YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MarcabEmpress, May 22, 2008.

  1. MarcabEmpress Member

    YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

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    I got this letter from a PR flack. My question is, why dont those vids just get flagged and pulled? How does this affect free speech? How does this affect Sci? Thankfully we do not fall into this catagory, according to the FBI, but we have been accused before by Sci.

  2. twelve Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    Aside from the fact the the kind folks at YouTube would have to check every video as it came in to tell whether or not it actually met these criteria, this would be the most outrageous attack on freedom of speech in the history of the Internets. "Even legal nonviolent or non-hate speech videos" shouldn't be allowed on YouTube if they so much as mention a terrorist group? Absurd.

    The alternative is that YouTube lets the videos be uploaded, but pulls them down when it catches on that [insert vid here] violates the ToS...which is what happens already. Ya know, I think YouTube might have some sort of policy against advocating murder or sumthin'...lemme check on that...
  3. Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    Lieberman is wrong. YouTube should not filter its content in any way.
  4. number 6 Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    I've seen music videos made by certain terrorist groups, showing their folks masked and dancing around with their AK-47s, on YouTube. Within hours, these videos are flagged and taken off. The current system is fine. Pre-filtering will just make things worse.
  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    Dear Miss Nonymiss,

    As a long-time Internet expert and author of 18 posts on blogs,
    I believe Sen. Joseph Lieberman has made a public policy mistake
    by initially requesting YouTube to remove all videos produced by
    people who hate freedom, who also wear things that cover their heads.

    Earlier today, YouTube stood idly by while "hackers on steroids"
    and their sympathizers in oil-rich 3rd world countries uploaded
    countless 'shooped and stolen images, of even Sen. Joseph Lieberman
    himself. On some of them, you can even see pixels!

    Though a number of channers were fapping, is it still insulting for
    Sen. Lieberman to pretend that 12yr olds don't lust after his
    sekszy bod, and that /b/ has a legitimate need to prove rule 34
    applies even to senators trolling the interweb?
    This phrasing goes against all common english written standards,
    and so I have added a huge question mark to the previous sentence.

    All the scary power words seem to clog up inside this Tube:
    beware Google

    <3 Zacky
  6. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    I feel so cuddly and luved now. Lieberman is a tool, and we need to keep our eye on this. I agree the current YT system works just fine. Society can regulate in environments like youtube
  7. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    luvz 2 all thetans (operating, discombobulated, or not really existing)

    but I have heard the Honorable Senator speak
    (YA! RLY.) lecturing college students and professors
    on the awesomeness of our guys in sillycon valley
    vs the horribleness of "murder simulator" games.
    He kept yammering until a "security event" occurred
    and brought the forum to a close.

    In stunned silence of heads turning bewildered
    at such assembly, anons were born.
  8. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    Don't fuck with my video games, or I will become your SATAN (which means "adversary")
  9. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: YouTube refuses to pull certain videos

    dunder thome

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