you're a bunch of douchebags

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by randomanon, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. iaxiloll Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! OSA Troll
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    Feed at own risk.
  2. Anonyphunt Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    If you were describing a doorway in a fancy house you dont need to describe the contours and dimensions of an arch to most people. You just say yeah its got this arch in the front.

    Lurk moar
  3. randomanon Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Yes, I get it now.

    as far as please lurk moar.

    short answer,

    f-off and noone puts bebe in the corner.

    nuff said.
  4. randomanon Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    No Osa of the reasons I decided to start posting was because quite frankly, my friends and coworkers are getting sick of hearing me ramble on and on about the happenings of CoS and I thought it would nice to have conversations with people that talk about them also.
  5. Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Some of the folk here are far too fond of screaming OSA when a new person speaks, especially one that speaks without lurking (enough for their tastes).

    You'll find lots of discussion here, don't let the tinfoil-hatters turn you away.
  6. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Ugh. Please don't witch hunt.

    The reason we encourage you to lurk moar is because we've already addressed most of the questions you've asked many many many many many many many times before, and it's counter-productive to have a new thread for each new member of Enturb to ask questions.
  7. iaxiloll Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*SLOWLY REMOVING TINFOIL HAT*
  8. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    *slowly lowering "OSA BITCH" foam finger*
  9. rof Member

    Who the hell is bebe?


  10. Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Before there were armies, before small groups could control the actions of large groups by controlling essential resources, we lived in bands. Anyone who tried to "rule" would be laughed at and mocked until they left or stopped taking themselves so damn seriously.

    Anonymous is not a "group", it is a culture, in the sense that there is an "Inuit culture" or "Aboriginal culture". It is formed of many bands, with a great deal of overlap in belief and technology, but is without "leaders" in the way that western minds understand them.

    If a group of Inuit is deciding whether or not it is time to head to the caribou grounds, no leader orders the group to move. People discuss it. Those who disagree and believe it is too early are free to say that they will catch up in a week, but want to stay and fish for now.

    No !Kung (bushman) orders another to hunt antelope instead of rabbits, or tries to force him to use a certain hunting strategy. If his proposed idea for a hunt seems stupid, people will laugh at him and go gather nuts. If it seems decent, a few others will join and try it out. If it works well, associated bands will be told about it and the tactic will spread rapidly through the entire culture.

    In these cultures, anyone trying to take excessive credit for group activity (egofags) is mocked, ridiculed, and if they don't eventually stop being ass-hats, ostracized. Not by any order, but by consensus that their ass-hattery is boring.

    You won't understand anonymous by watching South Park or reading the brightest commenters on modern sociology.

    You will gain some understanding by reading

    Farley Mowat : People of the Deer

    Anonymous is nothing new, not in how objectives are determined, not in how achievement of objectives is perused, and not even in regard to the varied personalities involved.

    Anonymous roams a world wide savannah, hunting a prey that is slow to learn and easily tricked but dangerous when cornered.

    Ritually prepared for the job, wearing their camouflage paint or wolfs-skins or GF masks, Anonymous steps forth from the underbrush to throw their spears and bring down beasts, returning home to tell tales of their group bravery around the light of flickering monitors. The meat they drag back with them is made of win, caek, and lulz.

    Do you see the totems next to the names? Do you see the meaningful incantations at the end of most posts? There is no scripture, there is no dogma, but every anon carries their medicine bag. Each is free to fill their own.

    Some anons hunt lions on the open plains with spears, some dig pit traps, some flush game from the underbrush toward the waiting nets, and some gather caek. Some hunt from desperation, some hunt to protect their children from the hyenas, some hunt for the pure joy of it. Some climb trees and urinate on the angry boars tearing up the ground below.

    Anonymous is FUN because being fully-human is a wonderful thing. Anonymous is fully human in a way few have been since the plow ripped the soil.

    Why does Anonymous hunt buffalo today? Because the buffalo are there. Yes, yes, there are great elephants in Africa. The buffalo are there.

    Do you hear the music? Do you see the tribal dances? Do you see brave young men and women gaining confidence as they face great danger? Do you see good ideas praised no matter where they come from, and bad ones shot down or ignored no matter who suggests them? Do you see the etchings on the sidewalk? Do you see the collaborative planning and execution of the hunt?

    Anons roll deeper than most of them know.

    P.S. Yeah, I'm prepare to get flamed for that faggotry above :text:
  11. iaxiloll Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    ^^^^^^^^^WTF??????????? you forgot the lulz part.
  12. wackomoose Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    /q/ Anons roll deeper than most of them know. /qft/

    Still water runs deep... and from deep water comes mysterious things!

    Enturbulate with stenography. 'qwe4 rty5 uio6 mduh dmmb mofo'

    groupbell <saymore><no><stfu>
  13. Hieronymous Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    randomanon needs to get cocks out of mouth so we can understand better
  14. TROLL 9 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

  15. CherrieZ Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    one plox
  16. Ana Ng Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week, but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more major issues.
  17. anonymusicz Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

  18. AlphOhm Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    fuck L Ron Hubbard

    and fuck all his clones








  19. Anonabliss Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Double vote if you show tits:boobs::boobs::boobs::boobs::boobs:
  20. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    PROTIP: (for the OP, and OSA and other noobs)

    Anonymous sometimes makes rude and insensitive remarks to eachother.
    Anonymous sometimes (frequently) insults eachother, as a term of endearment.

    Throwing random, poorly aimed insults does NOT win you any street cred; it only makes you look like an idiot.

    (dont bother shopping for 'Discount Haet' on sale at walmart. it doesn't work)
  21. random Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    why this had turn into a van full of moralfags?
    this is why we can´t have nice things
  22. iaxiloll Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

  23. dirk nimrod Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Faggot :lol:
  24. Plups Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Rhinos don't sweat.
    That is all.
  25. Wonderflonium Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Bloody peasant!
  26. Kharnon Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    You're approaching the question wrong. Plato separated existence into the "world of forms" and the "world of being". Anonymous is the result of the first generation of people capable of growing up solely in a world of being without any connection to a world of form. [The Internet]

    To understand the answer to your questions, you must be able to completely separate your thoughts from the idea of form. There is only being.

    Or just think about a herd of cats. That works too.
  27. Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    How did we all get into it?

    well its kinda like.......... driving past a car crash, and KNOWING that you are the only person that can do anything about it!....................
  28. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    This, except after helping you go to the titty bar and fuck cheap bar sluts.
  29. Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Pah! is that what you call a date?

    no cemetary/ no mortuary/no dead bodies?

  30. anonxa Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    I like Chinese...
    I like Chinese...
    They only come up to your knees...
  31. 043 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    This thread is full of major fuckfail
  32. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    good thing you bumped it then.
  33. 043 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags



    I bumped it to see if the OP has anything moar to add
  34. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

  35. anonymusicz Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    hey gais, wuts goin on in dis thread?
  36. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    someone randomly trolling the comments on boingboing
    obviously a nutter but still funny.

    "That is, however, nothing in comparison to my distaste for sham religions. In the days before widespread cctv my friends and I used to exhort fellow weekend revellers to join us in urinating through the letterbox of our local Dianetics Information Centre (That's Scientologists to our US friends. Old L. Ron's mob are shy about revealing exactly who they are over here). Childish, yes; but also a delightful diversion on a night out."
  37. Lorelei Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Read Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, and you'll understand how memes spread, and how the right idea at the right time presented in the right way is likely to be pertinent to the interests to the right group.

    Scientology went from being a kooky annoyance wrangling a troll war of harassment against a small group of critics to messing with something Anonymous was interested in. The Tom Cruise video was bringing the LULZ, and Scitards tried to snatch back the LULZ and that could not pass unchallenged.

    The real LULZ here is that IF Scientology had any sense at all, it would stop being so butthurt and abusive and stop trying to play Internet Tough Guy with the Final Boss of the Internet. They attracted the attention of Anon by being censorship-happy on Anon's Internet playground and fiefdom. Bad form. Anonymous believes knowledge is to be shared freely, [strike]regardless of whom[/strike] [strike]because of whom[/strike] no matter whom it bothers. Have unwarranted self-importance? Please bend over like this, it might hurt less.

    When the Tom Cruise = CRAZY video was re-uploaded, had the CoS let the interest around it die down and refrained from comment, everyone might have lost interest. Their overreactions sealed their own fate. The don't "get" Internet culture. The more they bitched and moaned, the funnier it was.

    And, of course, now they had Anon's FULL attention, which is a dreadful, wonderful, and powerful thing.

    Anon set out to poke at the new LULZ-generating toy, and it produced more LULZ when poked and prodded. Anon got MOAR curious and started doing another thing Anon does well: if you ever put it online, Anon can and will find it. Scientology has a long history of douchebaggery and insanity documented online.

    Anon found out about Lisa McPherson (mainly) and a lot of the front groups and abuses and the RPF and on and on and on...there was a never-ending crapflood of info about the shit the CoS does or did and its nefarious plans for global genocide of all non-Scienos, governmental infiltration, indoctrination of professionals, leaders, children, you name it. It just seems to be a well of malevolence and nastiness that is bottomless.

    Anon decided that trolling in real life might be entertaining. HUZZAH! It was. It still IS.

    Go much farther than this really watered-down description of the tip of the iceberg of what Anonymous can sometimes be like and you get all kinds of schisms between folks who got into the anti-CoS stuff via a *chan or another website, or via a friend, or via a critic, or due to a story they saw or read about the cult, or any of a thousand different ways, and the folks who are in it solely due to outrage or personal involvement with the cult for other humanitarian / moral reasons, to people who are solely into it for the larfs / LULZ, to troll, to cause butthurt, to make targets think twice before invoking the wrath of Anonymous, a bunch of folks in between the two extremes, and a handful of those folks who had ADHD and lost interest and / or feel the need to dictate to Anonymous what Anonymous is and how Anonymous should behave, and so on.

    When you have a bunch of individuals loosely gathered around a single idea, with different backgrounds, motivations, interests, interpersonal styles, histories, knowledge levels, experiences, ages, personalities and a hundred more differences, and when everyone has equal opportunity to present an idea, then ideas get accepted or rejected by the collective mind. This works best with true Anonymity rather than in a forum that uses handles and avatars, but it still works. "Leaders" and egotists get smacked and counter-trolled at whim. The primary goal or idea must be strong enough to rally around, whatever individual differences, reasons and mannerisms a solo Anon might have. Anonymous is the hand, the differences between individuals are the fingers of the hand, the goal is the bones around which the hand forms, and the individuals are the muscles and nerves that move and act both independently and in concert. But the hand is still a single hand, a sum of its parts. Protests and raids and campaigns are the result of the hand forming a fist to smite.

    Schisms flourish when a part of Anon gets bored, and rather than moving on to another interest, feels the need to shit on their former interest because it now bores that particular embodiment of Anon.

    Moral of the story: Do not fuck with Anonymous' LULZ, or its toys. You will rue the day.

    Tealdeer: SRSly, read the Tipping Point. Also, look at your own social circle; there are probably one or two people who tend to propose ideas more often than other people, people who verge between normal, weird and innovative and thus set trends, people who communicate well within the group and function as social glue between subgroups that otherwise would never associate with each other (or meet), and so on. Multiply this by tens of thousands, and you get Anon, a giant catbeast who likes shiny things, has no mercy, tiptoes in and out like fog, and toys with its prey viciously before picking it to shreds or eating it, but which can also have a softer side that enjoys cake, looking harmless and cute to the unwary, and being playful. All Anons have the cat nature in some way.

    If you look like a tasty mouse, you better not keep doing stupid stuff that attracts the attention of Anon., who loves to eat dem mousies, mousies is what it loves to eat, chew dey leetle heads off, nibble on they teeny feetses.

    HTH, HAND.

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