Youtube Bandwagon

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by george space, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. george space Member

    Youtube Bandwagon

    I was thinking, It would be great if we got some of the youtube celebritys to join some protest and start posting videos to support us. I know that angry aussie does not like scientology. Maybe if one person (not everyone) could contact smosh, Mr.safty, Barats and Bereta, The Wine Kone and im sure there are others i missed. inform them about scientology then asking them to film and join a protest in there area.
    YouTube - AngryAussie's Channel
  2. anon14048 Member

    Re: Youtube Bandwagon


    I have a semi-casual relationship with Smosh, so I sent them an email about releasing a satire video with about Tom Cruise/Scientology. While the entire video wasn't centered around the cult, a brief pun about Cruise was included in their lasted video.

    YouTube - Smosh - Beef 'n Go

    I wouldn't call it epic, but at least it brings Tom Cruise and Scientology out to all their youtube subscribers. Send Anthony an email and tell him that you'd like to see more Tom Cruise/Scientology satire from Smosh. Since they are #1 most subscribed on jewtube, this could score epic win if we get them on our side.
  3. LOLCat2008 Member

    Re: Youtube Bandwagon

    Where is thunderf00t?
  4. AnonymousSix Member

    Re: Youtube Bandwagon

    just stumpeled over Smoshs Beef'n'Go video and had a laugh at 1:03 where he tells Tom Cruise introduces it to CoS. And was really amazed, when I found the topic was already here ;-) Anon is everywhere!
  5. momISanon Member

    Re: Youtube Bandwagon

    Anyone know about " Pipistrello"? He seems quite a strong character, like he doesn't "take any shit".

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