Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Daywatch, Jun 13, 2008.

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    ^^^ Subject in pic needs a wet shirt.
  4. Anon3Mouse Member


    Maybe me eyes be failin' me in me old age matey, but in the words of an Admiral I once knew, 'It's a trap'.
  5. Hatonymous Member


    Well, if it is, I'm sure any fem-anons that might or might not exist on the internet wouldn't mind the sight.
  6. Whanonstler Member


    Cbus had a great success. Lulzy Roger flag and the Failwinds boat sailing about.

    New this month was increased scilon contact. They tried to debate us with typical tu quoque appeals about priests abusing kids, or typical masks and persecution baaaaaawfaggotry. They had OSA guiz there, they had Sea Org members in their lulzily gay outfits goin the side door and they had some hired dirt bags to try to body bullbait us. No one took the bait and we let them know we knew what they were doing. They may have been scientologists, because when they came back we started playing Lecture 10, Assists for Class VIII Auditors with Hubbard's space opera Xenu bullshit, and they heard their master spilling the beans from my iPod and speakers and left fairly quickly. We had it playing for a good bit and after that we had *no* scifags come out of the Org! \o/

    The kids at the bus stop loved seeing pirates and we shared our booty and plastic pirate flags with them as their parents took fliers. One girl kept high fiving me; apparently in her world pirates are big high-fivers! :fuckyou:

    Edit- I just realized two people we did not see at the org whom we have seen on previous raids: Kidfag and wheelchairfag. With the addition of OSA, Sea Org losers in their gay little uniforms, and paid body bullbaiters I do believe that was purposeful so as not to involve them because Cbus Org finally realizes we mean Srs Bznss.

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