YouTube singer charged with felony

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by LastOneStanding, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Plz read the thread after the post you quoted.
  2. uncoerced Member

    While the kids didn't hear the explicit lyrics, he edited it to show their facial response in conjunction with his explicit lyrics. Fuck, dude, seriously, he shows little girls covering their mouths after saying something about licking his testicles. I'd bet that's enough like porn for a pedophile.
  3. agent156 Member

    Do people really think pedos need this stuff to fap to... the world is full of thousand of proud parents providing plenty of pic for the pedos to fap to...
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  4. uncoerced Member

    I could look at a picture of tentacle porn or I could watch a video of some chick being covered in octopi, and hear those glorious squishy sounds of tentacle. Guess which one I'd choose?
  5. Seriously? This is an incredible stretch of the law that is being used to prosecute. You might hate it, but twisting the law to go after someone just because you don't like them or what they did only opens wider the doors for abuse of the law by other groups.

    Yes, he violated some rather serious laws with serious consequences, and if he had posted the original video with an innocent song, he would have been just as much in violation of those laws. Charge him with violation of privacy or even endangerment of children for the fact there is so much identifying information associated with the video, but basing the charges off of the nature of the lyrics... the law he is being charged under is meant for the sick fucks who go on FagLife and make videos of avatars that look like children having sex with avatars that look like adults.

    If you honestly think there is a peder-ass out there who can't find something "better" than this to fap to, you have not lurked the Internet. All this case shows is how completely out-of-touch people are with the real shit that's out there.
  6. Anonymous Member

    /r/ video link so we can actually decide for ourselves.

    I can't find it mirrored anywhere
  7. uncoerced Member

    OH MY GOD. I am out of touch. I hate to think of it, and I don't wanna know. Fuck. There is worse shit. I really, really, really would have no problem disposing of people who hurt kids.

    I don't know where to find it now, I'm uh, not all that internet savvy to begin with but saw part of it when the thread first came out. I'm sorry.

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