Your own free TOR node on EC2

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Firstly you can contribute to the TOR network, while still limiting the bandwidth so it's free. Secondly you can use your TOR node at EC2 as the entry or exit node, so they cannot be compromised by monitoring software. Thirdly you can use it as a private bridge so there are no other traffic in the node to slow you down.

    For a private bridge the torrc file is:

    SocksPort 0
    ORPort 8080
    BridgeRelay 1
    Exitpolicy reject *:*
    PublishServerDescriptor 0
    BandwidthRate 300 KB
    BandwidthBurst 350 KB
    AccountingStart month 1 00:00
    AccountingMax 1 GB

    Detail installation is in

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