YFTC mini CD-R's

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by everanonymous, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. everanonymous Member

    YFTC mini CD-R's - ISO release v1.0

    I'm making cards using business card size CD-R's. each one holds 50 megs which is enough to include some starter information as well as the initial portal to the YFTC website. I need you guys to review what i've written and give any suggestions, alterations, or additions to the content i'm putting in the CD's. Here's what it contains:


    Additional Information.txt



    ISO release v 1.0: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    NOTE: does not contain any of the 'road to...' videos, only links in the additional info txt file. i'll make a v2.0 when i'm able to compress the latest march video into something smaller.
  2. mickturate Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    can we get this as a torrent?

    i was thinking of handing out the profit and/or the south park episod at rally...but yours is caeke,
    tho' as a cdr it'd be round n hard with an hole so it's more of a doughnut.
  3. Mål Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    Im a mac user, so I can do all testing.

    Instead of making an autorun, why not just password protect everything and put it in the read me?
  4. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    not sure about the mac.

    No need to tell the windozers how to open a TXT file.
    Either they know how, or the Windows Registry knows how.

    also; if the autorun launches an html file the browser can/should be able launch the text and pdf files if you use the correct syntax for relative (instead of absolute) when linking them
  5. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    i want the intro to come up automatically before they start looking at the other stuff. it's basically an intro and instructions on how to use the rest of it. pass wording it might just make it more difficult than it should be...

    i'll give it to you to test when i'm done.

    well, not everyone who picks up the CD will be very tech savvy, and i wanna make sure everyone can access the info inside...

    as for the autorun, it's mainly for the read me file. i don't want them inserting the CD and have to wait while a 40 meg PDF file starts up. i dont wanna give the impression that something bad is loading if it takes too long or suddenly the browser pops up for seemingly no reason. the txt file will open nearly immediately and won't look threatening.
  6. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    I hope you did catch I posted on your old thread about media issues.
  7. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    i dont think i did. if it was a thread before the big enturb down time then i lost all those threads...
  8. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    Love this idea!

    I would ditch the ascii image to make it look more pro and you might want to reformat the pdf to a text file (.txt) since pdf's are known to possibly contain virusses and we don't want people to think the white hat anonymous is trying to attack innocent PC's just for the lulz :)
  9. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    Well i'm not sure how to make the ascii image look more pro. it's not like i can embed an image into there...

    also, i mention right in the intro that before you do anything to scan the disc for viruses just in case. plus i donno what you could do other than a .pdf for that info packet...
  10. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Things to note:
    -a .txt most definitely does not save fonts, that is notepad... So if you do art, make it suitable for Lucidia Console, which seems to be the original default notepad font.
    -It would be preferential to have a local mirror of on the CD such that people can use it without the internet.
    -Said public mirror may be a better autorun target, though not neccesarily, as it isn't catored to CDs.
    -Honestly, it would be prefferential to just convert the text document to a html document. Browsers are just about as universal on Desktops as text viewers, and hypertext is MUCH prettier than just text documents. This also allows us a means to allow users to view all of our content without searching around the folder and it gives us the ability to guide which order they view information in. We don't want them openning up some OT3 doc, or some video they aren't interested in, losing interest, and throwing away the CD after all. HTML gives us a lot plaintext doesn't, but plaintext gives us very very little that HTML doesn't.
  11. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    fyi : click your name and you find links for 'all posts' and 'all threads started' by you.

    but to save the bother, though i may have misunderstood the nature of your software .

    this is also much quicker to replicate as you can set XX copies and just keep swapping disks.
  12. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    nice. will do.

    but are we ok with this? anything need to be changed? i kinda wanna start making them now to distribute before the 12th. i still got a bit less than 2 weeks...
  13. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Attach the txt files to a post in this thread, don't paste them in the text, the forum has messed it up.

    If the orriginal is propper ascii art you could either
    • have a 2nd copy of 'READ ME FIRST.txt' renamed to .nfo (.txt is left for ppl with autorun off, who don't understand nfo files)
      then put sometihng like Compact NFO Viewer
      on the disk (200k, stand alone app, no install, portable)
      make autorun.inf cause that to open the nfo file, it will pickup the extension and use colours/fonts to perfectly display ASCII art.
    • or preconvert ascii to a format windows notepad will display properly with it converts instantly then opens in notepad for you, then you need to save.

    Point people to foxit PDF reader, not adobe, or even better put in on the disk for them if there is room. it's free, under 6mb and is a self contained app, you dont need to install it, get the zip file. It also slaughters adobe reader for speed.

    Finally, upload the ISO you make somewhere for other protesters to distribute and use :)
  14. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    'I'm not lying, but check I'm not lying in case' change to :

    "BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING: Run a virus scan on this disc. I guarantee the original image of this disk was scanned and completely safe, but I cannot account for second generation redistribution from other sources"
  15. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Ok. here's the draft packet for you to review. i don't know how to make the autorun file start the .nfo file through the .nfo reader though. you'll need to help me a bit on that...

    i changed the READ ME FIRST file a bit and added a link to the Additional Information file
  16. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    What I meant was removing the ascii image because it doesn't add anything and just makes it look unprofessional IMHO. One poster above made a very good point using html to package everything, html can be read on almost any computer with a browser. Just make a website but avoid using javascript, plain old fashioned html codes are the best option. You might also want to add the same text in a plain text file for those who don't want to click on a possible malicious html file.

    Anyway I still believe it's very good idea and wish you much succes!

    Gonna check out the draf pakket now.
  17. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    I thought it was kind of cool, but he's right, the ASCII is unneeded.

    HTML is a good choice as you can then link to the PDF locally, and have many crackable off site links too.
  18. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's - need editorial assistance

    Just checked out the draft packet downloaded from megaupload.

    - The text is really well written! Especially the intro will make many people curious and wanting to know more what this is all about.
    - I, and probably many others, would never start an executable file on some disc given by some stranger (scanned or not). Could be better to just link to the FoxitReader's site.
    - Maybe add some links to Cos critical articles on "famous" site people know like the article on Time Magazine,9171,972865,00.html?imw=Y
    - The info in the PDF is excellent! although the file size >40MB could cause problems on slower computers.
    - You could just remove the autorun as it isn't really necessary. If someone takes the time to place the disc in their Mac, PC, etc. you can be sure they click on one of the (text) files anyway.

    Here is a link to the pdf in a text file:

    " (contains graphic content. Not Safe For Work)"
  19. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Ok. i'll take out the ascii. this lets me get rid of the entire .nfo thing because then the text alignment doesn't need to be preserved.

    I'll link to the pdf reader instead of including it.

    I'm gonna keep the autorun. Even though most people will know how to access the stuff inside themselves i'd still like to prepare for those who don't. that's why i have instructions on how to access notepad and wordpad.

    Yeah, the .pdf might be a bit big, but there's not much i can do about that.

    The html thing seems like a good idea but i donno the first thing about making a website let alone making it look presentable. unless someone wants to take that job onto themselves i'm gonna leave it out. there's sufficient instructions on how to access everything in the disc in the read me file.

    Here's the updated draft:
  20. Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    autorun.inf will not run on non windows machines at all, ever, and tons of them have it disabled.


    is the 'real' final now and is under 5mb (yes, five, no typo)

    getit here :
  21. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    ok. no autorun. pooh...

    added the new smaller .pdf file.

    i have like 45 megs of space on the disc now. any suggestions on what i should add?
  22. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Could you fit "Road to February 10th" on there? :D
  23. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    indeed i can, though i'm kinda waiting for march 15th to be released so i can compress it and add that too... it might take too long to come out though, i'd feel incomplete if i only put in feb 10th...
  24. AnonD Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Quality = crap, but grab a FLV of it with the video grabber sites and convert it. I've got the FLV on my machine atm, can run a conversion and throw it on an upload site if wanted.

    If Aussies lurking on this want a huge lot of Aussie specific data to throw on CDs/DVDs, head over to :
  25. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    honestly, quality isn't that big of an issue. as long as you can read everything and see what's going on it's fine. right now i have the feb 10th video compressed into a wmv file only 28 megs big and it's still watchable. but, yeah, if theres another way to do it to retain more quality and still get both to fit within the 45 meg constraint then awesome.
  26. AnonD Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    Okay my conversion was fail.

    I'll throw the FLV up in a tick and post the link. If you can work with that, awesome.

  27. everanonymous Member

    Re: YFTC mini CD-R's

    ok. here's the .iso file. videos not included, mind you. i'll make a v 2.0 with the videos once i'm able to compress the latest one.

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