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  1. basil Member

    Ok, so I've made some cards to 'drop randomly' ... just wondered what others are doing to get them out.

    I'm dropping them on bus seats for people to pick up, also sliding one or two inside free newspapers left behind on buses.

    What else can I do?
  2. eksef Member

  3. Anon-ymous Member


    Books are good at libraries and book shops, particularly scientology/LRH related books.
  4. Anonymous Member


    i like to walk up to random people on the street and press them into their hands, while whispering 'the blue dog barks at no man but the moon'.

    adds that extra touch of mystique, yaknowhadimean?
  5. anon1957 Member


    Subway & bus seats. Neighborhood bulletin boards. Resturant bathrooms. Gym locker room. In free newspaper boxes. My version of the card has no mention of scientology (I don't want finders to think they are being recruited). It is designed to be mysterious and to provoke curiosity!

    I also enjoy carrying a stick of chalk around and randomly writing on sidewalks. is one of marblecake's better ideas imo!
  6. basil Member


    ... with a straight face? Hilarious!
  7. Mango Member


    Try not to get caught for littering, depending on where you live and the local laws. Otherwise, scatter them with glee!
  8. basil Member


    I found two nice places to drop a card today whilst waiting for the raid at Tottenham Court Road.

    One sticking out from behind the "Dianetics and Scientology Centre" brass plaque on the wall outside, and one in the corner of their big stand up sign outside. Epic Win on both - and, as far as I know, they're still there.

    Travelling home, I also noticed a lot of advertisments on the underground have slight gaps in the corner between the frame and the perspex cover to slide a card into.

    Dropped about 50 today altogether. I'm quite happy.
  9. myspace_sux Member


    with college starting up, Austin is going to hit this hard core. Looking to drop in the university bookstore, music shops, free newspapaers (the Onion!) and hopefully leave stack at coffee houses and pizza places. I'm hoping I can get these printed up front/back style, black being the front, the graffiti art being the back. I need critique plx, and if you think sux cocks *say so* and *why*.


  10. CantPickaName Member


    i put them on the shelves at grocery stores too..on gas pumps..massage table at the swedish massage parlor...etc

    anyplace i go that alot of other people go to

  11. A.Non Hubbard Member


    When designing business cards, be advise that having ink running to the edges usually doesn't end well. When getting them professionally printed they're spat out in sheets of ten and those sheets are piled up and cut in huge batches at a time. You might end up with tons of cards with edges like these:


    If you make sure they tile well this won't be an issue, as the overlap will go unnoticed.
  12. Guerillanon Member


    Also, slide them in the credit card slots at gas station pumps when you use them.
  13. cardanon Member


    My favorite place: Blockbuster. I usually place one just behind a New Release rental so that when someone grabs that one they see the card. Or it's now visible for the next person who browses that section.

    I also enjoy leaving them in various sections of library stacks. Just sticking out slightly between two books. And in every bathroom at Starbucks.
  14. A.Non Hubbard Member


    Parking meters that take credit cards are also nice
  15. winanon Member


    I got 2500 of them printed for dirt cheap. No fancy graphics needed, just the website is enough.

    It would be nice if the owner could successfully update the website after each picket.

    The front page still has a heading for the July picket.

    I realize he/she is doing it gratis, but still....any job is worth doing correctly. It can't be hard to make a list of the items that need to be changed after each protest.
  16. myspace_sux Member


    Thank you for that. :flowers:

    Anyhow, final project wording changed, it was pointed out to me that 'act locally' usually makes people think of smelly hippies wanting to clean up landfills or some shit, so I just changed it to read 'in *localcity*@*website*. I don't want to dilute the message. Now to get them in time for move in week at the local annoying as fuck university....

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