YouTube is blocking all Scientology-related content

Discussion in 'Media' started by pMagic, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. pMagic Member

  2. spudtrooper0 Member

    Yet the video that calls out Youtube for discriminating is on the featured videos page...

    I'm not convinced.
  3. Anonamour Member

    Just got some background on this guy, Athene. He is HEROIC to WoW kids, makes funny vids and is well loved. This SRS report is first-of-kind and is blowing WoW kids away from WoW and into WTF's going on!??

    Source is pre-anon WoW kid

    Just a heads up. Influx kitten herd shortly?
  4. Legion Member

  5. Aenema Member

    Either way, he'll spread the message. Even if its to WoW. Millions of people watch this dude. Maybe they will learn more by it. Who knows.
  6. Daywatch Member

    WoW 10 million subscibers

    200-300 can drive a car!

    what kinda weirdos play WoW
  7. Casper Member

    Says the man with a WoW screenshot for an avatar.
  8. Amomynous Member

  9. anonymousnoob Member

    There is something fishy going on here.

    I would understand if they let a few of them slide as there are probably a TON of Scientology videos on-line.

    However, frozen for 2-4 days? And this dudes count is at 100,000+?

    What is going on?

    If the Scilons are putting pressure on them then I think it is up to the shareholders of google to look into it (hint hint) and to mass e-mail them.
  10. Magoo Member

    Hey--good job for him, and thanks for telling us.

    I don't give a damn how old someone is, or their hobbies. If he
    can report facts to us, about something like this: GOOD MAN!

    Has anyone contacted YouTube? I wouldn't have put it past Scientology
    to have paid them off. They're famous for doing that, but often, IF enough
    communication goes out---they get it back together. Google did that, re Andreas's site. I don't think they were paid off, but hounded by Scientology.
    They fell, for a day or two, then got educated enough--so they stopped the

    This is real---please check it out.

    My best,
  11. anonymousnoob Member


    that dude has like 1,000,000 people that watch
  12. Anon_K4 Member

    Hi there,

    I don't know a lot about this Athene guy. But I also found it quite strange and I thought the things he wrote on his website added up.

    Whatever may be behind the frozen counts, the question is: did this youtube issue stop Anonymous protest videos from getting to the front page and this beeing accessible to the casual viewers? If the answer is yes, then we missed a big opportunity to get a lot of people informed that up to now didn't knew a lot about Anonymous and Scientology.

    A day after the video from Athene, I registered that Mark Bunkers video had it's views frozen for quite a while. It said 667 but it must have been thousands instead.

    I believe that for many Anons youtube is the major source of information and thus this is also the weak spot of the movement. I thought the same when I couldn't access the partyvan and the encyclopediadramatica websites of anonymous. If $cientology is behind theses things, than it was a pretty clever idea. Anyway I believe youtube should be observed and urged to repair this issue (as they call it), so that on march 15 we get the publicity on youtube that we deserve.



    [IMG]" >
  13. It took me the whole opening segment to realize I recognized him from a video he did referencing the Tom Cruise thing. I thought he was just some random moron a the time. Now I find out he's a random moron with a huge ass subscription count. Awesome.
  14. Anonojester Member

    Google probably has twice the money and Legal team Scientology has. Or atleast I would think so, I just can't imagine them needing any money. Perhaps they bought the anti religion stuff. Or maybe some of the top people there are scientologists. But this speculation is starting to make me feel like a conspiracy theorist. >.>

    The Illuminati did it.
  15. Nuh-uh. Elders of Zion.
  16. Amomynous Member

    I actually watched that... :shock:

    And a few of his other things (though not fully—I couldn't make it through).

    Is this guy for real!?

    He seems to have serious issues...

    Is this guy a valid source?
  17. Anonojester Member

    He appears to use satire in most of his videos. I think he made those things trying to be funny and making fun of WoW entirely. Or atleast the Elitists.
  18. I am not sure I'm convinced. They may have just simply changed the way view updates are done. I doubt very much they would go through the trouble of doing such dangerous tagging changes without affecting a lot of legitimate (read: not us) content. It's going to take a few days to see if it's actually true though.
  19. anonipanda Member

    If this is true. This is just proof that the Church of Scientology will go to any lengths to curb freedom of speech. People should just post more of these videos and not stop, and let youtube realize, freezing post counts won't stop people from watching them.

    Anyways, Grey Skull did it. I swear.
  20. anyjane Member

    YouTube is the most trafficed but here's a short list of alternate viral video sites for speading:

    stage6 (divX)
    veoh (last resort, and only only works right with IE)
    (ugh) google video <- connected to YouTube but on a different server) (but under a CC license)
  21. pseudonymous Member

    This is true in my case. I found out through a friend sending me a link saying "WOW, Scientology is going down". I only knew that Tom Cruise was a nutbag off his meds. Now I consider myself to be educated on what's really going on with the malicious cult, and I tell others about it.

    Word of mouth goes further than 1 can imagine!
    Knowledge is power.
  22. Anonamour Member

    Valid source? Valid source!!

    Chreest! He's got a million kiddie viewers! He aint a valid source- he's a memetic maelstrom!

    The youtube glitches got sorted yesterday as far as I can tell, so perhaps a few more polite enquiry emails would not be amiss but I think others are handling the investigation as this same discussion occured yesterday.

    What I think the news today on this issue is just how big Athene is which I had no Idea until I got messaged by my WoW kid friend.
  23. Anon_K4 Member

    Actually I put a screenshot of Mark Bunker's latest video, showing his frozen view counts, the number of votes, comments and honors. But I didn't got it inserted here, so go with copy&paste:

    As to the Athene video, I saw it from the beginning and saw that his views were on 208 while he already had 1527 ratings (have screenshot of it).

    I also checked the other most commented videos right after that and found out that this thing also happened to some other non-anonymous videos. But I found more anti-CoS-videos were affected (made a little video of it with my mobile)

    We should check if right now something like this still happens! I only noticed that the update of views can be quite slow. When in the search Mark Bunker had 9.000 in fact he had 13.000 but this is not so serious I think.

    I think too of the videos were quite news worthy that got frozen:
    - the dublin scientologist denying that Scientolgy can heal this nuclear stuff
    - the woman scientologist that kicked a protester

    That's it for now...

    Anon_k4 (who is happy to have found this nice place to chat :) )
  24. Anonamour Member

    stage6 was hacked a couple of days ago and then their servers crashed from traffic jam. or so I was informed by their msgbot
  25. Clamosaurus Member

    Why are videos with the word Anonymous in the title/tags all seeming to stop 1 second short of playing the whole clip?

    Something seems to be amiss.
  26. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Don't bash the guy. He is asking valid questions.

    The question is, how can we either validate or invalidate this hypothesis?

    Let's take a Scientology video, view it & see if the views increase or not & compare that with a non-Scientology video.
  27. Amomynous Member

    I hope you're right...

    I almost found his videos offensive, and I'm a /b/tard!
  28. anyjane Member

    Okay- scratch (shit). I have a list of about 60+ more, including some obscure (but still flv so should be codec compatible with most browsers) but need to edit to remove user/passwd info so I can't post it tonight.
  29. Anonamour Member

    A mass exodus to an unknown vid share site would be freakin hilarious+ even more hilarious.

    People don't join Anon because they on accident find a vid on youtube. They join cause it is talked about on their forums.

    Operation U BooB for Great Justice?
  30. Casper Member

    Anybody think the filtering of CoS-related stuff could be somehow related to the bomb threat video that was posted earlier? Like Youtube trying to discourage hostility or people posting crazy shit like bomb threats by not letting anybody see it?
  31. Anon_K4 Member

    I think it is NOT A REAL ALTERNATIVE to go to another platform to post the videos.

    1. We wouldn't reach the big public.
    2. Probably the other platforms won't offer the same speed, functionality etc.
    3. I joined / got aware of Anonymous through youtube and a whole lot of people will that don't use to read blogs and forums will (believe me there are still a lot of this species)

    Okay, if youtube really is infiltrated or pressured to block Anonymous than we might have to do it. But I think we should do something else first, like calling the media to look into this case of censorship (if it really is one).

    Someone knows what happened with ? It won't load in my browser. Is it under attack or are there simply too many anons that want to participate the project?
  32. Unanimous3 Member

    You've had (at least some of the) WoWers for quite some time, there was a huge thread on the forums there when the call to arms was put out that was pretty much exclusively pro-Anonymous.
  33. LAnon Member

    This guy is fucking awesome. He plays WoW and has a hotass gf AND makes fun of Co$.
  34. anyjane Member

    Heck yes! Plus it's whack-a-mole. If one goes down (or gets *taken* down), re-link to new tits. Hydrabeast.
  35. Clamosaurus Member

    The viewcount 'glitch' started before that clip went up. Of the dozens of unrelated (to scientology or anonymous) clips I have just watched, none have stopped 1 second short, none.
    All my uploads are anti-scientology, and more than one are affected.
    I know that all my clips were playing to the end previously, as I watch my uploads before anyone else.

    I believe something stinks in this.
  36. miltownkid Member

    Maybe Youtube stopped Anonymous related videos 1 second before they could finish to prevent "gaming." I didn't even really know "gaming" existed before I started investigating all of the Anon vs Cos business (I assumed it did, but didn't KNOW it did.)

    Ever think they were just trying to "restore balance" or some shit like that? I HIGHLY doubt Youtube is bending to Scifolk. Things might turn out even BETTER this way. All the honor pages flooded with Scientology RAIDs might have been a bad thing. The general public might have gotten upset and the wrong impression might have been made. Who knows.

    And now we have AtheneWins making videos for the cause. This is MAJOR win. I ran into his WoW videos a long time ago and this dude is a video making GENIUS (I think.)

    He might not even really think Youtube was behind anything, but I know he knows he can get people to believe that was the case, which will bring attention to what is going which...

    Anyhow, that video he made will probably end up getting more QUALITY views then all the Feb 10th videos combined. All views are not created equal. His video is going to touch new eyes.

    Those are my thoughts anyway...
  37. Zippo Member

    We can easily post the videos on other sites, and we can all just leave youtube as well, but our target audience will not. :(

    We'll have to identify and fix the problem. Its very important, if we are to reach out to more people and widen the scale of this.

    Clamosaurus: I have checked out a few other videos as well and some do that. One of them even got featured and has hundreds of thousands of views.
  38. Anonamour Member

    There is something else odd about the youtube protest vids. On the search page each vid is given a views count on the right. I noticed lots that said less than 10 views so clicked on the vid to see it's page and guess what? The search page counts correspond to the # favorited, not viewed.

    It's not across the board but seems more common with vids uploaded 2 days ago than pre or post.

    Here's Chanology : Scientology Protest Dublin 10/2/08 - Interview 4
    Added: 3 days ago
    From: Scient0logyD...
    Views: 9
    01:51 ... ed&page=31

    Then look here. It's been viewed 264 times. Honours: 9

    Random sampling:Warning dead bunny content

    Added: 2 days ago
    From: bamweeni
    Views: 5
    no rating
    01:44 ... ed&page=16

    Look here:
    Viewed 86 times. Links: 5

    [Edit: pre and post "2 days ago" vids did not have this going on]

    Is this just maybe our smokin gun?
  39. miltownkid Member

    If it is what would we do with it?
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