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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by thisismyanonacc, May 24, 2008.

  1. (YFTC variant)

    Decided against this idea, see comments.
    tl;dr: idea too redundant

    Basically a YFTC variant, redirects to YFTC
    Print out 100 or so bookmark sized papers, go to library and browse through books, leaving your mark as you go (especially dianetics, cult and religious books)

    I know there are a lot of similar operations on this, looking for feedback, do you guys think it's worth doing this, or will it just get lost in the hundreds already out there? If you feel that "you are not my mum" and I should just "do it faggot", please don't bother letting me know, I'm aware of your sentiments.

    P.S. I'm willing to register this domain etc. but am wondering if others will help out with the spamming of bookmarks
  2. anonymous3424 Member

    Re: (YFTC variant)

    well since you just posted the url on the most OSA spied forum on the planet I would recommend you register it post haste.
  3. cubby Member

    Re: (YFTC variant)

    i'm just wondering if this isn't redundant, because i've already been spamming the hell out of library books and books in bookstores with cards.
  4. Re: (YFTC variant)

    I was just thinking about hitting up my local libraries and book stores to put the card in the basics and dianetics.
  5. cubby Member

    Re: (YFTC variant)

    i tend to do all kinds of books, those definitely but also other self-help/new age/religious, best sellers, scifi/fantasy, graphic novels/manga, art, tom cruise's bio, etc etc etc
  6. captainslug Member

    Re: (YFTC variant)

    Yes, very redundant. YFTC works fine already. DC has in the past few months distributed or hidden OVER 9,000 of them (literally).
    Some people are more willing to accept business cards, others prefer fliers.
  7. Re: (YFTC variant)

    I disagree, people value bookmarks as something they can use and are more likely to take it home, keep it and use it. I think bookmarks have more value.

    Has anyone registered the domain and have it linked to information? If so I certainly would like to utilize it.

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