YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2010.

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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Cales Magoo.

    That dude owes me money.

    Also, GTFO script kiddie fail.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    I´m sorry. But english is not my native.

    And no i am not the hacker/kiddie. Looks like some 4chan joke (the hack alows anyone to make that kind of scrolling red text it seems. Alot of strange thing going on on the tube today
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    It's a 4chan attack.

    Background here:
    Youtube Independence Day - Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Independence Day, 2010. A date which will go down in infamy. At approximately 4am Central time, an exploit in youtube's commenting feature was discovered. Shortly thereafter 4chan's /v/(but we all know it was Ebaums) got a hold of it and a shitstorm ensued. The exploit let any user simply copy and paste html in to a video's comment field to ruin a viewer's day. At first, it was used to simply fuck with the layout and add marqeeed and bolded text. It eventually was used to redirect certain videos to goatse and other shock sites. In Youtube's slow response, some users took it upon themselves to being uploading porn. Four hours after the first sighting, youtube is in safety mode, and comments are not displayed by default. New scripts can't be posted, due to wordfilters, but existing scripts still work. Stay tuned to ED for updates and never forget Ebaums did 7-4-10.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    lol @ Youtube
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    My fave: Scientology sucks ass
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    I noticed YT now hides comments based on a "Safety mode". So this is why?
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    link plox

    also inb4 anons are cyber-terrorists
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Yes. THIS IS WHY.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    A comment containing the exploit was posted on one of my videos. Displaying the comment sent my computer into an endless loop opening new windows and I couldn't remove the comment. I had to press the reset button to reboot.

    I was able to remove the comment by reporting the user and the comment as harassment that takes over a viewer's computer. Here is the link for reporting a harassing comment; it requires knowing the name of the offending YouTube user and the name of the video containing the comment:

    The video below shows how to block a YouTube user who is posting such comments (but, of course, it doesn't remove existing comments).

    YouTube - YouTube Comment Hackers using Phishing
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10


    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    kids today, so sexually confused
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Someone left me one of those on my cut of the Martin Bashir/Tommy Davis interview... but it didn't do anything, so I guess YT has fixed the exploit.

    Either that or I just have flashblock turned on.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Most of the attacks were directed at justin bieber videos, with some of the scrips giving a pop up saying that bieber had died.

    Unfortunately, most people and particularly the media don't realize that there is a difference between Operation Chanology anonymous and 4chan anonymous.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Most of my country thinks our form of government is a democracy, too (republic FTW, morans).

    {shrug} Whatchagonnado?
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    We should totally raid ebaums next.
    What assholes!
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10


    Note: there is no such thing as a pure democracy, outside of perhaps small family or tribe-sized groups where a majority can control most things. The first modern-style democracy was that we associate with Ancient Greece, particularly the City of Athens. (What we call "Ancient Greece" was neither a democracy nor a republic, being instead a loose coalition of city-states. The city-states such as Athens were democracies, however.)

    However, a republic is a form of democratic government. If it is not, it is not a true republic. At some level, the true authority of the government in a republic always derives from the people, and from something like or exceeding a majority of them. If the United States is not a democracy, and the free city-states of Ancient Greece weren't a democracy, then there is no such thing as a democracy, since both Ancient Greece and the modern United States, with a Constitution, are synonymous with the oldest and most recent examples of democracies.
  21. Zak McKracken Member

    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    The Republic (Plato) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Not a true Republic?
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Can the title of this thread be changed to something a little less retarded?
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Yes, I've been aware for some time now that the meaning of the word "democracy" has been expanded lately to absorb the word "republic". It's sad, though, since it's a less specific word. We've lost some meaning in our public discourse and our thoughts have become correspondingly fuzzier.
  25. Lorelei Member

    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Someone tried to post one on one of my videos. Just waited until long after the exploit was fixed before allowing it to post, which made the poster look like a YT retard. He then deleted it. Fun for all.
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    re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    back on topic for those interested....4chan has been kicking Bieber's ass

    BBC News - Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea

    Justin Bieber's Twitter page has become the target of an internet joke.

    A public vote on the Canadian singer's My World Tour page asked users which country he should tour next, with no restrictions on the nations that could be voted on.

    This spurred users of imageboard website 4Chan to nominate North Korea, with the vote now turning viral.

    There are now almost half a million votes to send Bieber to the secretive communist nation.

    The contest, which ends at 1800 on 7 July, saw North Korea move from 24th to 1st place in less than two days, several thousand votes ahead of Israel.

    Given the fact that almost all citizens of North Korea are denied internet access and there are restrictive controls over all media, it is unlikely that any of the votes have actually come from within the country.

    A spokesman for the North Korean Embassy in London told BBC News that any application for 16-year-old Bieber to tour would be dealt with by its mission to the United Nations, although the matter would be referred to Pyongyang.
    Hate campaign

    Justin Bieber has been target of a number of internet pranks in recent weeks.

    Last month, a post on 4Chan urged users to all search for the term "Justin Bieber Syphilis" pushing it to the top of Google Trend's Hot Searches list.
    North Korean leader Kim Jong-il It is not known if Kim Jong-il is a fan of Justin Bieber's music

    And over the weekend, Justin Bieber videos on YouTube were the target for internet hackers, redirecting users to adult websites or triggering pop-up messages saying that the Canadian singer had died in a car crash.

    Google temporarily suspended commenting on videos and issued a statement saying: "We took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability." The vulnerability hole was patched a few hours later.

    His Last FM page was also hit, with photos of the singer replaced by pornographic images.

    There have also been false rumours circulating that Bieber had died, that he had joined a cult, and that his mother was offered $50,000 to pose topless in Playboy magazine.

    "Let's take some time to answer some crazy (rumours)... I'm not dead," Bieber wrote in just one of his Twitter postings.

    And last week he posted that "My mum is a moral woman... let's just leave that one for what it is... because that rumour just grossed and weirded me out."


    Lots of other news stories out there on the YT "hack" (really, it's an exploit) as well but this puts it all in context.

    If you would want to vote to send Bieber to Best Korea, you can do so here:
    Justin Bieber My World Tour - Vote Wall Contest

    There is also an effort underway to send the Jonas Brothers to Somalia.

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    lulzy news report is still doesn't understand difference between 4chan anons and Chanology but fuck it. "same group protesting Scientology" or some such nonsense

    inb4 Celebrity Center Int reaches out to the Bieb

    Notorious Hacker Group Targets Justin Bieber | NBC Los Angeles
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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Justin Bieber, Scientologist? It's more likely than you think!
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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    It hasn't, really. Unless the classical concept of Ancient Greece being the home of democracy, which has existed for centuries, constitutes an "expansion" of the idea. Every society which has been considered a "democracy," which has actually worked, has involved people electing representatives rather than actually voting on every single things themselves. That is to say, a republic.

    The idea that a "republic" is never a "democracy" is a very recent invention, and I can't even name any examples of this novel invention prior to the 60s or 70s. It's basically nonsense with no basis in fact or law.

    It seems to be based on Republicans and Democrats trying to somehow attack the words each picked for their parties, while ignoring their etymology and the basic idea that words actually mean something.
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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    That isn't exactly what I was saying. Anway, we're well off topic now, so I'll include this article and then STFU. In fact, I'll hide it so it won't take up more real estate ITT for those not interested.

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    The Federalist #39
    "Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death."
    James Madison - Free Online Library

    Seems the founding fathers were aware of the distinction that you claim never existed until the 60s.
  36. Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    some mirror of this on yt?
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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    Going to post some more related news stories in here now. Trying to keep them somewhat relevant along this line of relevancy:

    YouTube Hacked --> Bieber --> Chanology/Anonymous media confusion --> lulz

    First link: The plot to send Justin Bieber to North Korea | Tom Mendelsohn | Independent Arts Blogs

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    Re: YouTube Hacked 7/4/10

    4chan Has Nearly Voted Justin Bieber to North Korea | Epicenter

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