Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by NTFD, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. NTFD Member


    I've been planning on getting a tattoo for a while, and I finally had an idea that I probably won't regret in a decade's time. Gonna get my arm tattooed my arm with "" The problem with this is that I am nowhere near savvy enough to reg the domain/set up a redirect to send visitors to the youfoundthecard site. My question is this. If I were to go through the effort of getting tatted up, would some more-technical anon be willing to set up the domain/redirect?
  2. Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    tattoo is more permanent that a domain name

    in 20 years, if senility doesnt stop me from remembering what happened in 2008, I will laugh so hard at you that my dentures fly out one end and I fill my Depends from the other
  3. Anon32167 Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, . . . that's cool i guess. Maybe just stick to temporary tattoo's tho.
  4. NTFD Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    You're probably right that it's not a very good idea. Still wanna do it, though.
  5. britanon Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    This is absolutely fucking retarded and if you do it I will laugh at you for about a week without stopping to eat or sleep. I'm sure this sounds like a really good idea now but you'll regret it for 95% of the rest of your life.

    ps do it anyway
  6. niffin Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    Where exactly are you going to tattoo this--your forehead? Otherwise, I don't see your redirect getting enough hits to justify a tattoo.
  7. eclipsael Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    Really dumb idea, and this is coming from a guy with a fair amount of tattoos already.
  8. britanon Member

    Re: Youfoundthetattoo?

    A tattoo url is going to get less interest throughout the whole of your life than 100 youfoundthecards will in a weekend. If you want a tattoo to remember this event with, have an EFG or headless suit design.

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