YouTube Raid Vids Piling Up

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonamour, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Anonamour Member

    YouTube Raid Vids Piling Up

    Some of the links in this thread are broken, as it was an enturb thread that was resurrected. There are two kinds of problems:
    1. The thread or post # is the old enturb one, and you won't find the thread without using the search function; or
    2. The link looks like it works, but it has an extra "http//" in the url. Delete that and the link will work fine.

    It's an Epic Flood of vids! Really great Anons! ... rch=Search

    Personal fave so far. Ozfags rocked it. ... rch=Search

    Spread the joy, Anons!
  2. sw Member

    Raids of Plymouth scifags bullbaiting us and harassing us up soon!

    We had to stand within 3 feet of them all with only a thin pane of glass between us, them and the honking cars/public.

    There was no other side of the road.
  3. anonyTurk182 Member

    Can't wait to see the video of this. :twisted:
  4. EPIC WIN.

    Montreal was calm, but effective.
  5. Anonamour Member

  6. psynergy Member

    anyone got some free video editing software links? movie maker won't work with the format of my videos
  7. sw Member

    I can't wait to show you guys Wise Hat Man.
  8. Anonamour Member

  9. Anonamour Member

  10. Stickied to preserve and proudly brag about the win.
  11. anonzy Member

    250+ Vids!!!! Wow
  12. unperson Member

  13. Lostsocks Member

  14. AnonyMon Member

  15. brvandal Member

  16. These vids are all full of win.
  17. HailXenu79 Member

  18. WhiteSword Member

  19. sw Member

  20. Centurian9 Member

    Tucson Co$ "persons" pic and pic w/license of her

    I have a pic of a woman from Co$ taken during the Tucson protest and a pic of her car showing clearly her license plate. This car followd at least 2 participants after the event.

    If anyone can help me get her name and address from her plate number please contact me at

    Help would be greatly appreciated, I can forward these pics if you wish...
  21. savemexenu Member

  22. Anonamour Member

    Re: Tucson Co$ "persons" pic and pic w/license of

    Clam Trap?


    Edit: New YouTube vid count >>>>>>>>>>>>> 575 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    *openly weeping from pure brag rush*
  23. Wow. Alot has changed in london since the early 80s. I've heard nothing but bad about london cops toll 2/10/08.
  24. sw Member

  25. Re: Tucson Co$ "persons" pic and pic w/license of

    Not really sure why you'd want this information, and the first thought that springs to mind is that whatever you want it for can't possibly be legal.
  26. AnonymousTV Member

    Hello, everyone. Here's a brand new video of the EPIC protests in Hollywood/Los Angeles:

    A very special thanks to Mark and Tory for their words of wisdom, guidance and encouragement. You've been fighting the good fight long before we knew how important the fight was and we all thank you for that.

    I will be working to get a higher resolution copy uploaded ASAP.
  27. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Tucson Co$ "persons" pic and pic w/license of

    Careful there dude, You might end up becoming what we're fighting against. (Stalking of any kind is creepy and borderline illegal)
  28. Anaunimus Member

    Re: Tucson Co$ "persons" pic and pic w/license of

  29. Clamosaurus Member

    Is anyone noticing that viewcounts of protest videos and other scientology related videos are having an "issue"?

    Asin, ratings outdo viewcounts.
    Viewcounts arent moving etc

    Enquiring minds want to know.
  30. kermittheanon Member

  31. RedRobin Member

    Huge scandal is brewing right now.

    We need to get the word out. Isn't it ironic that We/Anonymous get labeled as the hackers. Trying to control the internet and freedom of speech really ticks me off.
  32. OJD Member

    hey all, I just got this response from youtube support:
  33. Selleck Member

  34. ruebennase Member

  35. CanadaAotS Member

    I suggest something similar to a google bomb.

    February 17th, everyone reupload as many of their videos as they can. Post links here, we all watch etc. It get's on front page, we have lulz, google shits bricks, win all around right?

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