Yngve Sunesson at Hallands Nyheter warns against Scientology

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  1. Yngve Sunesson at Hallands Nyheter warns against Scientology.

    Yngve Sunesson is a Swedish politician (center party) and journalist, who works as editor-in-chief of politics and editorial writer at Halland's News Party Center.

    Google translation below.

    Hallands Nyheter: Watch out for Scientologists

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    This is a text from HN's editorial staff. The editorial staff works independently, but shares the Center Party's ideological values.

    Scientologists call themselves religion. They can also be called sects or companies. But what many do not know is that they are branched out in many different, apparently independent, organizations. Examples are KMR (Human Rights Committee) and Narconon, dealing with drug addiction treatment.

    Part of Scientologists' doctrine is suspicion of all psychiatry. An interesting article in the magazine Neo describes how they deliberately sabotaged research on treatment against ADHD, including by stalking and telling researchers like Christopher Gillberg.

    It is important that both the authorities and the media are aware of what lies behind the various Scientologist-related organizations and people with these links in order to properly evaluate the arguments presented. There are no scientific facts behind Narconon, KMR or other side organizations.

    Yngve Sunesson

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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