WTFA....? (Whats the f'ing agenda?)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So....all the shit going on in the world this year...governments placing focus and fear on one thing so they can accomplish North is going high tec with drones and uniforms, countries to far in debt to ever pay off, revolts and genocide, flu epidemics, etc...etc...etc.

    For all you trolls who debunk the conspiracy theories with your closed mindedness and calling anyone with a theory can all go fuck yourselves because the theories have passed and this is going to be the year that it all comes together. Its not theories anymore....its all based on agenda because its all started now.

    Maybe its not a movie issue scenario but it has the same ending. All those fema camps and underground bunkers are a reality. Remember when the general public all laughed at law enforcement for practicing in a lot of countries with the "Zombie attacks" and the news media made fun of it all? wasnt practice. It was training.

    Do you think the bird flu is going to be contained in china? Its airborn now folks...and it was meant to be that way.

    No matter how many demonstrations you do matter where you hack now it doesnt make a difference...its started. All you shit trolls out there who debunked the theories as batshit are idiots fags.

    Its all going down now with a little piece of a lot of theories. The banks have everyone so far up their asses in debt and so worried about their "credit" that they can't think straight. Gun laws being pushed and manipulated, countries being thrown into chaos by revolt, weather patterns so fucked up that produce this year will go to hell, fuel prices so stretched that, that sunday drive will be a monday drive to work, governments pushing to monopolize the internet so they can sensor, phones and vehicles all on gps systems...( dont think they are off when they say they are off) privacy is a joke, cameras on every street corner and hiway...the list goes on and on.

    Without is going on. This all has agenda written all over it.

    For you trolls who just like to debunk shit...fuck off. You cant deny that as each day passes we get closer to a drastic worldwide epidemic of created BS, that something isnt going down.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Oh lord it's moonbat season!
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. grebe Member

    Doesn't this grand conspiracy fear mongering serve the rich more than the poor, by encouraging apathy and helplessness rather than genuine political involvement?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    terse is better
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  6. PresidentShaw Member

    There are things like that happening every year, and every year alarmists like you make overblown statements about the NWO trying to enslave us all or the upcoming end of the world.
    So, people who debunk conspiracy theories are trolls by default? How is that? Have you considered the possibility that smart people might disagree with you honestly? The big irony of that statement is that YOU are showing your close mindedness by calling anyone that doesn't follow your mindset like a sheep a troll.

    You say the theories have passed, care to elaborate and say which theories exactly instead of vague random statements?

    Ok, so you still believe in the FEMA camps bullshit, that has been so debunked and disproven that I don't even know what to respond anymore, stop cherry picking your info and start doing some real honest research, you just lost all your credibility right there.

    Also lol zombies, really? Do you have ANY shred of evidence to support an incoming zombie apocalypse?
    What is started? Also why do you need to resort to ad hominems instead of actual arguments? Calling us idiots and trolls might not be the best way to get your point across, as a skeptic I demand to be convinced but you are doing a really poor job of it.

    I'm not in debt, funny eh? We had gun laws in canada since the 70's and it's still not a tyranny. Revolutions are nothing new, you just seem like it's the first time you witness it happening. Fucked up weather patterns are nothing new either. Yea fuel prices are high, not sure how its related to anything you are talking about. Government censorship is also sadly nothing new, but thankfully there are lots of aware people that are fighting it, and sometimes we actually have wins, mostly due to not being fear mongering like you but actually working on solutions.
    What is the agenda exactly? Who is pushing it? And do you have actual evidence? So far you just rambled like a madman, no offense.
    Yes, there is a drastic worldwide epidemic of created BS, and the likes of alex jones and you are at the forefront of spreading it.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    You do know that gps is a receive only system, right? It only listens to the satellites.
  8. Anonymous Member

    cool story bro.gif
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  9. Anonymous Member

    sweetie, this is not the forum for you. i mean that. good luck:)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Justsaying, you do realise that now you have exposed the NWO and highlighted their plan on this forum they will be coming for you!

    You are probably no one priority!

    Expect them!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Yes...but your phone is a receiver. What??? think that if you turn off your phone it stops sending???
  12. Anonymous Member

    You dumbasses!!! Truly do you think that everything on here is just so you can come on here and scoff...belittle and putdown just cuz you are sitting in your warm comfy sofa comforted by Matilda stroking your "Hans solo" that things will just fit into place and Tommorro is another day? Myself...i dont give two shits cuz I've done everything I've wanted to...been there and done it! More so than others and less than id like....but open your eyes you dumb asses! This is the year its all coming out and if you cant see it...surely you must feel it! Just today there was the bombing in Boston! What repercussions are going into effect over that? More terrorist bills for sure. Look at the weather patterns. I live in Canada...and at this time of the year i hear geese flying...the grass is almost turning green and the willows are putting out pussy....i drove home to Sask. this evening from working in Alberta and its still winter here in Sask.! We still have snowbanks over 10 feet high here. Do you understand that means crops wont be able to be put in because the farmers cant get into their food!!! This is canada where nothing bad happens...we are neutral and now take a look at thenotherncountriesmfools! Look at Egypt, korea, syria, Isrial! Tell me that you cant see the shit hitting the fan! Look at the Euro...look where that is right now! Fricken major epidemic in china with the bird flu and swine flu! This is just all the shit that the " owned" media lets you see! Just a week ago the motherland was expressing concern that it was going to be hit by something else...and don't think it was the Boston thing either...cuz its probably not. Its going to be on a larger scale than that. The trolls on here are but bitch ass punks who either were bullied in school,or did the bullying. Grow your eyes. Like i said...i don't care , I done everything i want to do...this is all just extra for me now but what about then next generations! What about the free world. What about next year when you troll mother fuckers wont have the internet for your playground and you resort back to getting your asses kicked in the school yard again?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Bs...this is the forum for me. Its the one where i get to xpress my thoughts...and say what i think. Ya shit happens every year...but the thing is we get squeezed more and more into that small box that constricts us from challenging the governing forces. So what are we able to do anymore? What...demonstrate!! A small portion here, a small portion there that most of us never hear about and if it does get to the media its classified a riot! People are fucking dying....genocide that we dont hear about. Its going to be a wild west show...

    So....let me ask. Do you not think HHARP , such a simple device can be used to control weather patterns by increasing the atmosphere in the ionosphere? What about create a earthquake by seismic? What about a certain amount of mass control/chaos by electrical currents? It does all that and who knows how much else. Anytime you increase temp by atom generation in the ionosphere things heat up. Heat up certain parts of the ocean and it changes the weather. Produce a high enough frequency of octave that we cant hear but a dog can and it can break its eardrum. Tell me that HHARP isnt a weapon of destruction!

    The universe is at least millions of years old and of course...we are the only dumb assed bitches lucky enough to be "the only beings" in this universe? Out of billions and billions of other planets and we are the only biological life in this universe?

    What....the rich don't want to get richer? How can they in this economy with the way things are. Everyone knows that the rich ONLY want to get richer but how can they in this economy. A previous post said he wasn't in debt...5a12377c for you and me cuz im not either but i know everyone else is in debt up to their asses. Where i work 20 year olds drive 60,000 dollar trucks and you can bet they arnt paid off. The cities the houses are 400,000 for a average household! Thats two full time jobs pay those homes off by the time they retire. They owe the small bank...the small bank owes the bigger bank which owes the bigger bank. Anyway...i know where im going with that but it will take forever to type it out.

    Im just saying....somethings in the air. Its coming sure as hell and we all better be ready cuz it wont be nice. Its like from every lie...there is also a bit of truth. So take just a little bit of conspiracy theory from each one and it all ends up the same. Anyone who doesnt think we are but am commodity to the wealthy is wrong. We are their livestock. They keep the best and sell the rest

    On here...trolls or "superior beings" debunk whatever is over their head. If someone comes on here with some whacky theory...just think that maybe....just maybe there might be a small amount of truth somewhere in that theory instead of debunking or calling that person batshit right away.

    We cant always be wrong and you cant always be right.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Well if im rambling it means i give a fuck instead of sitting on a computer all day rationalizing things. You say strange weather patterns are the norm in canada? Well the geese arnt flying yet??? Its mid april man. The snow in Sask. right now is still up to ten feet high on the snowbanks on the hiways in some places. Its minus 10 outside tonight but when it does warm it will take a long time to melt and the farmers wont be able to get into the fields to plant soon. No bunker crops this year buddy

    Im a half breed...part german...half indian. I may not understand people...but I sure as hell understand climate and climate change. I feel the earth much more than you could even if you were a woodsmen. Its in my blood brother. . I dont understand people...but i do know their agendas. Its all about money and power. The ones with the most toys wins right? Now you tell me...if you were a billionaire child born into a family that pats you on the back and trains you how to be a billionaire...with no holds would you make your family proud! We all got to be better than our fathers right? I know what i would do.

    Id clone...not a damn sheep or four pitbull clone super humans to serve me. Warriors without a past. No family to make them have conscience and id train them that way. Id use every tech i could get my hands on...whether its from the past, present, future or out of this world. If it was on this have it! I would want control of everything. Id want to control what everyone eats all the the way to what everyone does for luxury whether it be drugs, tv, music etc. id want to make them want more. Id charge them to breathe my build on my earth cuz by as rich as can be...they only rent from me...but they think they own. I could come in anytime and take it away. Id capitalize on everything. Id lend to others who are my servants...who would make them my servants. I would lie to them...and if they got out of control i would use my forces to make a display of them so others wouldn't follow suit. If someone had something i wanted that i could capitalize send my army o followers in to take it. Its mine! Its human nature. Do you really think...that the world isnt manipulated by governing factors of greed, power and secrets? This isnt disneyland amigo!!!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Get off my dick
  16. You are a very passionate person justsayin,and that's an admirable quality.Grebe,and President Shaw,are correct in what they're saying.We need to continue working on genuine political involvement and to be proactively working on solutions to these problems.We feel where you're coming from justsayin. You care! and that's what really matters.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Underground bunkers certainly exist, and have since at least WWII.

    FEMA camps? As in, concentration camps? Please.

    To you, sir, I say "DOX or GTFO".


    Why make shit up when there's actual real things in the world that really do exist, to campaign about. E.g. Guantanemo.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    That depends on what you mean by "off". Screen off, but still receiving calls, of course it's transmitting. Complete power off, no.

    As an Android developer, I can hook my phone up to the debugger and tell you exactly which apps are accessing gps information and when. But in order to fit this into your conspiracy world-view, you'll probably dismiss me as a troll or a member of the conspiracy.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Not when combined with rank stupidity.


    From a place of much stupid.

    No, it isn't.

    Passionate but wrong-headed feelings are worthless - worse than worthless in many cases.

    Example: Timothy McVeigh.

    It would be better if OP lived in the Real World, with evidence and facts and reality and such.
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  21. CarterUSP Member

    I remember when threads like this used to be funny.
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  23. moarxenu Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    > /dev/null

    (or WITP)
  26. PresidentShaw Member

    You do realise that during april, it is normal to have cold weather still, right? It happens every single year, is your memory that bad?

    lol you ''feel'' the earth because you are ''half indian''. That might be the most retarded argument I ever read, how about real evidence? oh and by the way, indian is actually not the right term since indians live in india, nice show of colonial thinking there buddy. Native would be correct, but more specifically, which tribe?
    Seems like you are just jealous of people who have more than you, weird for someone who doesn't care about money or power.

    If I was rich, I,d probably try to be like this guy:

    I'm sure glad that you don't have money nor power, and that most people aren't like you.
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  27. PresidentShaw Member

    What about next year when nothing happened and we are still not enslaved by the NWO? Will you be saying the same thing over again while moving on to the next theory? Of course you will.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Don't be silly, we ARE ALREADY enslaved by the reptiloids.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Meds, they really help people, and I hear they are cheap in Canada so you are in the best place sparky!
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  30. PresidentShaw Member

    Not every forum on the internet is a pedestal for you to express how much of a special snowflake you are to the world, but more importantly, if you come in here calling everyone dumbasses and spewing your retarded BS, expect to be mocked extensively.

    What about you not understanding how HAARP works? (seriously, stop making a fool out of yourself, this is like shooting fish in a barrel) What about HAARP being visited by civilians every year when they open the installation to the public? What about you needing to read a fucking book?

    Wait what, now it's about aliens? FOCUS son, FOCUS
    Also of course there is probably other intelligent life out there, doesn't mean that they came to earth, and frankly if I had traveled through space at the speed of light to find earth, I wouldn't have done it just so I could hide and do drawings in the crops of random farmers while giggling like a schoolgirl.

    ok and it's the banker's fault if people rely on credit too much? How about people who are in debt should accept their responsibilities and stop defaulting so godamned much? Also, that is correct, you clearly don't know where you are going with that.

    Barking moonbats have been saying that every single year since the world is world. Now, how about that evidence I asked about?
    I only asked for evidence, you still failed to provide me with any, therefore I call bullshit on your argument. If you can't back up your crazy out there claims, expect to be mocked.
    Well in this case, you are clearly wrong.

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  31. CarterUSP Member

    This morning I stubbed my toe as I got out of bed. Then I spilt my milk when i got my cornflakes. One of the cornflakes was discoloured. And my spoon had a bit of a stain that the dishwasher hadn't got off. And the weather isn't very good this morning.

    IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!!111!!
    ILLUMINATI / OBAMA / NWO / 911 / BANKERS / NORTH KOREA !!!!!!1!!!!eleven!!!!!!!11!!!!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Yesterday my flatmate had his parked car hit by one of his employer's own delivery trucks. He parked in the same spot or near it, along the same block for 18 years.

    He thought he was cursed.
    The astrologist said his moon was in Saturn.
    The Buddhist said it was karma.
    His coworkers laughed.

    He parked in the same spot and narrow street for over 15 years, with dozens of delivery trucks coming and going daily - a street that has a dozen truck-related accidents a year on it during weekdays. 260 (working days)/12 (working days) = a 1/22 chance for a car constantly on that street to be hit in a year.

    In 18 years, chances would be 18/22 that he would be hit ONCE.

    It would have been a lot weirder if his car had not been hit.

    Fuck moonbattery.
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