Customize gets more traffic than!! LOL

Discussion in 'Media' started by Burnt2, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Burnt2 Member gets more traffic than!! LOL


    The links keep screwing up and showing only ... s/

    Go there, and enter various scientology sites, compare the traffic. has been doing VERY well, especially after the raids.

    epic win.
  2. DashboardMonk Member

  3. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Thats pretty win.
  4. Me Member

  5. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

  6. Commissar Member

    The quote Gregg Hagglund: "The Internet is Scientology's Vietnam"

  7. FTW

    (Just learnt what that acronyme meant, so I had to use it. This place is teaching me so many new things.) :wink:
  8. Burnt2 Member

    that made me lol
  9. Zanon Member

    Scientology.ORG usually gets more traffic than, but in the days since Feb 10th has definitely been beating it.
  10. ANON E MOOSE Member

    same here hahah.
  11. AthlAnon88 Member

    Funny, because in Atlanta, they had to hid behind not only a bunch of stormtroopers, but also trees.

    And they called us squirrels?
  12. Moving to Breaking News for epic win
  13. Unaware Member

    Woh, also went up a place when you google "Scientology". It used to be 3rd place, now it's second!
  14. Unlisted Member

  15. Unlisted Member

  16. Anon21 Member

    EPIC Wins
  17. saerat Member

    fucking epic win =D
  18. DarthXenu Member

  19. HailXenu79 Member

    What comments. :-P Seemed to be removed.

    Anyway, one star that shit, people.
  20. BWahaHAHA.. ugh... my face hurts. :lol:
  21. Win, yes. Epic win, probably not. You gotta remember that Alexa stats are based purely on whether or not somebody has the alexa tool bar installed. Technerds like us generally have a much higher percentage of alexa bars installed versus scifags.

    I'd like to see the compete/comscore data before I announce an epic win.
  22. anon11 Member

  23. everanonymous Member

  24. oldFag Member


    This dude (misterkeyswiss) has an enemies list in his Youtube channel description! Nice guy eh? I thought religions can haz bring cats otgether? Catz not want.

    Also, said salivating enemies rant reads like the enturbed brain of the Joel character from this Andreas street interview video [Google video: Andreas in Hollywood - Part 1[/url:3ey1xfe4]] which I belive was also mentioned on here somewhwere.

    Go Andreas!
  25. anomnomnomous Member

    Re: gets more traffic than!! LOL

    For those that can read a Scandinavian language:
    "Norwegian world-leader in criticism of Sciientology" ... i-kritikk/

    Interview with Andreas in the paper Free thought from the Norwegian Humanist society.
  26. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

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