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  1. avatar2008 Member

    You Lost THE GAME

    Bad End
    OSA wins
    Masqurading as Anonymous[/url:1ztb1ubo], OSA succeedsin turning puplic opinion against anonymous.
    Politicians use the wave of negative public opinion to enact legislation to put an end to anonymity as we know it.
    Proxies will become required by law to report their users or even to shut down.
    It becomes compulsory for online communication to be linked to an address and a face.

    OSA then proceeds to file individual lawsuits against everyone they can find.
    Because by then ISPs are REQUIRED BY LAW to release such information without even a warrant.

    Anonymous scatter, living in hiding or as convicted felons without permission to use a computer ala Kevin Mitnik.


    Gentlemen, it seems to me, now that Anonymous (we) have now the full attention of the Church of Scientology, OSA is exploiting Anonymous' greatest strength and weakness: our anonymity.
    As with OSA's actions of hiding under the umbrella of "religion", if successful to turn the ignorant masses (Extremists, Fundamentalists, etc) against Anonymous, the above scenario could very well happen.
    As I've posted here this is quickly becoming very ugly, very quickly.

    viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5895 - Anonymous v. Catholic on Catholic forums
    viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5576 - Anonymous v. Catholic Youtube
    viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5576 - black PR

    Gentlemen, might I suggest we double, nay cube, the data force?

    Let everybody, and I do mean everybody, know that OSA is threatening the very liberty and freedoms of speech that we, as free men and women enjoy, by inciting hate towards a particular group (Anonymous/Anonimity). The church down the street, the neighbour you hardly talk to, the muslim shopkeeper (examples).
    We cannot rest until everyone knows their tactics and their methods of operation, because that way, daily folks will see how Fasicst the Church of Scientology can be.

    tl;dr Its Go Time. Scientology is responding.
  2. AnneOminous Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    Aw, dammit. I hadn\'t lost the game in weeks.

  3. Anonawhat Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    lol wut
  4. I Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME


    sorry, I couldn't resist.

    now to actually read the thread
  5. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    Is it me or are the chickle little posts becoming increasingly abundant.

    Stay on fucking target and kick this shit to the curb.

    Enough with the "QQ Anon PR QQ" shit. It doesn't matter never has and never will.
  6. Re: You Lost THE GAME

    even if laws were made, it'd make no difference. just use a proxy in a different country.
  7. Re: You Lost THE GAME

    Good thread. We have to get started on making videos stating that WE ARE NOT ATTACKING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH PRONTO.

    We have to inform the media that we are NOT ATTACKING CATHOLICS.

    We have to inform everyone ABOUT THE OSA through Youtube, Magoo, Arnie, etc.

    GO GO GO

    I'll get something chalked up and ready.
  8. null Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    Some worthwhile points, but things do seem to be going alright so far. If things start heading downhill (a possibility, though it seems not too terribly likely right now) this would be worth mulling over; at the moment, it's not much of an issue.
  9. Re: You Lost THE GAME

    Suggestion: Next protest, Catholics should wear some of their religious gear. You know, shirts quoting Jesus, the bible, wear a cross, etc.

    Videos and pictures will be taken anyway. They can be used as definite proof if this Anon v Catholic issue ever rises again.
  10. B-nonymous Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    I think the danger is overstated at this point.

    If you come across something, just post it here on the boards and it will be dealt with.
  11. Hostile Member

    Re: You Lost THE GAME

    still, it doesn't hurt to be cautious, and we can't afford them randomly hiding turning important people against us
  12. Re: You Lost THE GAME

    I'm locking this down. Some VERY bad suggestions here, and a lot of hot air over nothing.
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