you're a bunch of douchebags

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by randomanon, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. randomanon Member

    you're a bunch of douchebags

    I will try and keep this clear and concise.

    I am a newfag to EO. I am still in the closet in those regards.

    Years ago I first looked into scientology when Minton and the LMT existed (amazing what has happened since then--spent the last 4 months catching up).

    added VIA EDIT: becoming more involved with movement and removed identifiers of anonymous person.

    the quotes in the proceeding messages give accurate gist of what I said but luckily the parts edited out were not quoted. Nothing of value is lost.

    and let me take a preemptive strike against the people that will have some smartass comment regarding my post...

    1. Suck my balls.
    2. Yo' Momma..(Fat she is)
    3. choke on the drama llama's cock fag.
  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Good start.

    My response?

  3. eclipsael Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    lurk moar.

    right back at you, cock fag
  4. twelve Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    1. There is no organization or leader. For that matter, there isn't a group. People do what they want to do, and when enough are interested in doing one thing (for whatever reason), that action becomes more or less self-sustaining. As such, there is no actual "decision" made; all that happens is that people do things, or they don't.

    2. - Meme
  5. anon131 Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    As for #1, I thought Maxim's article summarized how the whole thing started really well.

    Here's the thread:
    I think that page three has the best description of how a leaderless group of people came to the decision to "do something" about Scientology. It starts in the first full paragraph. The paragraph that starts with "By January 15th" is a good way to understand how the whole thing started.
    ImageShack - Hosting :: maxim3hp3.png

    Blah blah, lurk more, etc. Hope I helped at least.

    As for #2, see dictionary definition above.
  6. KeepAnon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    I choose to fight the Co$ because that is my cause.

    There are many reasons for my feelings against the Co$ but that is the short answer to your question.

    I would be speaking out against the Co$ with or without Anon. I would be speaking out against the Co$ with no one but myself.

    That is what I choose.
  7. randomanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Thanks for clarifying a bit twelve.

    I thought of that but dismissed it based on the following.

    From reading the maxim article I am running under the assumption that there are 8-10k anon's (taking assumptions for what they are).

    Now digesting what you just said, people make the decision to either go along with the chanology or they dont...when it was first put forth to rally around the protest of scientology (side question: how was it first put forth to rally around scientology as a cause), then it would imply that the numbers of anon are much higher than 8-10k.....if 8-10k people make a decision to support chanology, then the dissention(for lack of a better word) would (estimate here) be easily an additional 8-10k people.

    So that would mean there are 20k+ people that could potentially be involved with anon matters at any given time.
  8. KeepAnon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    You underestimate us...

  9. the anti Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    someone say cocks?
  10. TheStig Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    A meme is a way of looking at an idea. An idea takes on a life of it's own, very much like a virus, and uses us as it's reproductive organs.

    I tell you a good idea, you tell someone else that idea, ad nauseum. The idea has used us to reproduce. Good ideas will beat out bad ideas through a process of evolution.

    First coined by the godless heathen Richard Dawkins. :text:

    How'd I do?
  11. Plups Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Nice toast, randomanon.

    Enjoy this thread (and don't believe everything you read):

    As to your step /b/:

    1. Someone has an idea.
    2. They go do it. They post what they're doing (or thinking of doing).
    3. Others comment.
    4. Good ideas get lots of encouragement and help. They rise to the top. Poor ideas get shat on. Thick skin gets thicker.
    5. ?????
    6. Profit.

    PS. You can work with us from behind your keyboard. ;)
  12. randomanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    yes, the maxim magazine explains it started when the scifags yanked the tom cruise video.

    It didnt explain the process of how the group came to choose scientology.

    Of all the causes on the intertoobs, how did anon choose scientology.

    Did someone start off with a post that said, he looking at what these fucks did on youtube, and did the original posting of the cruise video come from an anon member, or did just an anon member bring it to the general memberships attention?

    So from there, was there an outcry of the skullfukkery of what they did, and it just took off from there, or were there other issues going on at the time that had anon working on and this issue was the one that was put at the top of the pile?
  13. Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Thread title should be "you're a bunch of douchebags"

    Person says "let's do this", other people say yeah lets do it or they say STFU that's crap. Someone else says lets do something else, and so on
  14. alpanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    That's pretty much it. There were a couple of threads on certain chan sites. The idea caught on and before you know it...Chanology was born.

    People post ideas. They either sink (off of page 10), or swim (sticky!).
  15. candlejack Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    unlisted is a hot momma
  16. KeepAnon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    People have died. Familys ruined. Money sucked in the name of religion.

    Causes on the intertoobs? No. Causes in real life.

    Many people choose to oppose Scientology for many different reasons... Humanitarianism, ex-Scis joining in to help others, Fun Lulz and Caek, everyone has their reason.

    You are asking the question to each of every person on these boards how they chose to oppose the Co$. You can not ask "Anonymous" why "we" chose to oppose the Co$, because there is no "we". If you understood Anonymous, you would already get this.

    "We" are a group of people with like-minded goals. The reasons don't matter.
  17. randomanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    This list reminds me of the South Park: 1. steal underpants 2.?????? 3. profit.
  18. Daywatch Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

  19. randomanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    as long as you give me a complimentary reach around, I wont report it to the cops.
  20. RadioMusicBox Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Welcome to Enturbulation, randomanon!:hooray:
  21. Quote Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Just relax, you'll get it.

    Anonymous works by hivemind. Have you ever played the game Katamari Damacy?

    YouTube - Make the Moon on Katamari Damacy

    Like that. That's how Anonymous makes decisions.
  22. Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    If they didn't I'll say I'm sucking the biggest one right now.
  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    The last point has been treated in another post. As a complement and an answer to the first two points, scientology was on the Internet radar for many years for its many attempts to limit free speech.

    This explains IMHO why the idea became so quickly popular.
  24. anon131 Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Well, as far as how anon chose Scientology... Scientology and the internet have a long history of confrontation. Go look up the history of alt.religion.scientology for one of the first incidents (that I know of). The internet is all about the free flow of information of ideas. Scientology is the exact opposite of that.

    Personally, I heard about it first through the somethingawful forums. There seems to be a thread there about every month about some wacky thing that Scientology has done. When this came about in January I was fascinated and, well, here I am. That's sort of how it works. Somebody just said "we should do something" and everybody else agreed.

    Edit: Here's a link with some basic info about ars: alt.religion.scientology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  25. rof Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Anonymous is the only one qualified to fight this cult. Just hook up the funds, Daddy-O.
  26. KeepAnon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Dude that is one fucking ugly cat in your ava...

    Just had to say.
  27. Nocturnal Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    There is no such thing as membership in Anonymous. Saying "members of Anonymous" demonstrates a lack of understanding as to what Anonymous is.

    TL;DR to follow.

    There's at least two ways of looking at what "Anonymous" means. In a broad sense, anyone who acts without their name or identity attached to their actions is anonymous, and thus, Anonymous. The spirit of action without personal consequence or credit, for good or ill, is inherent in anonymity and is the cornerstone of what Anonymous is.

    In a more specific sense to this context, Anonymous is probably best described as a subculture. The internet, particularly imageboards like the *chans (which require no membership, hence posts being authored by "Anonymous" by default) has allowed the previously explained spirit of anonymity to flourish. Anonymous as a subculture is inherently linked to this idea and to the internet in general. Internet memes, free access to information and distributed avenues of communication are all a part of the internet, and thus they all play a role in the subculture that has taken "Anonymous" as its collective moniker.

    I should point out that there was nobody directing all this. There wasn't a vote taken. There wasn't a decree made from on high. It happened as a result of the correct ingredients being available: human nature + anonymity + internet = Anonymous.

    The very idea of "members" of Anonymous is inimical to what it is. Think about what the word means. Anyone can be Anonymous, and Anonymous could be anyone. So, saying "member of Anonymous" is like saying "member of anyone."

    Even if you mean "people who are a part of the subculture Anonymous," subcultures don't have memberships - you either are part of the subculture or you aren't. You don't sign up.

    How do you become part of a subculture, or any culture for that matter?

    You immerse yourself in it.

    IOW, you lurk moar.
  28. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    /b/ decided to turn on scientology when they started removing the Tom Cruise video.
  29. randomanon Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    Yes, I agree....the IRS, feds etc etc wont do shit.

    My thoughts on it (as they are evolving over the last couple of hours)

    The og has had years to stop them, and yet they still exist.

    The Pre-anon battlefield has been to (as bunkers put it) stand up and be counted..which resulted in them fair gaming and dragging people through court.

    The way anon is approaching it is so radically different from what has been done in the past because they are using tools that the others have been afraid to do. The structure of having no structure in anon is the equivalent of a multiheaded serpent that if one head gets cut off, then 3 more grow in its place.

    The standard ways that cos has fought it's critics in the past are not as effective now because for fair game to work they have to have an identity. They try and fair game anon as a whole but it is simply not designed to work that way unless they can identify the members.

    I would refer you's to the LMT, they were able to identify all members of that and fairgame them individually and as a whole because they knew all of the identify. It would really put sand in scifag's vaginas if you guys made some underground referral network for exiting members...that really cranks up their hateOmeter on their critics.

    That brings up another point, gather around kids and let me tell you a story about a man named jeb....

    Although it is nice to ally with the OG and learn from their experiences and let it be a factor that guides your must still be cautious of your of the greatest advantages anon has to win against CoS is the ability to level the playing field by taking away their greatest strength which is fair game. Even though Og's are nice, they still must be kept at an arms length (as well as other anons) and I would submit as evidence, 1. biggest critic bob minton was gotten too and fair gamed the fuck out of the game. 2. The recent drama with Magoo getting a couple people namefagged. 3. Osa putting anon plants in the mix. and 4. Gorman going apeshit on MPB and threatening to go to his house blah blah blah.

    I think Bunkers is worth his weight in gold but still must be kept at an arms length....they simply do not understand the gap between anon's weapons/battlefield of choice and the one they have been entrenched on for 20 years.
  30. Elahrairah Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

  31. rof Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    WBM's weight in gold? That's like 260 lbs. or $3,421,184 @ today's rate of $822.40/oz

    We'd rather have the gold.
  32. the anti Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    you lie, why would my girlfriend cheat on me like that?
  33. Cubane Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    I think the colorful mudkip containment wall has sprung a leak.

    Several other posters have mentioned the everpresent need to lurk moar. For starters, try and the rest of the stickies. Remember also that lurking is done by reading threads, not by posting in them.

    Something about the OP seems familiar. Since I normally bitch about tinfoil, I'm going to refrain from speculation, especially because this thread isn't going anywhere.
  34. webkilla Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    to answer why chanology has become to popular i saw a youtube that described it quite well:

    "...this call to action against scientology has been a call to arms for a generation that has no wars to fights. Protecting the freedom of the internet is to them the same as protecting their homeland, for this is where they meet their friends and freely exchange ideas and opinions. opinions that the Co$ would so love to see silenced"
  35. mojo Member

    Re: your a bunch of douchebags

    i post, therefore i are
  36. Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    A lot of good answers to your questions here. Can I just add that the idea that ideas start with 'we should, or why don't we, etc.' show very basic misconceptions. The ideas that seem to take off the best are the ones that start "I just, I am and I will."

    There's also a problem with trying to estimate the numbers of 'Anons' on the internet from the participants in chanology. I'm just one of many people here who admits that I am not a part of the Anon subculture.
  37. anonymous299 Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    Someone said "Hey they took our damn Tom Cruise video away!" and then everyone manned the harpoons.

    A meme (in the strictest sense) is a term coined by Richard Dawkins. It comes from the idea of how genes propagate through time via natural selection. But a meme is a thought or an idea. On the internet these are most often pictures and jokes, but they can be catchy songs, fashion , all sorts of things. The idea is that the best memes are the ones people like the most, that catch on and are able to spread themselves from mind to mind, forum to forum etc.
  38. SovietV Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    plz to be lurkin moar noa
  39. anonymusicz Member

    Re: you're a bunch of douchebags

    How anonymous works to take an idea and push it forward would be a treatise in and of itself. In fact, there are several people right now writing their thesis now about the culture of anonymous.

    One poster hit it on the head:
    1) Idea gets posted that was done.
    2) People chime in, like it/hate it.
    3) People do/don't do it.
    4) ???
    5) PROFIT!!!

    It works on the principle of mob-think. The closest concept that has been studied somewhat in depth is the stock market. No one leads the stock market. And instead of Companies being bought, sold, etc; it's ideas.

    See also: Collectivism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    That article describes in part how collectivism works, and it's ideas.

    Also see: Collective consciousness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The how is a really, really TL;DR. Sociologist are really starting to study it now.

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