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    Another site in the series of YouFoundTheWTF. However, this one actually has something on it. I was wondering if there was any information I left out on this site that is important.
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    hey! nice job...tho' I haven't read the site through yet.

    One suggestion that springs to mind is to put a link to the videos by the guy (Sean?) from Bonaire showing the trucks dumping sewage from the Freewinds. Its off-topic for asbestos but you did mention the sewage issue on your site (and it is quite an eye-opener of a video). Sorry don't have the link at hand...will look later if you don't find it in the meantime.
    (Google Bonaire sewage Freewinds and you'll probably find it)
  3. AnonRock Member


    I added the sewage thing under the Freewinds section. It seemed somewhat related.
  4. AnonRock Member


    Awesome NoMoreDiscoNnects, I will Youtube it and put it on the site.
  5. Bane Member


    It looks like all of green peace people are pretty cool after all.
    I do not agree with everthing they do ,but I think they are right on the money here.

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