You may offend Scientology and any religion except Islam: Australian National University

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, May 29, 2013.

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    A satirical infographic on Islam prompted the Australian National University to threaten the editors of its student magazine, Woroni, with disciplinary action, and to have the page of the magazine featuring that image ripped out.

    Someone said to the editors something to the effect that people get killed for similar things in Pakistan. Yeah, Pakistan. Now, Australia.

    Remember Tom Cruise and the video that prompted this whole adventure?

    Tip for Religions: Violence trumps threats of litigation.

    Oh, wait, the infographic still exists! Streisand! And here are the other, uncensored images in the series, as well.


    xkSXxCV.png tgZqTym.png a6p8IlO.jpg
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  4. I agree with the general bent of your post; however, would you step on the third rail of a metro, if you KNEW you would snuff it?

    You won't change the Muslims by offending them any more than you could change Catholic priestly pederasty by exposing it. Get over it and let it be.
  5. Anonymous Member

    You know that exposing Catholic child rape is reduced by exposing it, right?

    Violent religionists attempting to dictate what can be said and done, need to have the fuck offended out of them at every opportunity. Or they have won, and we are back in the dark ages, just like Pakistan. Every time you submit, it encourages them.

    If you can't speak freely, you have been mastered.
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    Would you like me to both ignore pedo priests and not offend Islamic rights to child marriage and rape, ideomeno? They offend the hell out of me. Should I stick to making fun of L Ron Hubbard , for some other more trivial things, because Scientologists are kind enough to give me that right?

    Live and let live, is not remotely about forgoing the right speak so as not to be killed by pedos or their apologists . A vast array of liberties and human rights offend the Quran. You don't get the right in a decent community to reserve the right to kill to enforce the silence of others. That disqualifies you. What gives Islam the right to kill that other cults don't have? You? Them?

    Criticism itself, of anything mandated by Muhammad ,or being Gay, an uncovered woman, or an atheist is offensive to Islam. The consequent violence is the very reason not to let them profit from their offence and violence. Don't let them build from taking everyone's right to offend them to them asserting the right to murder people for being Gay or the right to marry children, as they do if not criticized . So why don't they live and let live by stating their opinions without threat of murder and I can do the same ?
  8. No, but don't expect to change Muslims or their way of life by offending their most radical exponents.

    They don't have the right to kill, but inflaming them is not going to stop them. If you bait a bull, you bear the brunt. Don't tell anyone, but there are humans who kill, regardless of whether society gives them the right (in war, debatable naturally) or not.

    Sure, OK. I agree that we should not allow murder for any reason, if we can prevent it. BTW, that would entail Western troops leaving Muslim lands. How do you feel about that?

    Most Muslims don't just up and kill people; yet they can get highly offended if a slur is aimed at Mohamed (even if true), for instance. If you called an Israeli a Khazar (which many are, de facto), s/he would probably get just as offended (even if true), and perhaps even want to kill you for suggesting that her/his ancestors were not descended directly from the Twelve Tribes.

    I don't suggest one do either one of these^.

    Why must you insist on 'going' where you shouldn't? Is it necessary to have the "right" to offend people?
  9. Anonymous Member

    It is absolutely necessary to have a right to offend people. This is elementary.

    Without it, no progress would ever have occurred. Why offend the Nazi? Why offend the slave owner? Why offend the pope. Why offend the child rapist? Why offend the theocrat who comes for the weakest first? Don't go there? Don't offend the fuckers? Best to keep our opinions to ourselves and they won't hurt us yet.

    Well I don't expect to change totalitarians, but I won't willingly be ruled by them.

    These issues remain long after western troops pull o ut. They are going on in the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, India. It is a domestic struggle against 'don't go where you shouldn't' because you'll offend people who assert the right to speak for God.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Even though I posted those pics, I only just noticed that, while the first three advices are nice neat original images, the last one looks more like a phone camera picture of a page that was smuggled out of the editorial offices in someone's jumper or bum crack. Cobbers.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Interesting article and comments.

    Turkey used to be a very decent country a few years back. Then they gave in to the Islamists, so as not to offend them.

    A heterosexual couple were got reprimanded for holding hands on a train, or some such thing, the other day. Lovely secular Turks protested by kissing in public. Got stabbed. Here we go. Don't offend anyone. New world, tomorrow.
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    I find misogyny offensive and I am deeply offended that some twat might want me to cover up, be quiet, not dance, not drive and depend on a man to escort me everywhere because he can't control his itchy rapist peen otherwise.

    But it's his deeply held religious belief so I have to go with that?

    Not bloody likely, mate.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I would like that on a t-shirt.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Scientology lands.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Clearwater. Did a soil test. It is Scientology land.

    Like Ron said, leave 'em be and you will be safe. Can't you people leave well enough alone?
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  17. Sure, if you're 12.

    Define progress.

    Are you worried about offending your own government? You went out of your way to not mention them.

    Really? What paradise do you live in? Does your government not dictate to you, and expect compliance? Don't you chafe under that?

    Oh, wait, I know… you're a 1337 h@X0r, who lives to break the law. Amirite? You refuse to pay taxes to your government because they have the effrontery to dictate to you, when they ought to be serving you… amirite?

    Maybe, since obviously you don't live in those countries, that it's none of your concern.
    IOW, who gives a fuck what they do over there?

    Oh, wait… (again) we gotta fight them thar terrists in their country, so we won't fight them in arrs.

    (Notice the "terrorists" are all up in your country now, because you people couldn't leave well enough alone. Now you have real problems, eh?)

    Whatever, dude. I could give a flying fuck what the Muslims do. I have no interest in stirring them up by Mohamed-baiting. Sure, they shouldn't do many of the things they do, but we're not called upon to be the world's PA. Oh, wait… didn't the break the laws of physics and kill 3,000 people with airplanes? I'm still waiting for that evidence LOL

    You sound as it you've just got too much time on your hands and not enough to do. Let me know when you're done saving the world.

    This message by Gordon_Freeman has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Gordon . . . ugh. Sequitur - learn about it.

    Such massive derps in such a wide-ranging post. Please insult politicians all you want. You don't know what "my government" is. And you patently can't make a distinction between civil governments and theocracy. So, you take your pick. You seem to imply that theocrats dictating to people is a good solution to the Iraq war.

    "Oh, wait… didn't the break the laws of physics and kill 3,000 people with airplanes?"

    "You sound as it you've just got too much time on your hands and not enough to do."

    Have I risen to troll bait? Hard to tell.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Gordon Freeman, would you happen to be a Freeman On The Land, a little bit resentful of governments and tax an shit?

    The more I read your post, the more laughs I get.

    "Sure, if you're 12." Just because you are 15 doesn't make you so special.
    "Define progress."
    "Are you worried about offending your own government? You went out of your way to not mention them."
  20. I didn't derive that from Freeman's (rather scattered) posting.

    I've never heard of a people who insist on being ruled, only on dictators of one feather or another insisting on ruling.

    Wars don't have "solutions", unless it's that they are never permitted to occur in the first place.
  21. ITT: card-carrying members of vomitoria.
  22. All religions are ridiculous.

    Resurrection? Right.

    Flying to "Heaven" on a horse? My arse.

    A ghost parts the Red Sea? Bad sci-fi

    Xenu? LOL

    I'd see them all burn for the damage they have done collectively.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I probably did misread that. I got it from the Mr Freeman's suggestion ... Oh, never mind.

    Yes, sorry, Freeman. I did misunderstand that and misrepresent what you actually said.
  24. Anonymous Member

    In Hell?

    That's how these fantasies start. :)
  25. Speak English or DIAF.
  26. LOL

    I was thinking more in the Waco style, minus the dead kids.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Can't speak Diaf, so Engrish it is.
  28. "Gordon", u mad, bro?

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