Young woman rescued from Narconon-Michigan tonight!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Cross Post from ESMB:

    On Monday, this was posted on OCMB..

    "I have an immediate emergency situation. My sons dear friend was dragged to Narconon in Albion MI under false pretenses and duress. Scientology people drove to Delaware and picked her up. She called us crying and she was forced to hang up. Her mother put her in there and we are afraid for her life! Her mother said she is in there under a court order. We cannot find any evidence of a court order. We looked up our local court records and there is no order for drug treatment. We informed the mother of the dangers and she doesn't care.

    Please help us. How do we get her out of there legally. She is 18 years of age. I have read of the dangers of the Narconon facilities and the deaths from their "treatment" . This young lady is 93 pound and 5'. There is no way she could physically tolerate what they are going to put her through.. Please help us!"

    A number of concerned individuals got involved, learned that this young woman was not at Narconon per court order, and after alot of careful planning...

    Ashley, the young woman being held captive by Narconon was rescued tonight with the assistance of police. The police officer, reportedly, told Ashley, ""You are doing the right thing by leaving this place."

    Mimi Parrow, who resides in Indiana drove to Michigan to pick Ashley up.

    Taken minutes after the rescue..

    HUGE APPLAUSE for Tory Christman, Mimi Parrow, and unnamed heroes for coordinating & helping to execute the rescue of Ashley.
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    Very nice!
  4. RightOn Member

    finally some good news coming out of one of the NNs!
    Kudos to Tory!
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  5. BigBeard Member

    Since there was no court order, the young lady is legally an adult and was forced to go against her will, are Federal (state lines were crossed) kidnapping charges being filed against these scumbags???

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  6. Sekee Member

    IIRC kidnapping was the stick that the CoS used to finally beat the CAN into bankruptcy. It would be poetic justice if Narconon and by association CoS falls on the same sword.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Oh, probably not because why bother? Is she a Scientologist who doesn't want to disconnect from her stupid family who had her kidnapped and drug off to a hellish place? Does she just want to forget the whole thing and move on with her life?
    Prove me wrong, Ashley. File charges against the scumbags.
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    Warm up the rice and beans. This week's stats at Narconon Arrowhead may be less than stellar.
  11. RightOn Member

    goinnnnnnng dowwwwwn
  12. Anonymous Member

    Winter is coming.
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    BIG thanks and mad love to Mimi Parrow!!
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    Great tune, but someone ought to 've shot that fucking piano player for that suck intro.
  16. Awesome!!! I know those people all to well...even as an ex-executive and staff member I fought to get that place shut down. When that failed on the governmental level.. I personally called families to get their peoe out!! couldn't handle the stapress of it all anymore with no support. I wish I had been connected to this group back then.
  17. Anonymous Member

    If there was any "group" back then, they were doing nice "despicable" things. Nothing of value was gained.
  18. That rumbling sound you hear? It's the bowling ball of Graet Justice coming thundering down Narconon Alley
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  19. Anonymous Member

    How do courts send people to Narconon? I'm trying to say - how did Narconon managed to get on the courts' list of acceptable rehabs? Isn't there some sort of procedure and inspection of the facilities?
    Can any lawyer familiar with US system explain to me how it works? Tikk?

  20. I was meaning....If I had known to get in touch with D.L. or We we protest...for guidance....back when Iworked there
  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The mustache didn't make up for it?
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