WTF Is QAnon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CommunicatorIC, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. The UN Private Business Corporation is given its power by Government leaders simply because they are the richest in the world right and "Shifts" assets as they need to control the weaker nations in their power grab? But of course, thats why I support them and believe all they say. Perfect brainwashing... Most, if not All worldwide sounding relief stuff ARE ALL PRIVATE BUSINESS' RAN AND CONTROL BY THE RICH ELITE TO GAIN MORE POWER AND MONEY, under the false sounding name they give themselves. They they bribed Gov officials to go along with it and let them "play" their game to control the world... Oh how money works... Yet you believe the UN is backed by the Gov? Sorta like that "Federal Reserve"...Sounds like US Gov owned, but its a Private For Profit Business...See how the games played and how easily you are brainwashed and taught lies to decive their motives? Sorry but you's are not woke, but don't worry, we all had to wake up once we are faced with the truth. We all said WHAT THE FUCK? Thats what QAnons are doing and we welcome all who learned the lies we were fed our entire lives... Thats our rage, but we know that its being planned and setup to take down...
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    ”war vet” lol
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    America is destroying America from within. Lol
  4. Correct but We The People on the other side who support Trump know this, their past evil doings to humanity, their plot, their moves and we are lining things up to take the bad criminal actors out. But isn't that what we all what?

    Just wanted to explain alittle what we are facing so you can comprehend. We want 100% exactly what you want, but their criminal evil lies we all have been forcefeed has finally be exposed to the masses and We The People are waking up - 1 at a time. The control criminals around us lied to all of us since birth to control us, so they could become our rulers. They teach lies in our schools so when the truth is exposed, the person has a internal conflict to react that its all Bullshit on what a Truther says, so we were taught to demeen and call "non traditional" teachings as LIES and Crazy. Oh the perfect brainwashing we all faced but what a perfect plan by the rich Controllers who want to rule the world? But don't worry, we all had to learn we were taught lies our entire life and we all faced smacking into that brick wall, but that makes us stronger as one people of all color and gender.

    Those in Power over us need We The People to fight each other, so they do not feel the backlash and anger we have towards them. Instead, we put that anger out against the other side, so those criminals can sit back and laugh and watch how stupid we are. Thats why we are stronger together and fight against those evil criminal to make all our lives better and jail those criminals... But us who support Trump want every person to be part of our movement to rid our nation of all the real criminals. It can't happen overnight, but we finally have someone who knows who the criminals are, and ready to jail the crooks. Thats why I just wanted to share with you some information that may help you understand who the real enemy is, as it is not me or you, but its the criminals doing this to all of us. We want the same things 100%, but we all got lost in the lies they force feed us our entire lives. But now it mainstream and we finally have someone actually cleaning it up. Takes time but steps are in place. The more feverish the MSM gets, the more pressure on arresting all the criminal inside gov. I'm Rep but if theirs any crooks, I want them charges and arrested. Just like any Dem. But we all know Rep's will be arrested so its not a political thing. If I can awaken 1 or 2 people, thats 1 or 2 more who broke away from the lies we all experienced. Then just pass this on the others using logic, common sense and truth. We all know criminals are out there, and we have them in our sites and know who they are. Isn't that what you want to make our nation better? All the best you in the coming change...
    21st Century Paul Revere
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  5. Yes I am a War Vet. We don't play games and don't need to cover our faces. Imagine trusting putting your personal life in someone elses hand? And you have someone's life in your hands... No games. No 2nd chances.
    21st Century Paul Revere
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  6. There are, of course, two kinds of war vets (or 3, if you count fake war vets):

    Those who come to realise the obscenity of war, and will do all they can to make sure things don't get that far, and then you get the brainwashed masses of squaddies, who have no thoughts of their own at all, other than to follow the leader du jour. It doesn't make any difference to them whether all the Presidents men are convicted crooks or not.

    21st Century Schizoid Man is, it would appear, one of the latter.
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  7. I'm all for free speech but for the love of God will somebody please delete every word written here by 21st century paul revere because he's just fucking with this thread .
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    Q predicted this. 66D52EEB-417B-46B6-9199-BAC61DC1FE6D.jpeg
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  10. the anti Member

    I'm sorry, but I can understand you better if you took trumps dick out of your mouth.
  11. the anti Member

    You do know trump is a rich elite right? he was born rich, grew up rich, had almost everything given to him, and got more rich from putting his name on everything and making everyone else do the work. You are a sucker.
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