You Found the Card 2: Electric Boogaloo (Re-booting YFTC)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon.kuna, May 15, 2014.

  1. anon.kuna Member

    ALSO, I found a site that lets you print 300 cards for free. Not sure if legit or not but I was about to order some in the next few days. This was the design I was going with, tell me what you think of it and if I should alter anything before ordering. card2.png
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  2. rickybobby Member

    Is this business card size?

    Love the colors, font and graphics, don't like it being oriented two ways with repetition of the logo and text. I liked cleanliness and starkness of the original design with it oriented in one direction. IANAGD (I am not a graphic designer), but what about ONE logo, simple repetition of the text at top and bottom both oriented toward the reader?
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  3. anon.kuna Member

    Yeah I agree, honestly I was just testing out designs and I think what I really liked was the color scheme and cleanliness of the font. I'll make it like the old one with the text on top and bottom. Thanks for the feedback.
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  4. anon.kuna Member

  5. Personally, I like both. Perhaps it might be good to have different colors/designs available for download. Allows for one to switch things up so it doesn't get too predictable and lets one pitch to a different audience at times.
  6. anon.kuna Member

    Gotcha, sounds good.
  7. I think the neon green is great for stickers, very eye-catching. greensticker copy copy.JPG
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  8. anon.kuna Member

    Yeah that works really well for stickers :D But before doing anything with that, I'd fix the distortion of the Anon logo, it's a bit oval-shaped :rolleyes:
  9. No prob. I just threw that one out on the fly to see how it would look. I love the color. Would the anon man stand out a bit more with his shirt the same grey as the globe?
  10. anon.kuna Member

    You know, I tried that and it blended with the globe to the point where it was hard to identify what it was without staring at it for 5 minutes lol :oops:
  11. anon.kuna Member

    Also I used a gradient on mine, light green - dark green. IMO that makes it fancier and makes the letters stand out more. Overall sleeker look.
  12. I noticed that:D , it kept messing me up in my sample so I just dropped it for that. I like it very much for the cards, but depending on the job, it might not always be feasible. It might be hard to duplicate on vinyl, depending on the printer. I'm used to t-shirts, so my knowledge of vinyl and paper capabilities is rudimentary, but for something you aren't going to see closeup, like a bumpersticker, the plain green might be fine, and would possibly make the job cheaper.
  13. I'm spending the afternoon putting my old programs back on my old puter. It really helps when working with gradients to be able to find the menu options quickly :D
  14. AnyOldName Member

    LURV it! Real big on the back of a T-shirt.
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  15. anon.kuna Member

    or put it on the cards too
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  16. anon.kuna Member

    Fix. Maybe add QR code later.

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  17. That logo makes a good T.:) anon-T-Shirt copy.jpg
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  18. afternon Member

    Nice- it's about time Chanology was promoted again- let's finish the fight!

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