Discussion in 'Media' started by Biggins, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Biggins Member

  2. tamphex Member, you glorious bastards! This in my eyes is a fantastic milestone in the history of things to come.

    Edit: ability to formulate correct grammar slipping.
  3. Epic Win for all!!!!
  4. ZoSo Member

    Largest :psyduck:
  5. Anonymuzs Member

    Awesome collection there.

    The aspect I am most proud of in all this is what this must be like for those fighting this for so much longer, knowing it's appreciated goes a long way to knowing we are doing it the right way.
    He listed a pic that was obviously the LA protest as a New York Protest! Note the wide open spaces, brick parquet sidewalk, palm trees, and short sleeves that do not exist in new york.

  7. DustWizard Member =/=

    WBM is still wise.
  8. Camille Member

    WBM isn't, he's
  9. Anvi Member

  10. Biggins Member

    It certainly jumped like never before. Thats all down to Anon!

    I bet the founder of is loving us right now quietly to himself. LOL
    Same probably for!
  11. Mousey Member

    oh go this is so nerdy but they probably feel like they were just standing there alone and then out of the internet comes a huge cavalry charge and oh oh this is like the battle of helms deep

  12. Biggins Member


    Well he certainly knows now - he is not alone or Paulette Cooper, etc.
    I personally think a small tide is turning - if only in that the common people is moreso not afraid to stand up and be counted in opposition to this cult.

    We must keep the pressure on folks.
  13. AnonNow Member

    I'm glad we've started to win over the old school, we showed them we can do this the right was as well as the internetz way.
    I saw the video of Andreas being interviewed by Co$ on XenuTV, se seems like a cool guy, I know he dissaproved of our original actions but Im glad we've won him over.
  14. Woo Hoo Pat your selves on the back guys this is epic indeed
  15. Foot-bullet Member

  16. The place to read the reactions of the old timers is of course on alt.religion.scientology as our picket reports start to appear.

    So far as I can see all of us that could get to an Anonymous event were there, including some of our old friends who had retired from the fray but just had to step out of the shadows once more for the Day. Everyone had a great time!

    Tory's webcam:

    She speaks for us all, we can't get the grins off our faces, it was awesome.

    Yes, website stats are up. This is our usual graph to show how we're doing against the opposition: ... ize=Medium

    The biggest peaks each year are Tom and Kate's engagement, the Death of Chef, the Panorama TV program and the present flap.
  17. AthlAnon88 Member

    O_O HOLY FUCK, that's ME for Atlanta (the large pic). Time to change Anondrobe...
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