Yahoo and MSN suck!

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Is anybody really annoyed by the lack of online media attention? Is anybody really annoyed by the fact that Yahoo and MSN find John and Kate's divorce to be much more pertinent news than the protests and deaths that occur daily in Iran?

    It's such asinine bullshit!
  2. Yes...

    YES... and YES!!!!!!

    It seems like the media in the U.S. (and not just online) really doesn't CARE what's happening in Iran. It took most of the cable news networks until late Saturday to really pick up on it.

    But, then again, since our President has merely been "concerned" and "troubled" by what is happening in Iran (and they do take their cues from him), why would they trouble themselves with it?!?!?

    And yet, the vast majority of Americans seem to care a GREAT DEAL. We are trying to figure out ways to help in some way... in ANY way! Even if that just means providing "emotional support."

    I just keep wondering... WTH has happened to our media in the U.S.? They USED to be the best in the world!
  3. you're wrong to blame Obama!

    Don't you realize how bad the relationship is between the US and the Iranian government? Don't you understand that what's happening in Iran is about Iran and not about us? What would you have Obama say or do???! It's obvious to everyone that this is awful, but our place in this is on the sidelines right now. Obama is extremely well-advised to exercise restraint. We have no resources in that country. IF we had an embassy, I'm sure we'd be doing what the other countries with embassies are doing - offering to harbor protestors.
  4. Um.. lolwut?

    No. That's not what he said at all. He wasn't blaming Obama for anything.
  5. American are currently busy trying to ix their destroyed lives because of the recession .

    I am pretty sure that the population is very concerned but media is not reflecting this
    because they are confused about what is going on. Their political supporters cannot
    believe the courage of Iranians and this wave is destroying all economic/political
    relationships between them and Iran.

    Everybody is looking for a new Deck of cards in order to profit from situation.
  6. Well the media only reports what people are interested in hearing. International politics usually rank very low on the list in most countries. In fact if it weren't for the somewhat numerous Iranian community in the states there might be even less news there.
  7. Ralim Member

    That's MSN and Yahoo for ya. Forgive being high and mighty, but those are the sorts of news sites concerned only with non-intelligent celebrity-fawning, sex-taping, local crime, "injustices" by parents over teenagers, prices on clothing... etc. In short, things you'd talk about in lol-speak.
  8. free-voice Member

    Forget Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. I'm one of the concerned. What can we do as a site to keep the world informed?
  9. Tony C Member

    Yes, its pityful how certain issues in the media are highlighted with more importance than the more critical issues around the world. Yes, Im an American. But I am one who knows that there is more than just my own country to think about. There is more than just my own life to worry about. I want to know what goes on beyond my borders. I want to know what others in the world are dealing with. Because if these issued are hidden away from the rest of the world, no solutions will EVER be found, and people will suffer because of it forever.

    And I do not mean to offend anyone, but the death of a certain singer yesterday spelled out even more disconcern for the people dying in Iran. I knew once it was broadcast that it would take over media concern nation wide. All the tv news was covering it and people were flocking around like sheep. Its sick.

    To give such high stature to an entertainer is completely absurd. Yes, the entertainment industry is just that, an industry, and there is money being made over production of singers, actors, and tv in general. But when these people overstep the boundries of being mere human beings, and become icons, well then thats where I personally have to draw the line. I do not want to hear some friggin actor or musician who is living a carefree, well off life start talking politic or world matters while the rest of us in the world struggle through our daily lives.

    And just because they have cameras in front of them, doesnt mean they need to use them to try and become some half ass spokeperson for whatever peaks their interest on that particular day. Where is my camera and podium? Where is your camera and podium? We are intelligent, we are living in the real world. We are dealing with life without the comfort of riches. And many people of this world are far worse off than any of us will ever be. And these people all over the world desperately need a camera and podium to let their voice be heard. And more than anything, caring ears and eyes to witness what they say.

    The people of Iran need to be more important than any entertainer. The people of Iran need to be more important than the rest of the supposed "news" being spewed out. The people of Iran and all other oppressed human beings being slaughtered, denied freedom, denied basic human rights all over the world, these are the important people. Because until this stops worldwide, mankind is doomed. We as a species are not progressing, but regressing to a savage state. And I for one do not want to continue to see, or have happen, people dying for simple, basic, human needs.
  10. freeIran134 Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen it is unfortunate for me to report on the current state of the American news media. Once it was a venerated institution now it has been reduced to the laughingstock of society as demonstrated in this insightful video The fact is ever since the advent of cable and even before that the intellectual calibar of the American news media has been devolving by the year.

    The TV was invented for entertainment, to broadcast something mind-numbing after a long day at work for Joe-6pack or Jane Doe who don't want to think about anything anymore. Unfortunatly this has become true also for the nightly news as well. We all have found the news lowering itself, dumbing down it's content and covering superfleous stories. In American TV overall I have watched a dumbing down of content over the years, from the History Channel to the Discovery Channel less knowledge more crap.

    For example, on CNN for the last several days it has been Michael Jackson coverage non-stop. Mr. Jackson was a great entertainer I acknowledge that but he is not god and should not be treated as such. In those same several days, the protests in iran continue, a coup in Honduras, a crash killing 153 people of Comoros and a cap and trade bill passing the US House, and yet it's Jackson this and Jackson that and most of it is regurgitation.

    In the American news media we have to stop elevating celebrties to the point of deites. They are tanleted people yes but their death nor their mistakes will greatly affect the world. The reason why we continue to elect politicians ill-suited to hold office is because of the media's sick addiction to celebrity coverage.

    Then there is the case of foregin news coverage in the American news media. Throughout the recession media outlets have been forced to scale-back foregin bureaus adding already to the decreasing coverage of foregin news by the American news media. This has lead to a decrease which is especially alarming in geographic knowledge held by the average American and the implcations of that in the future.

    America is entering the 21st century on a highpoint, the sole superpower but other nations are rising fast. At the same time, the content on the American news media and American TV itself is devolving in it's intelligence. Many experts assure Americans that we will continue to be the sole suprepower for the rest of the coming century but the question is, how much of a country will we be then when even now 50% of Americans doesn't know that it takes the Earth one year to revolve around the sun and many Americans cannot point to Iran on the map.
  11. I agree that I am sick of MJ, but it has slacked up alot and MJ does not seem to be running 24/7 anymore.. but i am afraid until they bury his creepy ass we are stuck with MJ coverage..

    As for the reporting on IRAN, what the hell do you want them to report? nothing is really new.. I have seen possibly 1 or 2 new videos in the last couple days and short of Josh aka Night Owl have really heard nothing else confirmed... its hard to report on what you cannot see or read, it still makes the top stories every hour and they talk about it a few minutes and move on..

    I really see nothing else they an do.. no reason blaming them (my opinion of course)
  12. very aggitated about our media

    i swear it is a form of sensorship. I am glad we had hdtv conversion, because now I get global mind, which actually talked about this very topic this morning. Sex sells, americans are really UNINFORMED. they did a joke at the end of "who is president" and foreigners knew more about our leaders than we did. grit tv. buuuuttt the govt is working on state budgets and i keep getting emails to appeal to my senator to keep funding for public tv, which i did. but i really thought bon jovi and andy stand by me would be a big hit on youtube. smart people are using michael jackson for tribute songs. very disturbing and upsetting. that is why we have to speak up. wear a shirt with a symbol for iran, green is very popular, (making some with my neice tom), and tell people about the "new Bon Jovi" song. but this also made me aware that so many other places are being ignored in the media. i sent my state senator an email last night. and try to find a rally in phila, pa..... anywhere online...... I am not sure if i can coordinate, but today, outside, i felt like shouting marg bar dictator while waving the peace symbol. i keep posting thank you on youtube videos, but... go green on the 4th as per Bon Jovi's request.
  13. thetrishlet Member

    Twitter Has the best "Free Iran" action

    Yes...I know...there is no money in it for them and the Hollywood Crowd is not behind it...

    I made my Yahoo Avatar an IranFreedom one but most action is on Twitter.

    I started a yahoo group here: CountNeda : Where's Neda's Vote?

    I am designing bumper stickers (magnets) with a four image series: Neda/Free Iran/Where's My Vote?/Where's My Friend? and having printed at FedEx/Kinkos

    Also, any petstore/ pet dept has green kitten / puppy collars that make a nice green Iran wrist band.

    Adding "Free Iran" to your standard email "signature" via "options" makes every email a message...add links as well.

    I don't know what to do.

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