You tube question

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Risperdal, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Risperdal Member

    You tube question

    Every single time I leave a comment on a Youtube video related to Sci/Anon, I get an email saying someone has requested a new password on my account. Any advice? Anybody else getting the same thing?
  2. thehunter Member

    Re: You tube question

    Sounds like someone is trying to access your account.

    I have... um... second hand? experience with doing this.

    I would consider changing your password, and also double check the security of your email account. Hotmail accounts have a backdoor security question. Make sure its something only you would know, and that its NOT something you can just google for a little while and come up with a decent guess. Things like where you were born, not the best choice. A little facebooking and searching through forums and you can narrow that down after a little while.

    Because thats how I..... heard.... someone got someone elses password before.
  3. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: You tube question

    ^ THIS

    Yup. Someone is definitely going after your YouTube password. Doesn't do 'em much good unless they have access to the e-mail account the "lost password" e-mail gets sent to.

    Change BOTH passwords. FIRST, change the e-mail account's password (to ensure the new YouTube password you're going to change isn't intercepted), THEN log back into your YouTube account and verify none of your contact details have changed (i.e., your e-mail address), ONLY THEN change the YouTube password.

    If you didn't go through these three steps in exactly the right order, go back and repeat all three again.
  4. Risperdal Member

    Re: You tube question


    Yeah, the email address doesn't even display with youtube, so it strikes me as a pretty lame way to try and get into a youtube account.

    That's pretty much what I suspected, I just wanted to make sure my tinfoil hat was workign correctly.
  5. Whitehat Member

    Re: You tube question

    I saved a copy of my login cookie. Do that also.

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