Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by exOT8Michael, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. exOT8Michael Member

    Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    A friend of mine (not a Scientologist) was asking me yesterday about Scientology and their policies on medical treatment. He explained that his wife's friend (in Miami, named Lara...) was sent home to die this week (cancer) and has about 1 week to live.

    The doctors who have finally seen her said she came to them way too late and that if she had come far sooner they might have been able to save her. She told them that Scientology insists on a non medical approach to illness/cancer, etc. They advised her not to go see doctors in the early stages of this cancer. So, now she is not even going to get chemotherapy because it is way too late.

    This, and other things, are why I protest this evil fucking cult.
    She is 36 years old and will die before the month is out.
    Screw Scientology, it needs to be taken down.
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Be nice if someone could interview her before she goes. Some people don't seem to think there's any connection between Scientology and the rather disproportionate number of members who die of treatable diseases.

    I wonder...if it's true Dan Murnan has cancer, is he starting to get a belated clue that the tech DOESN'T WORK? Or is he so surrounded by happy clappy Scilons feeding him the mindfuck daily he will never see a doctor?
  3. WTF Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Tragedy ;-(

    Not sure if she avoided care on advice, or own hesitation. Lots of people wait "because they fear the worst" and don't want to hear it, or because they "think it will get better. Usually, cancer that is detected and treated early stands a better chance of cure.

    The silly ass way to handle it would be to sell her 8 intensives of audited NOTS, then another 2 for review, then another 4... (This would probably be the Flag way--money and WDAH are king...nevermind that your preOT will drop a body when you are done.)


    The lowest level of handling is to get the pc to a medical doctor for treatment of any purely medical trouble. This can be accompanied by Dianetic assists. We do not advocate severe operations and particularly do not advocate “exploratory operations”. We will not refuse auditing on the grounds of medical illness. We do advocate that known physical illnesses that respond to medical treatment be given it.

    There are many other mentions in the tech volumes about medical care first and coordination with medical care. I think that they are often purposely overlooked. I have had to reference and push copies of same for some staff who seem relatively ignorant of medical care. The Flag MLO ("Medical Liason Officer") a few years back was particularly poor in medical knowledge.
  4. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Someone needs to talk to this woman. If we can get a written letter that the Scilons denied her medical care... imagine the win that would warrant.
  5. Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Careful there. Your definition of "win" might be a little skewed, and this situation is serious, to say the least.

    I agree that it would be excellent if someone could talk to her, or interview her, because we may be able to ask questions and garner information that someone else might not...or might not want to. This might help her family, etc. in a future lawsuit, for example.
  6. Sailor Venus Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Wow. That fucking sucks. I swear to God, sometimes this cult upsets me like nothing else can. :mad:

    Not to demean the significance of this or to seem opportunistic, but srsly, if we get an interview with her out there, it will be a monstrous PR flap for $cientology. We want the public to see what evil this cult perpetrates, what better way to do it?
  7. Snake Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    ....fuck off.
  8. anyjane Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    Ehhh??? Unless the chick who is dying is proactive in wanting to get her story out (it sounds like she is still in?), IMO I'd want to leave her be to die in as best peace she possibly can. Now her relatives, if they wanted to, *and* if they are not in scientology could probably speak on her behalf.

    Probably could not contact her anyway and even if so that's just a shitty thing to do.

    (Edit- just saw Snake said it more directly and to the point).
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    I think the lady is still In the cult, and I would not want to contact her for anything that may disturb her final days, frankly.
    I will try to get more data as I think my friend has more to ad...
  10. tazor Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    This story is all to common in the cult. If she was SO they probably just sent her to the county hospital if they sent her at all.

    I hate this cult more and more with every story I read like this.
  11. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    I noticed that too :eek: , I was wondering if he has cancer, he looks like my mom did before she died.
  12. anoninoob Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology

    His use of "win" was bad but this needs to be dox-ed. My heart goes out to this person and their family members. but this is why we protest.
  13. anyjane Member

    Re: Yet another tragic victim of Scientology


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