YBOR RAID Report 4/25

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Alive, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Alive Member

    YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    *EDIT* For the record, Ybor is located within Tampa, FL and the raid was done by by a combination of CWfags/Tampanons/Ofags

    This past Friday, from 6pm-9:15pm, roughly 12 anonymous members descended upon the Ybor Scientology Center to spread the word about the dangerous cult known as Scientology. Full pix can be found at here.

    All in all it was a good time, Ybor absolutely LOVED us. We got a lot of horn love and in addition to that, there were a ton of people that wanted to take pictures of us, with us, etc. just because of our cool masks and outfits. People in restaurants became quite confused when a dozen masked individuals began dancing spontaneously to Rick Astly with large signs. Many would call out asking what we were doing, to which we would offer fliers (tons of fliers btw, we had a huge surplus left over, 5/10 anyone?). We did some dancing with some of the other soapbox people out there too, although I think we might have blended in a bit too much (note: moar anons next time) with them, but we definitely stood out.

    Only had a few problems with a rent-a-cop at the Centro Ybor shopping area saying we couldn't hand out fliers or wear masks on part of East 8th Avenue due to it being "private property". Not sure if he had his facts straight (I'm checking this with the city .gov) but we complied and played nice. We were still able to dance outside of the Scientology building. Other than that, a few street cops asking us to take off our masks initially, but retracting it once being told about the laws and our "permission" from higher-ups in the PD.

    A couple of notable incidents:
    Fox news camera guy showed up to take some footage and take an interview. The report was aired sometime Saturday (I didn't see it but it should be uploaded to their site soon, I'll get the link ehre once it's up).

    Other notable event, I mean, pretty interesting.

    Scientology 04-25-08 041 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    These two girls are the nicest Scientologists I have met to date. However, I am CONVINCED that they are not very high up and I think you'll agree with me. When we first started talking our conversation started as them asking us why we were attacking Scientology when it did so much good in the world. They personally were involved in outreach services, volunteer stuff etc. we listened to their story, and then we got our chance to talk back...

    they listened... let me lolwuthuh bold that for you, THEY LISTENED TO US

    We explained that we weren't protesting their beliefs, that we feel most scientologists aren't actually terrible people, that we feel they are merely being tricked by people higher up and that it is a money scam, etc. etc. The important thing here is that they weren't just hearing, they were digesting it, their expression showed confusion. We were not who their leaders said we were. We were not bigoted, drugged-up, hate-mongers (lol internats haet machin). We were seemingly educated and well-spoken individuals talking as if we had a cause, hell we sounded like them.

    This is where it gets interesting, we'd been talking for a minute or so when a woman comes out and starts trying to tell them it's time to go. The two girls keep listening to us, they don't leave immediately as they're in an interesting conversation, trying to defend their religion. After another short period (about 30 seconds?) a grumpy looking man exits the building and starts telling them its time to come inside NOW, repeating the statement (read: order) several times. The two girls, stay in the conversation, seemingly confused as to why they appear to be in trouble. Not long after that, the woman places a hand on one of them and begins leading them (albeit gently) back towards the doors of the church. We see the two girls along with a throve of other scientologists lead the two girls around the back, we didn't see them for the rest of the protest....

    ...we did see them afterwards, out in front of the Scientology building being berated by the man that had called them away before. It was obvious that they had been crying profusely, then they disappeared into a mini-van and off they went. This was at about 10:00pm, we were at gameworks getting our party on. Some anons outside taking a smoke break saw this. It's a perfect example of the abuse the church perpetrates on their followers. I mean, what kind of "church" berates their followers to the point of crying, just for talking to someone with a different view point?

    eh... sorry, big tl:dr, it was a srs moment for me though...


    tl;dr: ybor was win, cops were alright, need moar people (and caek) next time.
  2. CousinJack Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Nicely done!!! What was the speech from the cop about?
  3. Alive Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    The cop basically said to stay on the sidewalks, don't break any laws. As long as you aren't aggressive or hostile we won't bother you about the masks. (someone later brought up that we were protesting OVER a shift change, which might explain why later cops asked us about masks). Same usual stuff, just told us to behave.
  4. AnonX Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    very nice raid.
  5. Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Sec checks a'comin'.

  6. Anon9000+1 Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    truly feel bad for those girls.
  7. SPOver9000 Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Hopefully they woke up and realized what they were getting into. You might have saved two people from the Scilons, who knows?
  8. AnonEFG12365 Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Thats what was bugging me. I hope that they don't get in big trouble or sec checked every hour on the hour because they wanted to educate themselves.

    I'm glad that members are not always lalalalaing to everything now! It'll take awhile, but the more people like these ladies that we reach, the more the back bone of the cult *i.e. sea org and other volunteers like these intelligent, but misguided, ladies* will leave.
  9. anonypuffs Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    wow. fuck the scientologists. i'm definitely recharged for the next round of protests.

    *edit* if there's one thing i won't stand for it's fucking emotional (and maybe physical) abuse of women.
  10. eksef Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

  11. Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Great job on the raid!
    It's really disturbing what happened to those girls. If the Scilon higher-ups truly believe in the tech, why should they be afraid of letting people talk?
  12. I_am_anon Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    nicely done
  13. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    This is why. :mad:
  14. Hieronymous Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Trust me, don't feel bad at all. That was probably the best thing that could have happened. The fact that they listened to you at all means you already did what you could, and now it's time for the OT's to do the rest. If they still stick with the cult after that abuse I don't think there was much you could have done anyway.
  15. anonchoir Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Poor girls. Mayhaps they'll get out of it if they're getting sec check'd all the time.
  16. Hieronymous Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    More sec checks = more ESK recruits
  17. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    This raid gets 10/10.

    Flash raids where $cilons get engaged in friendly, informed, honest conversation are our ultimate weapon being deployed at it's best.

    Keep up the good work! Try and get back in contact with those girls next time!!!
  18. anon_david Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Gawd, if being ordered back inside as if Co$ fucking owned them didn't make them start asking some very serious questions, I don't know what will. Blow girls, blow!

    Wait, not like that you pervs.
  19. Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    the part about the girls being pulled away (gently) and then yelled at and them crying just pisses me off.

    its that kinda bs that is why this cult needs to end. its just bull that they dont let people get informed. they arent effin pieces of meat they are Human Beings/rant

    anyways great job on the flashraid keep up the great work :)
  20. anon_david Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    ps: I don't suppose you guys got any footage of the girls being berated by other scilons, did you?
  21. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    If I were them, that would be the snapping point for me. I'd ask for my money back right there.
  22. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Great job on the raid! The pictures are fantastic and it's great to see you had a chance to dialogue with a couple of Scientologists who seemed open to communicate. That is the best part of the whole report.

    Flash raids are fantastic. Is it just me, or have flash raids gone up by leaps and bounds since April 12th?
  23. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    They have gone up, and each one is lulzier than the last. It's a friendly reminder that we're here to stay.
  24. Anonymeep Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Excellent work! You probably did the best thing you could have with those girls. It's good to remember that a lot of people get into it because they want to help. They want to do good, they want to better the world. It makes me so furious that CoS takes all that positive energy and twists it and uses it for its own sick purposes.

    I hope that the orgs reaction to them served as a wake-up call and that they have the mental fortitude and courage left to get out...
  25. maggie Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Well done on the Yborg raid; and thanks from an OG.

    A suggestion: The Yborg across from Gameworks is very low-traffic, both for wogs and Scientologists. That's great if your target is the general public going into Gameworks, but if you want to get the message to current Scientologists, head over to West Tampa...

    On Friday, Apri 25 I was driving past the Tampa Org near the corner of Habana and Columbus -[in old cigar factory buildings behind the Scn marriage counseling billboard] in West Tampa. They had about 40 cars and SCIENTOLOGY-OPEN HOUSE sign out front. Perfect raid scenario!

    There are two buildings across a street from each other; Tampa org and a Dianetics Center.

    As I understand it, Tampa org has been training Flag staff for at least several years. There are typically anywhere from 30 to 60 cars there any given day, and lots of SO uniforms. Last time I looked, most of the cars had Pinellas plates.
  26. noitulover Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

  27. Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    Good job guys!

    Can't figure out why this was moved to Local & Misc Protests when all these other recent flash raids are still in breaking news:

    1- Today's Flash Raid in Berlin, Germany: Epic Win
    2- Flash Raid Pittsburgh PA
    3- Amsterdam mini-raid 4/22
    4- Las Vegas 4/20 flash raid. Bricks were shat!

  28. Daywatch Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    yeah what the butt?
    stupid mod move is stupid
  29. Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    Accidents happen, don't know who moved it.
    This too would have been better served with use of the report button rather than PM'ing individuals who might have been about to log off etc and missed it ;)
  30. Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    Thanks for the heads up, FTT. I thought the report button was just for spam, offensive and partisan crap. Good to know.
  31. Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    It's report for any reason at all, you get to type a reason why 'move, sticky plox, spambot' etc. And then whatever mods are watching get to see it.

    I just wish people reporting dupe/merge plox' would get more in the habit of including the link to the dupe/dest with the report.:frustration:
  32. Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    Win! Bravo, Tampa anons.
  33. xenubarb Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    Here is my postulate:

    Anon: We are not against your beliefs, we're against the fraud and abuse.

    Girls: <listening>

    Scilons: It's time to come in now! (takes Girls' arms, leads them back inside)

    Scilons:(inside) YOU *()&*)+_(!!!! YOU BETTER )(^#^%_(* NEVER LET US SEE YOU TALKING TO THOSE ()*^%^()*!!! AGAIN OR YOU'LL BE _)(&^&%&*+ SORRY!!!!!

    Girls cry.

    Scene: inside the car

    Girl 1: Hey, I think this is what those masked guys were talking about.
    Girl 2: Yeah, I think being screamed and cursed at is abuse.
    Girl 1: I don't think I like this any more.
    Girl 2: Me neither. Let's think about leaving.
    Girl 1: Yeah! I'm gonna call my mom next time I'm near a phone. Fuck these people.
    Girl 2: Yeah, fuck em. Let's go buy some of those masks and join those guys next time.
    Girl 1: Riiiight. How are we gonna pay for them?

    *insert brilliant idea here!*
  34. Alive Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    We had closed up our raid around 9:15pm, by 10:00pm we had already stashed our disguises, equipment, etc. so we didn't have our camcorders on hand. I agree though, I wish we had though, it would have been a brilliant piece of evidence against the church =\.

    Copy, intelligence data received, moving on data shortly.
  35. MomAnon Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    For me, the absolute highlight of the raid was the look on the faces of the Scilons inside the center when we walked by the very first time. Borderline panic, disbelief, jaw dropping, cell phone grabbing, wide-eyed, mouth gaping shock. You'd think they'd never seen Guy Fawkes masks before. We waved cheerily every time we passed.
  36. Anondelivers Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    Nice job guys, i love flashraids, everyone should do some.
  37. sudopod Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

  38. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25

    I hope the spell breaks and they leave scientology. That this happens is very sad, but it is one reason why we are protesting. One hopes these young ladies figured this out, that they should not be in trouble for speaking with you.
  39. FrankvdWaal Member

    Re: YBOR RAID Report 4/25

    You have the spirit of Anonymous within you.
  40. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: YBOR RAID 4/25


    We need to stop them. Whatever it takes. These girls could go either way, REALIZING this abuse and control is exactly why we are protesting. Or they could succumb to complicity, and apologize for the horrible crime of talking to likely SPs, forced into feeling shame and guilt.

    The next time this happens:

    WARN THE VOLUNTEER MINISTERS that they are in a cult, and you can PROVE IT by watching how their overlords will try to prevent them for talking to you. Warn them they will get in trouble ANY TIME they are close to knowing what they are not told or doing what they are told not to.

    MAKE SURE THAT LIGHTBULB GOES ON by having the Scilons prove their evil, doing exactly what you warn them about.

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