Youtube Links (Riverside County Supervisor Meeting 2/24/09)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TomVorm, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. TomVorm Member

    Youtube Links (Riverside County Supervisor Meeting 2/24/09)

    Youtube ID "mnql1" posted videos from this meeting (in segments) on Youtube.

    The first 3 segments (of 11 total) are linked below.
    (Segments 4 through 11 are in the next post on this thread)

  2. TomVorm Member

    Re: Youtube Links (Riverside County Supervisor Meeting 2/24/09)

    Links to Youtube videos 4 through 11 (of the meeting 2/24/09)

    (Get angry! Watch them all!)

    - Part 5
    - Part 6
    - Part 7
    - Part 8
    - Part 9
    - Part 10
    - Part 11
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: Youtube Links (Riverside County Supervisor Meeting 2/24/09)

    I watched it live this morning.

    I find it interesting that the anti-ordinance arguments addressing the subject directly, and making it clear that there was no need for the ordinance if it doesn't change anything the protesters were already doing. Of course when that was brought up, they made the claim that it has nothing to do with the Church of Scientology, but to Riverside in general. Which of course is bullshit, because that was the whole reason it was ever drafted in the first place, and there was never any concern expressed about anything OTHER than Scientology.

    Then, the pro-ordinance arguments consisted mostly of ad-hominem attacks, claims of evidence against protesters (which they did NOT provide, or would not), and the usual lies and side-stepping that they do.

    I find this all interesting because given both of the arguments made, they still went ahead and passed the ordinance. Now this tells me that something is up. There's no way in hell that they made the final decision based on the representatives from Scientology and their arguments. It's like choosing a raisin over a grape for having more mass.

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