YouTube is blocking all Scientology-related content

Discussion in 'Media' started by pMagic, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. PDXAnon Member

    If youtube is pulling vids due to TOS violation complaints from the church about 'their copyrighted material' on our Anon videos we need to alert the media nao, get the word out to the same media that originally broke the anon stories the the church is filing false shit and let them start asking questions of youtube too.

    The orginal Anon Vid was pulled due to TOS and the hive mind has reposted it within the last few hours about 20 times.
  2. x-9er Member

    We need to promote the hell out of this YouTube stuff. The very act that inspired us to rise up against Scientology is now being used as a counterattack -- this is a compelling story that NEEDS to be covered in the broader press.
  3. PDXAnon Member

    This is being addressed in another thread. Theres a clause in the youtube TOS about vids posted that may be considered 'hate speech' and that might have been how Co$ had the vid pulled if thats what happened.

    However this may be a double edged sword, a lot of the non-anon posted Scieno vids could be considered hate-speech against psychology and psychiatry and subject to the same TOS violations.
  4. MorbidLilim Member

    Some of those videos need to stay up, as they are leaked propaganda posted by critics to expose their nuttiness and intentions for the "global obliteration of psychiatry," among other things.
  5. Longus Catus Member

    Athene is a legit source. He is an actor and most of his vids are made for the lulz and he is kind of related the 40k blowjobs incident at Belgium:

    And he also managed to stop youtube from instant flaging his videos preventing him from reaching the first page.
    Dunno if this is true but I read on a youtube comment that videos only recieve view counts when someone watches the entire videos and almost all the anti-scientology videos end 1 second earlier, wich is kind of fishy.
  6. Grey Anon Member

  7. Anon123456 Member

    no its not.
  8. eclipsael Member

    was for maybe 30 seconds or so. back to the good ol' TOS violation screen. :rage:
  9. miltownkid Member

    Was up for me just now.
  10. Evil Zoe Member

    It's up and down like a yo yo today.
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