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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Free-Thought, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Those of us who live in a so called diplomatic country know that we all have the right to any infomation we want at anytime, or so we think. Even in a country like the UK the government still controls our access and watches every move we make. Reading our email watching our surfing habbits, and they say its all in the name of the grater good, but it is NOT. Governments around the world are fillid with paranoia and distrust, so much that even there own citizens come under scrutiny.

    There are many cases of citizens from all around the world who have unjustly and unfairly been taken by force as soon as they leave there home country, and held without trial in places like guantanamo and easten european countrys, just because of certin websites or other privet business carried out over the internet. and in the vast majority these people have never commited any crimes.

    I do not support in any way orginised crime or harm to the genral public, but it must be under stood that the right to free infomation must be maintained inorder for democracy to stand the test of time. Privacy is key to this, so people know they can protest there government and say what they want without fear. That is democracy in action

    Do not Fear the few, Fear the People
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    And yet, I bet you're on Facebook
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    The first world is in no immediate danger of any kind of tyranny.

    How come Anons aren't raising more awareness of more serious matters:

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    I am not part of face book, I can not be found on the web my life and information is my own and that is how it will stay. I understand that western countries are in no way in the same predicament as Korea or places like Egypt and Libya. But it must be understood by everyone that our freedom is under threat everywhere by censorship, and by the need for governments to control the flow of data. In Brittan the government give laptops to children with built-in government modems, but access is restricted this is not freedom. In china Google is censored this is not freedom. . Every where in every country has examples of censorship by privet organisations or governments, and this is fundamentally wrong. By all means focus on the wider world in fact I actively encourage it, but to make a difference we must first sort out the growing problems in the west and act as an example to all. All we ask is for you to stand up for your rights to the freedom of information, not just in your home country but around the world, and support those who do not have the basic rights you may have.

    Do not Fear the few, Fear the People
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