You don't know the truth about Scientology, I do

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by mjp, May 2, 2013.

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    To be honest, I had a difficult time reading your blog- maybe you could adjust the formatting (add space between the paragraphs for readability?) Just a suggestion.

    Here is a snippet for other anons:

    How long were you in Scientology? Are you an indie? Is your family still in? How long did you serve in Iraq? Are you okay? Curious.
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    Excuse me? You do realize that the man was a psychopath, right?
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    For one, too late, all that drivel is availible to anyone on the internet.

    For two, what 'wrong hands' are you thinking of? Like people will die of pnumonia? Like people will use it for 'black dianetics'? Or just people who will mock and degrade the works for the fake doo-doo it is.

    And for third,
    Maybe, about 60 years ago. I'm sure both psychology and the CIA have advanced a bit in the intervening decades. Of course, it might explain the free pass sci has gotten despite being thieving, slaving liars.
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    This thread makes my brian hurt...
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    In case anyone is interested in reading this refugee's tale of woe, I've just spent some time with the formatting.

    Except for the word spacing errors, I left the misspellings intact. Same goes for grammatical errors. A person has got to know their limitations.

    The reformatting may reduce some eye fatigue but the brain fatigue was something I couldn't successfully reduce.

    “Swim To Get Out”

    One summer day in 1994 while watching television, I saw a commercial about “the reactive mind” for a book called Dianetics. Upon further investigation I discovered it was by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of The Church of Scientology.

    I called the number, went to the Dianetics and Scientology Organization in New York City, bought a few books, and started basic courses. Before I knew it, I was sucked into his world and I became a Scientologist, methodically following L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings and principles.

    By 1997, I moved to Atlanta to join the staff of the Public Contact Division as a “Dianetics auditor.” Auditing about 1,000 hours of Dianetics, I met new people everyday who wished to learn about Scientology and the services we offered.

    I was doing so well in getting new people buying Scientology Training & Auditing courses with Dianetics, the Atlanta Org sent me to The Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida as part of their TTC (Technical Training Corps) to train full-time as a Scientology Class V Auditor which was a privilege as far as scientologists are concerned.

    Then I came back to Atlanta before completion so I could be recruited by Flag for Scientology’s para-military organization: The Sea Org, in addition to the Flag Service Organization (FSO) in Clearwater, Florida.

    The FSO is considered “The Mecca of Scientology.”

    While I was there, many events shook the FSO and Scientology as a whole. The Super Power “groundbreaking event” in 1998 along with Lisa McPherson’s medical and auditing scandals impacted the organizations.

    Eventually I became a Medical Liaison Officer as part of a well-trained and educated team in the Medicial Liaison Office (MLO). The MLO was restructured under former Captain FSO, Debbie Cook, who was the face of the organization around the world & now out of the Sea Org.

    As a trained medical liaison officer/driver, my job was to make appointments and coordinate with the doctors and clinics outside the Flag Land Base, as no staff members or parishioners were allowed to go see a medical specialist without my department taking charge of the issue.

    Driving in the real world outside the base was a huge deal while working in the Sea Org. I had to go through many courses and drills and eventually gave assistance to the Flag Crew (when they called for “all hands”) while picking up parishioners at the airport – including some famous Scientologist celebrities.

    In spite of how much I contributed, I was kicked out of the Sea Org. in 2000 and sent back home.

    The process of kicking you out of the Sea Org is very interesting.

    After a staff member who was under our care lost his battle with cancer and the fact that his wife & his son respectively in the Sea Org and in the Cadet Org in order to see him had to get a waiver from HCO---Hubbard Communications Office.

    His family loved him, but couldn’t care for him. We became good friends not because I was the closest family he had during that time, nor was it because I could see him everyday and take him to his chemotherapy treatments off base. But he was also a good man.

    When he passed away, I was upset & since they write KRs (Knowledge Reports) about you everyday; they reported that I was Nattering — being critical about the Sea Org & that I wanted to leave. And they put me on the E-meter and the auditor said I was in serious Ethics & Auditing trouble (according to the E-meter reads) then they said I was no longer fit for the Sea Org.

    Being kicked out of Scientology left me utterly alone. Before heading back home, I had disconnected myself from family and friends as part of Scientology’s Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person (PTS/SP) program.

    The required training to dissociate myself with all my ties involved auditing on how to handle or disconnect myself from anyone who disagreed with Scientology or the Sea Org. Anyone who disagreed with my decision was labeled Anti-Scientology or Antagonistic to Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

    When I got off the plane and called my brother to come pick me up, he was confused. They never expected that I’d come back.

    Somehow, family and friends accepted me back and did the best they could to support me, but I wasn't in a good shape mentally and spiritually. I stayed home all day isolated, depressed, and unsure about my decisions.

    I lost confidence in myself, dwelling on past lives and Overts/Withholds---transgressions or sins.

    I spent many sleepless nights thinking about Scientology's "Ethics Conditions,"trying to figure out what "Ethics Conditions" applied to the situation I was in. I pored over my Introduction To Scientology Ethics book.

    Thoughts of my failure haunted me; I was at the most Advanced Scientology Organization and couldn't make it. I'm used to the saying, "If the auditors at the Flag Service Organization can't do it” (help you discover the true you through processing) “then nobody else can.”

    Voices echoed in my troubled mind. “People who get kicked out of the Sea Org never amount to anything in life...they are failed souls."

    These are the things the MAAs (Master-At-Arms)and the Ethics Officers say to you on your way out; they become hostile.

    Long story short, I was in need of help. I was in the real world now, and things had changed since I left.

    While sitting home one day, I decided to check out some CDs, particularly Kompa, or Haitian music, that came out while I was gone. While listening, there was one particular song that really set my soul on fire: Djakout Mizik’s “Naje Pou Soti"(Swim To Get out) off their album Septieme Ciel (Seventh Heaven).

    According to Webster’s English dictionary, “Seventh Heaven” means, “the highest of the seven heavens of the Islamic & Cabalist doctrines; a state of extreme joy.”

    After listening to my music, so reminiscent of home, something interesting then happened. I became aware, awake, and cheerful. I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was a feeling that a Scientology auditor would call "a win."Feeling energized and confident, it was as if a light just came on.

    Suddenly,there was hope for me. I could confront my problems. As a previous DJ and MC, I learned how to listen and understand the artist's point of view on the lyrics, tempo,and the rhythm. Music actually spoke to me.

    After the song “Swim To Get Out" I thought, When you had just came back from the Sea Organization with nothing but guilt and remorse for signing a Billion Year contract, you left friends and family for years and ain't got nothing to show for it except rejection & disappointment…the music made sense & had really gotten my attention.

    Everything bad that happened to me is only my fault, I thought glumly. Thank God, I felt like God was talking to me through something that I had been in love with since I was a kid: music… I was so scared, hurting mentally and spiritually.

    Throughout my whole life, I loved music so much; I was always around bands and radio stations growing up. The city of St-Marc's most popular band, "Les Formidables de Saint-Marc," used to practice at my auntie’s house.

    Before their albums were released, I could practically sing all the lyrics. Since I was fourteen years old, I was talking on the radio playing records.

    After that I joined Radio Continentale (Saint-Marc, Haiti), Radio Tropicale, Long Island, NY, and hosted a cultural segment on a local weekly television in Rockland County, NY, while being hired to MC parties, birthdays, weddings, first communions, etc. I was also very active in my community by taking part indifferent activities, for example, "Parade of Unity" celebrating Haitian Flag Day & promoting Peace and Unity in Rockland County.

    To say the least, music was a vessel for life’s messages. It spoke to me when nothing and no one else could.
    Through music, I was getting answers, inspiration, and enlightenment. I felt like I was being processed out of the cult's training and procedures. It was hope and therapy when I needed it the most. God is good!

    Scientology's Sea Org before landed at Flag, was founded at sea by L.Ron Hubbard aboard three ships: The Diana, The Athena and The Apollo.

    They decided to come ashore in Clearwater, FL and established in different buildings and properties they bought along those lines on their arrival…The Flag Land Base (FLB),operates like a military base comprised of major units/organizations such as: Flag Service Organization (FSO)/Flag Crew, OSA (Office of Special Affairs), CMO (Commodore’s Messenger Organization - a messenger is typically a high ranking officer who has power over all the units or organizations except RTC because they believe to be directly connected to “Source” (Division 7,Department 21: L.Ron Hubbard’s office) and The Religious Technology Center (RTC), which runs by David Miscavige as Chairman of the Board.

    Before his life was about Dianetics and Scientology, and even before he became a famous science fiction writer, L.Ron Hubbard served in the US Navy as a second lieutenant during WWII. Eventually he was wounded and discharged, but claimed to be recovered through his own processes: Dianetics…Lol.

    Truthfully, Mr. Hubbard did some valuable research that could be helpful as far as mental health and self-help, but David Miscavige and his management got it wrong.

    A fight had been going on between L. Ron Hubbard and the US government since the FBI raided the Church of Scientology in Washington D.C.and Los Angeles in 1977 (but LRH calls it Game or playing the game).

    That was the fuel that he needed to unleash his powers. He became unstoppable on his "Advanced Auditing and Training" and the "OT Levels” (look up Operating Thetans & Xenu).

    The Sea Org was established in 1967 with the motto Revenimus, which is Latin for “We come back.” Eerily enough, my former US Army Battallion, the 80 Ordinance, has a similar motto.

    Established in 1927, its motto is Renovimus, which derives from the Latin word Renovo: renew, revive, and restore. Therefore Renovimus stands for “We renew” (re-enlist) and “we revive” (we come back).

    The FSO (Flag Service Organization) and Flag Crew was a US Flag (the Star Spangled Banner) detail, an old hat dated way back before we even thought about sending people to the moon in the quest of the "Pursuit of Happiness" and Eternity,which authorities and scientists at that time didn't consider a fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland, or science fiction.

    L. Ron Hubbard is a very powerful man. The Super Power Processes, "The Bridge to Total Freedom", and his famous "Organizing Board" were unfinished business that he said he got from somewhere else "at another place and another time.”

    Well, he's obviously referring to another world or worlds. Nevertheless we all know continuously training & processing human beings into Exteriorization—“the detachment of one’s spirit from the body while yet fully conscious and aware”…may really detach you from the reality of this world and lead you into thinking “You’re Here To Save The Planet With L.Ron Hubbard’s Tech”.

    As a matter of fact, Mr.Hubbard gave command to his staff to create a new world in our world & they never look back.

    He says, speaking of Superpower; …this is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create a new world” & Scientology’s NWC (New World Corp) is hard at work trying to recruit everyone, including celebrities to accomplish that goal.

    Scientology believes that Man is not his body his mind or his brain…He, a spiritual force,energizes the physical body.

    Scientology says: "The Super Power Processes are so fantastic and powerful they can revive the dead.” I do not doubt it. Some people in Haiti know how to do that and have even performed such rituals countless times. A voodoo priest that I spoke to once told me that, "it is easier to revive a dead person than to kill one.”

    Fortunately such an act is frowned upon in Haiti, as the majority of the population accepts change & reaching toward the Christian faith. To further put a stop to it [in the community where that was happening] the local Catholic Church threatened to stop holding funerals. The community had come together and threatened to get the law enforcement involved. Therefore they stopped doing that and kept the formal and traditional way: “Rest In Peace”.

    Sometimes God wants you to be at a certain place at a certain time. I joined the Sea Org at Flag in the midst of three major events: Lisa McPherson’s death scandals at the Fort Harrison at Flag (while performing Scientology auditing), Super Power Building Foundation (a very powerful process intended to make scientologists into Super Beings, the necessary process to "Clear The Planet"), and the release of the Battlefield Earth movie (based on one of L. Ron Hubbard's science-fiction books) .

    It was a turning point for the Church of Scientology with it’s “Going Global Campaign”. It is fair to say that some of L. Ron Hubbard's findings belong to the United States Government. Whether he calls it the "The L's Rundowns" or "The Congress Lectures", it is a national treasure.

    Scientology’s OT Levels are not religious retreats; they are investigative research & secrets that the US government was doing in the field of human mind & spirits as part of an advanced interrogation technique with the help of Psychiatry &Psychology.

    Nevertheless they’re powerful techniques (when you ask a question,what do you address? The Mind or The Spirit?….and how do they relate or interact with the body?

    Wether or not you believe in ghosts, or aliens, these are Not materials that should be made available to the general public just because they’re on “Scientology’s Bridge To Total Freedom” as they might fall into the wrong hands.

    Sometimes people shove off former Scientologists without realizing the impact of the organization on their well being.

    Records show time after time that Scientology divides families, makes people quit their jobs, sell their belongings to join the Sea Org, sign a billion year contract, and then kick them out after a few years – of course, labeling them as SPs and Anti-Scientologists.

    They need help. I'm grateful for the blessings and the opportunity to share my story with you in hopes that their struggles will become known. And that the government will ban Scientology’s Tax Exempt Status & Stop their Superpower Project.

    Thank You and God Bless!

    Sincerely Yours,

    J. Marius Jeanpierre Jeanpierre
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    Hello Marius, I am glad you recovering from your terrible experiences with Sea Org.
    In your post you talked about how powerful the techniques of psychology are. You wrote

    when you ask a question,what do you address? The Mind orThe Spirit?….and how do they relate or interactwith the body?

    People have parts of themselves they prefer to hide. Scientology takes advantage of this by bypassing the mind and trying to gain allegience of the "spirit" (as you call it) for themselves. They don't have the right to own your spirit. Your spirit is for you.

    Take it back from them. Bon chance.
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    Even some free services provide better quality websites than what Vistaprint offers
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    Hi Marius, I noticed you posted "There should be better organizations out there to help people who have left the Scientology's Sea Org. It's a major transition!" in your status.

    Something that helps a lot of people is reading the stories of others that have left. You can do that by clicking the links at the end of each entry listed at
    Be well!
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    The thread title is a bit of a catch phrase you've also used in your tweets Marius. The thing is such a book as you've authored is quickly labelled Entheta by Scientology so all members "in good standing" are not meant to read it.

    Everyone else in the world does get to read such books, and we have. Please go through them at this link and let us know which ones you've read, and which you intend to read.
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    Woah! Part of the US invasion of Iraq, and past Scientology Sea Org member. Let me guess . . . a group of Sea Org members got together and decided to infiltrate the US armed forces to search the Middle East for portals into the implant stations, right? Nah, just joking.

    Sounds like you might have a story or two . . . do go on. DOX are always good . . . do you have your SP Declare?
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    is he akin to marty; out and still believes in the tech

    me and other anon lurkers need a TL;DR summary of this guy,
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for posting & I appreciate your comments!
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    It's landfill.
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    It took a lot of nerve for you to come in here and act like you know more about this cult than any of us. It was good that you began by warning us about your massive ego.

    Your attempt to impress us with your being involved in yet another American war that never should have happened, presumably involving your murdering innocent people, may prove less than completely successful.

    Those minor points aside, please consider yourself as having been welcomed.

    Feel free to contribute more. Or, you could just fuck off. I'm happy either way.

    Here's a Twitter search for your references to your currently-inactive Twitter account:

    Current Twitter account, complete with hashtags for #ArmyStrong and #TeamJesus:

    Twitter account for Hacsonet, which you say you're the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of:

    Search for Hacsonet:

    Facebook page for Hacsonet, which has two likes:

    Your Instagram account:


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    Last seen May 22, 2013.
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