your chance to win a prize here and now!

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pedrofcuk, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    shit i got 8 out of 32 right so i dont get the prize
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    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    Got 29 out of 32

    Received my prize long ago... freedom from from the mind fucking cult & global scam called Scientology.
  4. Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

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    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    Hey now, you have no idea how close he is to the fire.
  6. elvis Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    1. What is the "glue" that holds together the engrams in the reactive mind?

    [ Page 349 ]

    From Research & Discovery Volume 1 —
    Beyond Book One - Refining the Miracle:

    The very first public recorded lectures on Dianetics.

    Here are dozens of lectures, auditing demonstrations and briefings to the very first Book One auditors on the planet. Contains twenty-five lectures given in a ten-day period between 7 and 17 June 1950.

    2. How can you build up the analytical mind?

    By differentiating between items in the environment
    By thinking about the future
    By demonstrating that it's safe to remember the past
    [ Page 421 ]

    3. What causes dub-in?

    Imagination and reality cross up
    [ Page 695 ]
    Valence shifters and secondaries
    Prenatal engrams and their locks

    From Research & Discovery Volume 2 —
    Laws of the Mind - Evolution to Simplicity:

    Ron cracks case after case with the rapidly evolving technology of Dianetics.

    Here's how he did it - diagnosis, case studies, demonstration sessions - including vital data on the 'buttons' of the reactive mind. Contains twenty-five lectures Ron gave in ten days, between the 7th and 17th of June 1950.

    4. How can your sense of humor get lost?

    By going into someone else's valence
    By having a very heavy reactive bank
    [ Page 686 ]
    By living in a dangerous environment

    5. What are the only 3 correct treatments for a child?

    1. Dianetics Straightwire, 2. Releasing painful emotion, 3. Running pleasure moments
    1. Prevent restimulation, 2. Dianetics Straightwire, 3. Releasing painful emotion
    [ Page 380 ]
    1. Running pleasure moments, 2, Releasing painful emotion, 3. Prevent restimulation

    From Research & Discovery Volume 3 —
    Straight Memory - Exploring the Time Track:

    Ron explores the potential of human memory and introduces the powerful Straightwire techniques that are a vital part of every auditor's skills. For the first time Ron encounters whole track incidents, and asks the question 'Are we knocking on the door of the human soul?' Contains twenty-six lectures Ron gave between July 6th and August 4th, 1950.

    6. Is it possible to deliver a Dianetics assist long-distance, over the phone?

    Only if you know the person (not a stanger)
    [ Page 585 ]

    7. Why does a child start to lose his identity?

    Because of confusions between himself and his parents
    Because of engrams getting restimulated
    [ Page 593 ]
    Due to losses stacking up

    From Research & Discovery Volume 4 —
    The Six Branches of Dianetics:

    Ron harnesses the power of Dianetics to explain and resolves areas of life never before understood, including Child Dianetics, Educational Dianetics, Medical Dianetics, Political Dianetics and Preventative Dianetics. Contains forty lectures Ron gave between August 5th and September 29th 1950.

    8. What are two worst possible auditing errors you can make in Dianetics?

    1. Leaving the PC during session, 2. Auditing someone who is tired or hungry
    1. Invalidation, 2. Evaluation
    1. Invalidation of the PC's data, 2. Failure to reduce engrams
    [ Page 367 ]

    9. What are the two factors that can make a person have a psychotic break?

    Restimulation and an existing PTS situation
    Lack of rest & food and lots of people badgering him
    [ Page 192 ]
    ARC breaks and missed withholds

    From Research & Discovery Volume 5 —
    Group Dianetics - Bringing Sanity to the 3rd Dynamic:

    Ron discovers the existence of group engrams, and reveals how to spot the identity of a group engram - and what to do about it. In this volume are the keys to sanity on groups of any size, from a family to an entire planet. Contains thirty-one lectures given between September 30th and December 19th 1950.

    10. How do you determine which husband and wife co-audit partners will work and which will not?

    If the husband and wife ever quarreled, they shouldn't audit each other
    [ Page 194 ]
    You determine it by their communication lags
    A husband and wife should only audit each other if are both experienced auditors

    11. At what tone level does the Reactive Mind kick in?

    At 4.0
    At 2.0
    [ Page 349 ]
    At 1.5

    From Research & Discovery Volume 6 —
    The Discovery of the Theta Universe:

    In this volume, Ron shares his initial breakthroughs on the subject of past lives, the genetic line and the theta line, and reveals the existence of theta as the source of life itself. Contains thirty-six lectures given between December 20th 1950 and August 6th 1951.

    12. What are the three monitoring factors in any idea?

    Affinity, Reality and Communication
    Theta, MEST and Tone Level
    Pitch, volume and quality
    [ Page 44 ]

    13. Where does obesity start on the Tone Scale?

    At 1.1
    At 2.0
    At 1.3
    [ Page 191 ]

    From Research & Discovery Volume 7 —
    Exploring the Energy of Life:

    Remarkable discoveries of the theta universe are described - the universe of you. Herein Ron covers the laws of the theta universe for the very first time. Also intriguing discoveries on the subjects of magic, ESP and Clairvoyance. Contains thirty-six lectures given between August 7th and October 12th 1951.

    14. Why do most natural deaths occur between the hours of two and four AM?

    Because of the low energy level of the body
    [ Page 384 ]
    Because people's visio is low
    Due to earlier engrams received in that time period

    15. What is the basic method for finding excitement in life?

    Creating antagonism
    [ Page 423 ]
    Joining new games
    Pretending to not know something

    From Research & Discovery Volume 8 —
    The Vast Technology of Postulates:

    Groundbreaking discoveries of the Service Facsimile and how a thetan makes postulates, all explained in detailed and simple terms. Further, Ron reveals how to become cause over one's own postulates and why sometimes they do not work. Contains thirty-nine lectures given between October 13th and December 31st 1951.

    16. How do you change true love?

    Can't - true love is unchangeable
    With Games Processing
    By bringing the person up the Tone Scale
    [ Page 283 ]

    17. What does the original New Testament state regarding one's life?

    That one lives once and then goes to Heaven or Hell
    That no person (except one) can leave Earth
    [ Page 427 ]
    That one lives over and over again

    From Research & Discovery Volume 9 —
    The Whole Track Unfolds:

    The very first lectures on Scientology as a subject, Ron covers many initial breakthroughs in his whole track research and explains the conditions we find ourselves in here on planet Earth. Contains thirty-five lectures given between January 1st and March 7th 1952.

    18. What's the purpose of daydreams?

    Keep one amused so that one will stay in motion
    [ Page 644 ]
    A thetan trying to keep himself busy
    To resolve the problems

    19. How do you get to be human?

    By joining a MEST body
    By being wrong
    [ Page 219 ]
    By getting implanted

    From Research & Discovery Volume 10 —
    The Infinite Potentials of Theta:

    Read the very first milestone lecture on the subject of Scientology in this volume. Packed with OT data you will find nowhere else: Technique 80 and 88, bodies in pawn, entities, between-lives area, Facsimile One, implants on the whole track, etc. Contains thirty-six lectures given between March 8th and June 26th 1952.

    20. What's the actual reason for a person running an engram without somatics and watching himself from the outside (exteriorized)?

    Earlier-similar engrams and painful emotion
    Auditing the wrong theta body
    [ Page 335 ]

    21. What was the first control mechanism Thetans used on other Thetans?

    Thetans controlled others by getting them interested
    [ Page 164 ]
    Thetans used Tone 40 intention to get others to do something
    Thetans invented electronics to control other Thetans

    From Research & Discovery Volume 11 —
    Navigating the Infinite Realm of Aesthetics:

    The mystery of the aesthetic wavelength and why thetans are attracted to anything of beauty is unraveled here. You will discover how a thetan lost abilities and ceased existing as an all-powerful being and what he needs to do to get these abilities back. Contains twenty-eight lectures given between June 27th and October 31st 1952.

    22. What are the three components of aesthetics?

    Beauty, ugliness and intensity
    Mood, rhythm and harmony
    [ Page 243 ]
    Black, white and unknown

    23. What is the first and only mistake you ever made on the whole track?

    You agreed with the MEST universe
    You tried to stop force with force
    [ Page 45 ]
    You denied your own true strength and power

    From Research & Discovery Volume 12 —
    Creation of Universes:

    Ron discovers the power of illusion and the importance it plays in regaining your ultimate powers as a thetan. This is the ultimate in thetan education. The information collected here is the woof and warp of existence itself, the very essence of the spiritual essence of man. Contains twenty-eight lectures given between 1 and 30 November 1952.

    24. What is the biggest foe of the MEST universe?

    A person who can invent a universe
    [ Page 369 ]
    Someone who can use reason instead of force
    A thetan who doesn't agree with the MEST universe

    25. What are the two essential rights for a thetan?

    1. Right to disagree, 2. Right to use reason instead of force
    1. Right to create, 2. Right to not know
    1. Right to his sanity, 2. Right to leave a game
    [ Page 233 ]

    26. What is the biggest lie the MEST universe tells?

    That the thetan is nothing and MEST is everything
    That ARC is no good
    [ Page 571 ]
    That force has to be used instead of reason

    27. Why do most people go around in terror?

    Because they think they're going to receive bad news
    [ Page 71 ]
    Because of earlier losses restimulated
    Because of terror charges from the whole track

    28. What's the only correct way to handle the body?

    Control the GE with flows
    Use the built-in electrical ridges of the body
    Use direct command with no explanation
    [ Page 395 ]

    29. Which person will be the best manager/boss?

    The one that has to be liked by his people
    The one that doesn't care if he is liked or not
    The one that wants to be hated by his people
    [ Page 128 ]

    30. What's the only way to get degradation?

    By agreeing with the MEST universe
    By using effort because you can't use a postulate
    [ Page 315 ]
    By violating the Code of Honor

    31. What factor does a person have to be able to control in order to be responsible?

    [ Page 437 ]
    Other thetans
    His own postulates

    32. What is the root of evil?

    The absence of admiration
    The unwillingness to put out effort
    [ Page 482 ]
    The introduction of individuation

    a un edited answers key, the ones with the bracket words underneth them are the answers. please share prize when you win
  7. FUCK Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    still beat me.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    I got 9 out of 32
    I am proud that I don't know or understand their bullshit
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    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    I'm not playing :(

    I WIN! :D


    Ooook, this must be part of their 'Fun with Hubbard' program, like their 'fun contest' pyramid crap last month, or somethin'...... gotta keep their troops happy lolololol (riiiiiiiiight.)

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    Funny, I would have said:
    By joining a cult and only socializing with people who think that the world is against you personally.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    I thought to myself "I'll remove the ID tag at the end of the link to see if they're tracking people".



    Looks like they're trying to crack down on leakers. Or it might be a scam to target people who [STRIKE]need to pay more money[/STRIKE] need more "training".
  12. Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    You mean like Juliette Lewis on The Late Show. I was just thinking that. She had no idea what was funny.
  13. FUCK Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

  14. COB Member

    Re: your chance to win a prize here and now!

    If it were up to me, the prize would be a kick in the face.

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