YouTube Raid Vids Piling Up

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonamour, Feb 10, 2008.

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  4. I just saw the full video of the Rick Roll from Feb. 10th in Ottawa on Youtube. I looked into this raid a bit more on this forum and found full documentation of this epic Rick Roll.

    Whole video of IRL Rick Roll:

    Rick Roll in CBC News:

    Rick Roll in Sun Video:

    Never Gonna Give You Up, Scientology:

    Article on Ottawa protests:

    Picture of Rick Roll in The Sun:

    Article about protests in 24 Hours:
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    Re: YouTube Raid Vids Piling Up

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    Re: YouTube Raid Vids Piling Up

    I put up last week (London)- it's a bit shaky (hangover) but has a nice bit at the end where you can hear the Message coming from the crowd.
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    YouTube is blocking nearly all anti-Scientology content

    I just tripped on this and started to get pissed. Seems by what the guys says YouTube has Frozen all counts with anything tagged with Scientology. We neeed to get this out and have an explanation! Please, someone verify, anyone...
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