youtube just crashed

Discussion in 'Media' started by Spot, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Spot Member

    youtube just crashed

  2. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    That is what I got also.
  3. sw Member

  4. Jaster Member

    We broke it. :(

    Unless Scientology did. :shock:
  5. OTT777 Member

    how interesting that it is "1.1" service unavailable...
  6. NA_Annon Member

    Lets not get all tinfoil hat here guys.

    This is youtube we're talking about here.
  7. Anon Y. Mouse Member

  8. anoncosla Member

    How quickly we forget yesterday! lol
  9. Orderous Member

    Did we just brake youtube?

    Another casualty of war I guess, pity, he was a good lad.
  10. Anonysqaatsi Member

    yeah, they said yesterday the view counts not responding to some videos was a bug and they were going to fix it today.
  11. anoncosla Member

    yeah, i did notice counts resume, yet froze again once they hit the 2200 mark at about noon PST
  12. Anon123456 Member

    we should be posting these videos other places then just youtube like break and live leak and CJ. we need to decentrilize a little bit.

    apparently we are breaking the entire interwebs
  14. Collateral damage.
  15. AnnaMoose Member

    Someone clogged up the tubes, lulz.

    But seriously...has something like this happened before?
  16. AnonMeow Member

    Too many videos = too many wins!

    As the late Roy Shieder may have said,

    "We're gonna need a bigger bucket!" :lol:
  17. anoncosla Member

  18. Crusty Member

    FBI reacting to bomb threats? Freezing and seizing logs?

    If so I'm impressed! If so someone somewhere is gonna be in it well over their necks.
  19. Jaster Member

    Only appropriate for the first Great Internet War.
  20. no youtube as of 8:53pm EST. Site is Down.... Scifags, our vids, or something else? I've NEVER seen youtube down!

    EDIT: it's back up now but extremly slow, someone see the status of that fake video to see whats been done with it?
  21. NA_Annon Member

    Youtube is back
  22. saerat Member

    its having trouble loading all the time though =/ I think its under attack.
  23. XenuFanboy Member

    I bet they are fixing bugs. Stop being so paranoid you guys.
  24. Anonojester Member

    Getting a bit full of ourselves are we? XD
  25. Crusty Member

    Ah yes, stop being SO paranoid - problem with CoS is it's right to be a BIT paranoid, but it's really hard to work out how much that actually is...
  26. eclipsael Member

    Dude they just wanted to change the logo. chillax.
  27. anonipanda Member

    *hands out tin foil hats*

    Could be anything, whatever it is, YouTube peeps will say.
  28. anoncosla Member

    i dont think Co$ has direct involvement, but i do find it very plausible that their servers are getting swamped due to the increased traffic (probably from the raid)...

    check out
    and change the range from 6 months to one month to see the spike towards the end. the spike correlates with the time when the word on the raid began
  29. Halle Lidner Member

    It is working for me! :shock:
  30. Spot Member

    it's back. hopefully they fixed the viewcounters.
  31. Femanonymous Member

    The logo was changed before the site went down but good guess!
  32. NA_Annon Member

    Thread is no longer relevant. please lock or delete!
  33. an()n Member

    it's not a big truck.
  34. r3bus Member

  35. AnonZombie Member

    Well, Youtube may not be anything, but Encyclopedia Dramatica and Partyvan are down.
  36. long_torso Member

    ED is back. Partyvan apparently still down, reporting a 408 timeout.
  37. AnonZombie Member


    But seriously, there's slightly fewer people online than a few hours ago when everything was fine. More from where the above came from?
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