WWP Placard - A2

Discussion in 'Resources' started by lol9000, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. lol9000 Member

    WWP Placard - A2

    I got bored, so, here is a placard I made up for WWP. the blues used are the same as the main page which the public see on entry to the site. I have made it in ISO A2 paper size, however, you could scale it up to A1 without any problems. Actually, I might get it printed this size... Availiable for download in PNG only, 7087x4961 @ 300DPI. The PSD's are both well over 75mb. I will, however, take a limited number of requests for alternative text. I will try to get these done by a week before the next protest... No promises though :eek:

    [SIZE="5"]Original Poster[/SIZE]

    2shared - download Anon poster RGB.png to download the png at full resoloution... (7087x4961)

    [SIZE="5"]Poster with no www[/SIZE]
    Note, there is an error in the preview, the P in protest is not correct. This is corrected in the download version...

    View attachment anonposternowwwpreview.png

    Download: poster no www A2 .png.html
  2. Mutante Member

    Re: WWP Placard - A2

    This is NICE ^^^

    Although anonymous isn't against Scientology. At least, my understanding is that anonymous protests the abuses of the Church of Scientology rather than the content of L Ron Hubbard's books. It is a fine line, but it has often been considered an important distinction.

    White fill in the text would be easier to read from a distance but it's sexy.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: WWP Placard - A2

    I would try taking out the "www." Would look much better. Focus on the message.
  4. lol9000 Member

    Re: WWP Placard - A2

    Ok, what do you (or, another anon) suggest as alternate text? Bear in mind, it has to be short and sharp...

    I did, but then, it's not so obvious that it is a URL...
    Hang fire, I will try it and post an alternative...
  5. lol9000 Member

    Re: WWP Placard - A2

    Ok, added a poster with no www. Sorry, my upload speed is as slow as your grandma, wearing lead boots.

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