Youngstown Sex Offender Accused of Having Sex with Daughter; 3 Years Probation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonsoldier, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. anonsoldier Member

    This is still recent, happened just a couple weeks ago.

    What the fuck is wrong with Ohio??? And how in the shit did his sentencing not get reevaluated when the judge who sentenced him was subsequently sent to federal prison for taking bribes, lying under oath, and fixing a court case???
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  2. RightOn Member

    wow. this is both sad and ridiculous
  3. Anonymous Member

    I am no lawfag, but when a judge convicted (as above) wouldn't the conviction be set aside (grounds for appeal and yes- the pedo isn't going to do that)- but could the prosecutor do the same somehow? This is so sick. If I skipped it above (due to rage) did said dad lose custody?
  4. anonsoldier Member

    No, he didn't lose custody of his kids for the child porn, he was still living with his wife and kids which is how he was able to abuse his own children and thus subsequently get the FBI party van on his front door. Also the fact that he was on probation as opposed to being LOCKED THE FUCK UP.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I want to know WTF is wrong with his wife, that she stayed with his ass after his 2010 conviction? I now see her as just as culpable in the exploitation of her children. Sorry, this just burns my ass!!!
  6. anonsoldier Member

    I've helped put two people in jail, one for sexual abuse of a minor and the other for possession of child porn. The former, he abused his step daughter and the wife went straight to divorce proceedings. The latter, wife TURNED HIM IN but didn't want a divorce. I'm guessing they think along the lines of "Oh, well he was looking at child porn but he'd NEVER hurt OUR child." When really, it's all about stepping stones of depravity. He gets off sexually on little kids, which is twisted. He then acted on those urges by getting porn about it. It's just another step of acting upon those urges to go and DO those things to a child. And to think that there is some line in his mind where ALL OF THAT is okay but NEVER to do it to his own child....yeah right. That line is GONE along with the line that says "don't fuck children".

    They choose to be ignorant because they don't want to confront the facts of the situation. So yeah, I'm right there with you, she contributed to this happening.
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  7. anon walker Moderator

    This shit wouldn't happen if we, the people, actually gave enough of a rats ass to come down on these lame, rapist-enabling dickheads.

    Apparently Ohio doesn't care. but boy, try to get an abortion there and see who comes running!
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  8. J K

    This piece of shit (Chris Cavna) is my stepson's father...and my stepson was living with this sick f@#k while he was molesting his own daughter!! The court gave HIM custody of my stepson instead of giving custody to my wife. The system is BROKEN! The system failed these kids and me and my wife! All lawyers are scumbags!
  9. Zero Cool Member

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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Child porn is child abuse, child porn is made for profit. Buying and collecting child porn buys and sells children. There is no "just looking". Child porn does lower inhibitions and does encourage pedophiles to act out. The wife was listening to apologists and most likely led down the path of treatment making the pedophile a safe adult. Treatment fails. Fear of consequences works for a while. Poor family, poor enabling wife. I hope she woke up.
    I keep making the mistake of focusing on gender, both genders have pedophiles.
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  11. yea well chris cavna and i have a son together, and i had no idea this was going on... my son lives with his grandparents now... and his wife is no better of course she would hide it... they are partners in crime.... wish i could go to ohio and give chris cavna a beating
  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  14. Kilia Member

    Much better.

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