Yearly Update on New Village Leadership Academy - derail

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by sosad, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Wrong, seeing how you never set foot inside the school and saw for yourself what was ACTUALLY going on there and I have, that would make my knowledge on the subject first hand and therefore more accurate.

    As far as the other parent(s) who stumbled onto this website and believed what they saw, my guess is they have no clue what study tech is and fell victim to the bogus info supplied by WWP. If they did, they would have surely scratched their heads at the lack of clay tables, e-meters, demo kits etc. in the classrooms.

    Your logic on the DOX subject is laughable. What could I possibly provide as a document to show the school wasn't using scientology study tech after 2010?

    If you think Mrs. Oliver is a source on how the school was run AFTER she left/let go in 2009 then that too is laughable. She wasn't there, how would she know how the new head of school ran things? Perhaps her lawsuit caused the Smiths to change how the school was run? Frankly, I don't know, but what I do know is no study tech was used after Mrs. Oliver left.

    This is truth - deal wif it.
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  2. OTeleventy Member

    School is still closed. Deal wif it.
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  3. And you're an ignorant butt-plug. Dealt wif it.
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  4. OTeleventy Member

    Utterly charming. Your mum must be so proud.
  5. You're not getting any sympathy from her. She thinks you're a butt-plug too.
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  6. Random guy Member

    Any dox for that? You know, we would really, really like to have some solid documentation on what went down there. The problem is the words of some random person who may or may not be honest/know what he's talking about/trying to spin things won't do. It's just how it is.

    Get us some information that is checkable or at least traceable, and we're on.
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Poster reminds me of cl0wn in the Condusiv Technologies thread. No matter how much was found showing the company was still in good standing with WISE, it was always "is that all you've got?" and demands that we accept his word that an organization that was solidly into Hubbard "tech" suddenly stopped it completely at the drop of a hat.
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  8. I guess we'll have to wait for all the forthcoming lawsuits.?. Or, perhaps Mrs. Olivier's tell-all will shed some light on how the school changed after she left. Of course anything said about the school after she left would be would be hearsay or rumor and you guys don't fall for that.
  9. DeathHamster Member

    You're assuming that she had no contact with any remaining staff members. They wouldn't all automatically disconnect from her .. unless they were members of a creepy cult, right?
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  10. RightOn Member

    why because you have no dox to prove what you are saying is true?
    And that is the last time I am going to bother with this.
    Your broken record is getting old, you have no dox to prove your point
    and I am done.
  11. YOU have no DOX either, smart-guy. court records, no tax filings NOTHING. Everything you've based your opinion on is someone else's STORY.
  12. Based on what I've HEARD (this is total hearsay), the new head of school let all of the teachers go except one. So, yes, it's possible she spoke to whoever was left, but again, and I like said, it would all be HEARSAY.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    As opposed to your hearsay that Study Tech and all the pictures of Hubbard up on the wall disappeared the moment that she left.
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  14. RightOn Member

    get it right silly!
    When he says "based on what I've heard" and without dox to back up what the broken record is saying, it means it's a solid gold defense.
    But when someone comes forward, say.. oh I don't know, someone like the ex teacher that actually taught there and who also quoted the Smiths, who told her story to the public out in the open to the media and used her real name and said she was let go because she didn't want to go along with the program or teach the Study tech and that the Smiths then hired someone who agreed to teach the teach, AND this teacher is writing a book about her experience (if the Smiths don't hopefully pay her off to shut up) ... well then, that is all bullshit. Savvy?
    bwah ha ha
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member



    bwahahahahahahaha, sci-troll is fail imho, sounds like another drunk butt-hurt apologist, flailing and thrashing about with no voice of their own. *shrugz*
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  16. Almost a year later and no lawsuits or tell-all book.

    WTF!?! I thought you buttnuggets promised lawsuits and a tell-all book?
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  17. Twinkle Member

    Do you kiss people with that foul mouth?
  18. DeathHamster Member

    Oh, Sorry! Everyone was waiting on you providing proof that Jacqueline Olivier sued ‎New Village Leadership Academy and the Smiths over her firing, Scientology and lost. It was your turn and we didn't want to interrupt.

    Meanwhile, I've been organizing:
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  19. Lulz....well, here's someone who knows her:

    28th September 2013, 05:45 PM #11
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    Mar 2012

    [IMG] Re: Former head of Will Smith's school applauds Leah for speaking out..

    [IMG] Originally Posted by FlunkYou [IMG]
    Did she win her case?
    No but it was not because she was determined in any way to be wrong about "study tech" and scientology being forced into the school.

    It had to do with a completely different issue.
  20. OTeleventy Member

    School's back open? No? Then, hey, we still win. I'll take any fucking win I can get when faced with the lies and deceit of the cult. But hey, dude, you keep coming back here, "ThatisFunny"" ... Your clam school will still be closed. You know why? Because normal people figured out tuit de suit that it was a scam.

    Hey, but anyway, nice to see you. Sorry you don't have bigger fish to fry. You know, like dismantling a cult that damages people -- and children in particular. See you next year.
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