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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Nov 22, 2013.

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  2. commisiar Member

    the big oil companies have been at it again trying to sway public opinion about supporting them. Also there is this interesting tibit.

    Looks like they got help from stratfor on trying to break up activists, yet another black eye. Other then this then what are your opinions on them?

    I personally think they should stop resisting change and do better and not listen to the Koch boys.
  3. commisiar Member

    Another important thing, of which they don't supposedly want us to know.

    Also, the oil industry has been planning on using social media to try and bend things their way. Even so I have to say this...

    To anybody that reads Forbes don't read the contributor Robert Bradly Jrs articles, it's not because it's an entertaining read but it's because he is a big oil shill.

    This is a propaganda piece so only read the comments, it's been like a crazy year because the renewable energy transition.

    And another shill Tim Worstall another contributor for Forbes he doesn't want the EU to regulate fracking another paid shill. Oh alright Forbes has alot of other shills, they want us to think were stupid. type in forbes then oil or fracking and you will probably find a few good articles but some of them are shills that are trying to slow down progress on green technologies and the powergrid with more or less facebook likes...
  4. The Internet Member

    What's funny is the Stratfor "leak" was a fake leak under control of the FBI, as part of their sting operation against lulzsec. Any emails that actually might have posed a problem for the Stratfor-US intelligence relationship would have been scrubbed before those emails were placed on that honeypot server.
  5. commisiar Member

    true regarding the FBI on that tibit, however this seems like it's actually more or less into the corporations and what some of Stratfors employees give. Some of them have industrial connections just not everyone at Stratfor. When it comes to the big oil Stratfor leak they copied and pasted information from propublica.,_environmental_groups

    Well maybe an entire profile on propublica as a matters of sabotage or something, yep probably propaganda...

    Disney why!? The industry is exploiting children!

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