Yearly Update on New Village Leadership Academy

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by churchlady, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I would be willing to bet Tony Ortega would be interested in speaking with you guys about doing a story on this whole mess.
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    Thanks for posting. Please consider registering here so you can send and receive private messages.
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    Thank you for the information. For what it's worth- any business associated with scientology is a money funnel. This site has endless documentation and I suggest that you look around. Should you need something specific- ask and an anon may be able to help you.
    I know that you have suffered financial losses and are in need of a new school for your children, but this is a blessing- any school affiliated with the cult works to change your child- they are better off anywhere else- even at home with a tutor. In the meantime- raise awareness/hell and give your kids a hug- they deserve more.
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    They already know what there getting into... Come on.
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  5. You have to be careful here because most of these NVLA Scientologists use aliases. Julie Griffin is actually Julie Giffin and, if records are correct, is the daughter of Dave Hendry. Piano Foster is Franca Campopiano. Her facebook page give a shout out to her henchmen during the days they were closing the school.

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    More please?
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    What does this all mean? Hive? Halp.
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    She has taken her facebook down or gone private just in the past few minutes.

    Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 1.22.20 AM.png
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    The code *get
    is so sekrit. Good times=Not. Thanks for the sleuthing. They is up to no good. Me understand now and likie.
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    wog translation

    reach for the stars
    until the wheels fall off DC-8's
    thank you Xenu
    we come back
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    Thank you for the info. Please do keep us posted on how this plays out. And may your legal action be successful!
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    Julie Griffin

    Dave Hendry
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    Question- the above tweet is a public acct (no login necessary.)
    Did parents give their legal consent for NVLA to tweet their photos of their children?

    If I shouldn't have re-posted the photo here- mods please remove.
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    Most schools, even public schools, have parents sign a waiver at the beginning of the school year that allows the school to use the likeness of their children.
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    Yes I understand that, but thought I'd ask given that the scilons have a history of not doing things the right way (NN) and leave themselves open to legal trouble when people start poking around..
    I was hoping there may be no waiver given that it was, as stated above "operating as a home school" and therefore one more thing to add to their liability. Probably insignificant at this point.
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    lol, my bold, more:

    Will Smith Private Quasi-Scientology School is Shut Down
    Will Smith Private Quasi-Scientology School is Shut Down

    07/05/13 12:15amRoger Friedman 0
    UPDATE: The website for the school, which taught around 70 kids, is gone. NVLA is now like the lost city of Xenu.

    EARLIER: New Village Leadership Academy is no more. This was the private school stared by Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith in 2008 with ties to Scientology. The intrepid Tony Ortega reported on his site on Wednesday that he’d confirmed with several sources attached to the school that the Calabasas, California organization was kaput.

    This must be a blow to the Smiths, especially with “After Earth” bombing at the box office.
    Though the school may be closed, their website is still up. According to, the non profit institution still has no Form 990 filed for 2012 But their 2011 filing shows that school chief Franca Campopiano, an avowed Scientologist, was making $200,000 a year. On website, an anonymous former parent wrote in: “This horrific institution has CLOSED! The star founders should be ashamed of the lies propagated by the unethical staff.”

    Recently I reported that John Travolta had donated money to the school as a fellow Scientologist, from the charitable fund he started in his son Jett’s memory.
    Because New Village still has not filed for 2012, it’s hard to say what their financial situation was. But in 2011, they claimed net assets of negative $284,931 and liabilities of $1,235,154.
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    Anons knew that. Scientology's like a pyramid scheme so it's always looking for ways to insinuate into the lives of new people.

    Well don't feel too bad because the cult has conned an awful lot of smart people. Besides, you thought you were giving your kids a good start. I hope they all find suitable schools next semester and that this doesn't set them back too much.
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    You want a copy/paste of an earlier post from this thread? Sure:
    Here's a snippet from the wayback machine archive of "The NVLA Educational Philosophy" from June 2012:
    For example, if a student is learning how to make a robot, he or she needs to see or touch the materials and computer right in front of him or her rather than just imagining how to make it. By providing the Legos to construct the robot, the computer to program the robot and the competition to apply this knowledge in a real-world experience, the students conceptual understanding is deeper and more meaningful.

    Our exceptional teachers are taught to teach sequentially, checking for prior understanding. When a student is required to perform a sequence of steps and he comes to a point where he doesn’t understand, the learning curve is too steep. If a teacher is showing a student how to make the robot and the student suddenly is confused, the teacher makes sure to go back to the place the student stopped understanding and re-teach that point. We teach older students to do this on their own – when studying learn to go back with no prompting to restudy their prior steps and the concepts they may not have grasped the first time around.

    In addition, NVLA teachers make sure students understand the meanings of all of the words related to the subject, whether in math or in music, or as in the robot example – all of the words related to making the robot. What do the words, electro-mechanic, gears, and system mean? Often students (and adults as well) lose interest and stop paying attention when they get lost in explanations filled with words they do not understand. So many students think they are terrible in math; has the teacher ever defined words such as factor, geometry or exponent? Teachers therefore are trained to make sure they monitor the children for lack of understanding. Similarly, if the student is learning how to program the robot and comes across a word that he is unfamiliar with, the student must look it up in the dictionary or have the word explained by a teacher. Once the student understands the words related to a concept, there is greater understanding of the entire subject.
    There we have it, the bolded parts in order are Mass, Gradients, and M/Us.
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    Spelling it "study teck" and "applied skholastics" instead of Study Tech and Applied Scholastics is both a feeble attempt to prevent the pages showing up higher in google search results, and a way to lie about the real terms by denying they use the made-up misspelt terms, a common tactic of Scientologists.
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Smith’s Personally Funded School, Website, Shut Down | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    I posted a version of this on July 5th at midnight. But given the holiday, and now we’re all back, here it is again. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith put millions into this school. But the school right away attracted criticism for featuring Scientology curriculum. The first headmistress was replaced with a new one who was a major Scientologist. Much of the staff and board of directors were also Scientologists. The school is over. So is the school’s website. It was an abrupt closing because they were still raising money two months ago with fundraisers.

    Continued at
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    Great news! Thanks for posting. I shan't hold my breath waiting for a statement from Will nor Jada.
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    In addition --

    Let's see, New Village Leadership Academy, funded by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, feels the need to remove all Scientology Study Tech from the curriculum... but leaves references to Scientology Study Tech on the website for five years?

    Because the purpose of the website for the New Village Leadership Academy (funded by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett) was to inform parents and prospective students of the school's educational philosophy... five years ago?

    Yeah, right.

    Oh, and as Tony Ortega noted: "current website (copyright 2013)."
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    Marty also confirms the school was using Study Technology.
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  26. Smith donated $1,235,00 to the school in 2010 from his WSJ Trust, not from his publicly scrutinized foundation. That’s why it never showed up before.

    Basically, Smith’s donation almost covered the $1.4 million non specific salaries listed for the school. Under salaries, NVLA lists just two educators, both with Scientology backgrounds. The head of school is named Franca Campopiano, but the school confirmed that she is also known as Piano Foster. She was paid $200,000 in 2010. As Piano Foster, Campopiano has been listed as a past student of Scientology. She’s married to a Darryl Foster, also a past student of Scientology. Foster/Campopiano succeeded the school’s original head, Jacqueline Oliver, who left in a dispute with the Smiths over the Scientology teaching at the school.

    The other educator listed is Carol McGuire, listed not as a teacher but “Technology Specialist.” She was paid $120,000 in 2010. McGuire also goes by Carol Ann McGuire. On the NVLA website she’s listed as a “employee/teacher” but on the form 990 it’s quite specific. And that’s important because Scientology’s basic curriculum is something called Study Tech. On its website, NVLA stresses “technology” as one of the most important parts of its lessons.

    Suri Cruise Starts Classes at School With Scientology Ties

  27. As far as all the black kids go at NVLA which I also noticed in the pix on their facebook page, I'm wondering if this was part of the Scientology plan - - - get more blacks involved with Scientology through NVLA & the Smiths.
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    Website has been dismantled:
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    "All your cities lie in dust" -Siouxsie Sioux

    Okay just this is not a city but it is an entire school and it feels so good. This thread is a double win adding in the potential Will Smith change of direction.
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    The insane criminals are still taking "donations" for their Scientology fraud, I see, despite not having filed their 990N form and closing their doors. What is that shitting dwarf going to do with the money that anyone stupid enough to hand to that Tone 1.1 crook through this fraud hands to them?
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    Thank you for keeping us up to speed. I have worked with McGuire and know that she is definitely NOT a scientologist. She is a born-again Christian and was the technology specialist... as in iMovie, Google Docs TECHNOLOGY. Several others on your lists are incorrect.
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    Which ones please?
  36. I am another former parent now involved in the possible fraud committed by the unraveling of NVLA, a process that I'm sure will be ongoing for quite sometime.

    At issue. No one, at least no former parents, claim that all NVLA staff are Scientologists. I, and others, do not think Ms. McGuire is a Scientologist. However, many are, especially those of power and influence, course selection and implementation, administration and public affairs. This list includes: Dave Hendry, his daughter Ms Julie Giffin, the head of school, Ms. Piano Foster (and all her aliases that we know the IRS will soon be looking into), Ms. Carolyn Roberts, perhaps the most tragic figure of administrators, Ms. Tasia Jones, a close second in the tragic competition, and Ms. Sisu Raiken - among others to be named shortly.

    What has not been discussed here is the systematic removal of non-scientology teachers during the 2012 - 2013 school year, including the removal of a pre - primary teacher, a kindergarten teacher and an elementary teacher. The pre-primary, who refuses to talk publicly out of fear of reprisal, protested when it was revealed that her meetings and conversations were being recorded without her knowledge and was let go. She was replaced by an un - certified, un- qualified teacher who had been let go from NVLA at the end of the 2011 - 2012 school year. The kindergarten teacher was laid - off while out on maternity leave, rather callous move by Ms. Piano, and replaced by Ms. Shannon Burke, who, get this, was also let go at the end of 2011 - 2012. Ms. Burke is rather well entrenched in Scientology. See:

    And, the elementary teacher, was also laid-off while on maternity leave. That's two pregnant teachers laid - off within months of each other. This one was not replaced by a Scientologist of Ms. Shannon Burke’s status. She was replaced by Patricia Olivia Nangkal, aka Tricia Nangkal. More on her here:

    But what gets this former parent, and others involved in the ongoing investigation, is why? Why the lies? Why not just tell the truth? No one really cares if you are a Scientologist or not. That is, if you tell the truth, are open and assure the community that your belief system is not a matter of policy. Why the secrecy? Why the recording devices? Why lay off teachers and replace them with ones formerly let go? Why?

  37. correction:

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    Thank you for the information. This is very helpful.

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