before (haven't seen it discussed before though).

    Unfortunately in hindsight this is really something that I should of stated right at the beginning of chanology, as theres a ton of videos from oldfags no longer around that have gone missing and haven't been restored.

    Still, it would probably useful for one hardcore anon with a massive internets pipe to go on youtube and leech absolutely everything related to chanology.
    I don't think having each video anon doing their bit for the archive would work very well because... well that would require everyone participating and putting in effort, and I think we know how that would turn out!
  3. caekanon Member

    Re: Youtube video archive

    I suggested each anon that wants to (participate) because it's pretty labor intensive to click through a few dozen people's videos and sort them, add the keywords and descriptions etc. Anybody can do it if they have that kind of time on their hands.

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