WWP's new Occupy Wall Street initiative

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    Welcome to WhyWeProtest's new Occupy Wall Street initiative. This forum was inspired by demand from more and more users and visitors who have come to WWP looking for clearly defined resources.

    About This Site
    Welcome to those who are new to WWP. This site is populated largely by people who associate themselves with the "Anonymous" subculture and its various forms of internet activism. As such we already have several initiatives underway. WWP originally began in 2008 as a platform for the Chanology movement--a place to discuss and plan protests against the abuses of the Church of Scientology. We later added an initiative for the use of the Iranian GreenWave movement and, in 2010, an additional one dealing with Freedom of Information subjects, particularly Wikileaks. Anonymous is a large and complex organism that engages in a vast range of activities; historically Chanology has seen itself as the "legal" branch of Anon.

    Guidelines: Keep It Legal
    To this end, we will not tolerate the advocacy or planning of illegal activities on this site.For the most part, this means that in order to maintain the site as a resource we must use common sense. We assume you know better than to discuss hacking, vandalism, or anything involving violence to persons on an open forum. Other topics fall into more of a grey area. If you feel uncertain about what you are posting, please contact anyone on our Moderation Team to ask their opinion first, or use the Contact Us form at the top of each page.

    We will do our best to develop this forum in a way that enables individuals to work together cohesively, but in order to do so your continued input is critical. If you see something that needs improving, please feel free to speak up and we will see what we can do to help (but please be patient; we are an ad hoc organization of volunteers).

    Inevitably, there will be some disagreement about this and other initiatives. WWP strongly advocates free speech and welcomes open and civil discussion and debate. We hope all users will enjoy the new OWS forum and will use it to engage in mutually useful exchange of ideas.

    WWP Staff
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