York cell?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Apollo., Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Apollo. Member

    First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place.
    I'm trying to find a cell around the York Area, is was wondering if anyone
    could help me locate one.

    Many thanks,
  2. Anonymous Member

    You may have to start one since I'm not sure there is a group up there. The scifag mission is pretty much a rented room above a landrette well on the outskirts.
  3. Apollo. Member

    I'd love to start one, but sadly i'm 17, who goes full time to a course in Scarborough, has very little money.
    If anyone on the forums wishes to start one, they'd have my full support, and i'd do my best to turn out as much as possible. :(
    I feel like i'm not doing anything for the cause at the moment. D:
  4. Apollo. Member

    *Continued, as i just thought of it.

    If anyone here wishes to be part of a York cell, i will start one. I just don't wish to start off one and find i'm the only person there.
  5. wolfyrik Member

    The York gig's are sporadic anyways. The cult has utterly failed in York. The last I heard was a ditch effort to get a cart out, which was instantly raided. The mission doesn't even have the 'dianetic' sign in the window it once had. When I say sign, that an overstatement. It was the word, in a red, tiny, bold font, just stuck on the window. The raids all but stopped because there's no real point standing outside people's houses protesting against a cult that just isn't there.

    Scientology failed in York.

    My suggestion; have a look around York from time to time in your normal get-up. Don't do anything to suggest your anyone but a regular bloke but keep an eye out for the stress cart or anything else that would suggest the cult has any activity. If you see anything, report it here, buy popcorn/caek and watcht he fun unfold.
  6. Apollo. Member

    As i'm completly new to this, what things should i look out for? :)
  7. wolfyrik Member

    If they're there at all, they'll have their stress cart on the street in the town centre, making ridiculous and illegal claims about their ability to improve health conditions. Incidentally if you do see this and they are making such claims, get on the phone to trading standards or question the legality to any Police nearby. It's against the Consumer Protections from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 or CPRs.

    You might see fliers advertising cult merchandise, though this is about as likely as seeing the cart. Read up on the cult's front group's eg narconon, CCHR etc. Ads for free stress tests as well if they direct you to scientology or dianetics. Like I said, they've dissappeared from York but the cult of scientology is like herpes. It's going to take a lot to get rid of them for good and until then, they'll keep popping up from time to time.

    If you can actually find the mission, if the property is even owned by the cult, you could let us know if there's any signs on it.
  8. Apollo. Member

    Don't suppose you've any pictures, so i know exactly what i'm seeing, as i don't want to waste peoples valuable time making them run round York, when i've made a mistake.

    Any info on Scarborough/Leeds area?
  9. wolfyrik Member

    Search button is your friend. No I don't have any pics to upload, but they've done the rounds on this forum.
  10. Apollo. Member

    Cheers mate. I'l keep my eyes open for anything.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. There is no longer a clam mission in York. Shortly after the commencement of Project Chanology, the mission moved to a rubbish, first floor location above a parade of shops (Matmer House, 35 Hull Road - not far from 'Chubbies'). They never got any business there, and the shop has gone. I suppose they couldn't afford to renew the lease.

    There are still a few sci-loonies in the York area, but their numbers are minimal. Live and let live, as long as they keep their madness inside their own homes and skulls. No sign of a stress test cart or a red 'Dianetics' teeshirt for years. If they try to revive that shit anywhere that people congregate, we would know. Also, York council take a dim view of street trading with the wrong licences, and of Xenu's disciples in general.

    I stand ready to stamp out Dianetics in York again if necessary, and I am not alone, but I doubt we will be needed there.

    There is no official Scientology presence in Leeds. There is no official Scientology presence in Scarborough. Or a lot of other places. You want to take on the cult, you're looking at a trip to Manchester, Birmingham or (good luck finding it open) Sunderland.

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