Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    I sww a suggestion some where else of creating something to give out to the public during protests. You know like those ribbons with "I support breast cancer research".

    Something similar and cheap to get produced but not a ribbon maybe something like an Anon button.

    10 Good ideas y/n
    20 if Y suggestions?
    30 if N kill this thread with fire
    40 goto 10
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Yeah, yoo many ribbons already- hard to think of a colour that doesn't already have a meaning. There were those little plastic wristbands that were huge a couple of years back, you can get them made up quite cheaply:
    AdBand customised silicon wristbands
    NB they're silicon, not scilon. Did a double take for a second there.

    But you know, This is Anon. We should give out something more lulzy. I liked the balloon idea.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Stickers? Design your own?
    Some can even be printed on those label dealies at home and stuck in random public places (like youfoundthecard).
    "Cute" ones can be handed out with fliers.

    What about simple paper masks with info printed in them as an invite for people passing by to join in the fun (and then to go home and look up the info in the mask)?
    Can you imagine scientologisist going nutty trying to figure out who is anon and who is just a passer-by wearing the mask for fun?
    I imagine this one would require a bit of $$$, but I'm not thinking of anything any more complex than the burger king crowns (do they still have those or am I just old?).
    Printed diecut cardstock, a rubberband and some staples.
    Can we get a print quote on a quantity over 9000?
  4. Wrathlon Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Green if its not taken. That would be the obvious choice.
  5. Cinenon Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Green ribbons aren't for any particular organization like Breast Cancer, but have some affiliation with agricultural, cannabis, and environmental causes.

    It also has been used for support for Lyme disease, bipolar disorder, and missing children, as well as Chechnya's liberation and Jena 6 support.

    And some other stuff.

    There's always the Brown ribbon, which doesn't have any support. George Carlin's joked about it a bit, and I bet it's not used because it' know, the color of poo.

  6. anyjane Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Yeah- most of the good colors are taken, but brown can mean "Back to Earth/Reality" or something like that.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Green with a bold black outline?
  8. Wrathlon Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    What are the official colours of the freewinds?
  9. moose Member

    Re: Yellow ribbon/ viral marketing

    Kinda hard to stay anonymous when you wear signs like that, isn't it??

    Besides it would turn this into an everyday protest. (do not want!)

    We've done all our 'marketing' through the internets and are very successful at that.
    We've had perhaps one of the most effective viral marketing campaigns ever that operated on a worldwide scale.

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