Youtube Problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LocalSP, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. LocalSP Member

    Youtube Problems

    The Prob I'm having is when I hit a link to youtube to watch a video 99% of the time I get "sorry this video is no longer available."
    I know the vids are there because I can use a friends computer and watch them just fine.

    Also about the same time that this started when I try to return to a previous page I get a 404 error page can not be found. I especially get this while on enturb.

    Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm missing too many important vids.

    Running FF 2
    XP Home sp 2

  2. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Youtube Problems

    I think Jewtube is having issues. It keeps plunking me to the UK site, and a bunch of movies are "Not available in my country"
  3. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Youtube Problems

    You have probably installed the Google accelerator. That's your problem. Just remove it or disable it when you want to watch YouTubes.

    It also caused other problems with sites like Yahoo financial not updating charts.
  4. LocalSP Member

    Re: Youtube Problems

    Tried it with Google accelerator off and now works great Thanks.
    FYI I found out while doing some research that there seems to be a bug somewhere between Adobe and FireFox 3 that is causing the same type of issue. Adobe blames FF and FF blames Adobe.
    The bug will cause a freeze up while trying to watch vids on Youtube.

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