Yazidi women of Iraq kept as slaves/jihadi prizes

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by White Tara, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hundreds of Yazidi women have been kidnapped by Sunni militants, according to an Iraqi official.
    All of the women held hostage are under 35-years-old and are being kept in schools in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.
    The families informed Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry that the women were kidnapped with earlier reports indicating that the women were to be given to young jihadists as wives.
    The Yazidis are the latest minority group being targeted by the Islamic State in their brutal campaign of religious persecutions and killings.
    The Islamic state is believed to have declared war against anyone unwilling to convert to Islam, with thousands fleeing the largest Christian town in Iraq, Qaragosh, once militants had captured it.
    Christian homes were first marked with the letter ‘N’, followed by the families being expelled from their houses and had their valuables stolen.

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  2. The Internet Member

    Iraq needs a despot who can rule with an iron fist to keep the crazy tribalism under control.
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  5. tinfoilhatter Member

    Perhaps that was what black waters purpose was? either that or they were overpaid hooligans with guns and no oversight.

    We knew this would happen.,13190,Defensewatch_062405_Quigley,00.html

    look at the guns that the insurgents used. Where did they get WW2 guns from? We believe they came from syria, that assad had been arming the Iraq insurgents, and then, when we left the region, they turned on him. The reason why we believe that they came from syria, is because the soviets captured a large number of those guns in WW2, and later sold them to syria.

    This is a frightening scenario, it means that ISIS is at least a decade old, if not older.

    So, if we do return to Iraq, it looks like that not only will we get a SOFA this time around, but that we also will get to build a permanent military presence.
  6. The Internet Member

    I was thinking this guy would be perfect for the job:
    saddam hussein.jpg
    I have duct tape on my sofa and could really use a new one.
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  8. The Internet Member

    Both. Thanks for the infos, mah broseph.
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    spam- web blog not related to thread
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You keep linking to your site. The article you cite is by" Satya D, a prominent Hindu thinker and activist" amazing that he goes by his last initial rather than the last name. He writes about the conflict between Islam and Hindus. The article is followed by images of gore. This isn't about the Yazdi, this is about getting views.
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    BTW for any of you foolish enough to go there, make sure you fry cookies and cache over and over. Or wear a condom.
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