YouTube HD Exploit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnonMontreal, May 5, 2008.

  1. AnonMontreal Member

    YouTube HD Exploit

    Hey guys.

    This is an awesome tweak you can use on ANY YouTube vid to make it HD (Stereo sound, better video, higher bitrate ect). All you need to do is add &fmt=18 to the end of any youtube url.

    so watch?v=MyXlyxoIk_o&feature=related becomes watch?v=MyXlyxoIk_o&feature=related&fmt=18
  2. captainslug Member

    Re: YouTube HD Exploit

    "ANY" as in any video that was uploaded in a size larger than the applet size. You won't see much of a quality improvement if the tag is added to the end of video urls for videos that were uploaded at 320x240 resolution with heavy compression.
  3. Hostile Member

    Re: YouTube HD Exploit

    seems to work...

    ok when you're downloading a video from youtube (there's plenty of sites that do this) and if you put the &fmt=18 after the url there, will it download Higher definition for the video onto your computer... perhaps this is how the scilons managed to get that video in high quality for their hate dvd... damn it, and we thought we had them.
  4. Re: YouTube HD Exploit

    No, &fmt=18 is a part of the experimental stuff youtube is starting with high def.

    They have already rolled out higher resolution stuff into the mainstream, they are now looking into HD.
  5. AnonMontreal Member

    Re: YouTube HD Exploit

    Thought about this as well but then I realized that it is impossible after I tried it myself. This is also quite new.
    We still got them by the balls don't worry.
  6. AnonMontreal Member

    Re: YouTube HD Exploit

    I also just compared the HD bomb threat with the Scilons video and it still doesn't match what so ever.

    Anon delivers.

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