WTF Is QAnon

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  1. WTF Is QAnon?!

    My 4chan persona haz a lol. Edit: OMG this is going to bring so much butthurt, Trolling like a boss. Scientology was just a prequeal to Trumptology

    Reëdit. I am sorry that a place get shot up.
  2. That looks like a IRL Troll by the way


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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Unpacking QAnon: A Batsh*t Conspiracy Theory Tailor-Made for the Trump Era
    It's Pizzagate, the Deep State, and Sandy Hook trutherism rolled into one–and it counts Roseanne Barr among its Trump-loving believers.
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  4. Roseanne Barr has plenty of time to believe all kinds of shit nowadays.
  5. [IMG]

  6. The Wrong Guy Member

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  7. Q Detractors are Morons!

    Q Anon August 5 - We Have the Server

  8. Q For Beginners Part 1 - Who is Q?

    Q For Beginners Part 2 - How to Find Q posts

  9. Isn't this the most god awful bunch of crap you ever came across and worse still real anons are actually believing it.
    C'mon folks wise up before you embarrass yourselves .
  10. At this point it’s Anonymous vas Pretend Anonymous
  11. QAnon: The pro-Trump conspiracy theory that's gaining traction

  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It’s PizzaGate only worse. Damn throw any conspiracy out there and Trumps followers bite.
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  13. You bit down real hard on PizzaGate if my memory serves me correctly what's more you were so embedded in it like it was your own family ffs.
    You believed in it so much it was an embarrassment.

  14. cubby Member

    i approve of this development -- if it's not, you know, just another layer on the trollcake

    but good luck with those conspiracy bros, they are wack-a-doo... it literally does not matter what you do, they will still find a reason to believe.
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  15. peterstorm Member

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  16. Who is Q?

    ANONYMOUS - Who Is Anonymous-Q-Anon? What Is Coming. Urgent Message

    Anonymous: QAnon February 15th,16th,17th Update

    Q: The Plan To Save The World

  17. The Past, Present, and Future of Qanon, A Conspiracy That Is Very Dumb - SOME MORE NEWS

  18. Thanks for this! Appreciated! Clean needle!
  19. QAnon-believing 'conspiracy analyst' meets Trump in the White House

    By Kyle Feldscher, CNN

    Updated 2147 GMT (0547 HKT) August 25, 2018


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  20. peterstorm Member

    Bill Maher's take on QAnon.

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  21. Posting just to keep taps on the crazy

    Q Analyst Meets Trump, Mockingbirds Lie, Deep State Roils

  22. The Moth Member
    Here is the conspiracy in a nutshell
    “there is a cabal of Democrats running a child sex ring, and Trump is trying to shut it down with the help of Robert Mueller. Yes, in this theory, Mueller is helping Trump. The Russia investigation, according to the theory, is merely a cover to keep the pedophiles from discovering Trump and Mueller have teamed up to take them down.”
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  23. Thank you. Than Trumptards believing that shyte aren't alarmed about mueller not being removed.


  24. the anti Member

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  25. ah il me semble que c'est un gros Q americain ?
    french irony ah ah ah
  26. laughingsock Member

    Q is a /pol/ tard larp plain and simple.
    4chan is now lurked by mainstream media and they bit.
    The end. 7C4C328D-904B-410C-AC1C-4DC599E794FA.jpeg
  27. Wow - LALA Brainwashedland here.

    QAnon is Real and announced to the minute when McCain was Executed for Treason. McCain murdered 100+ US soldiers during his POW wartime and was a "Snitch" and told the enemy 100% all he knew. This Treason lead to dozens of US POW's deaths. Not only that but he crashed 5 airplanes before he was "Downed", including scewing around on USS Forestal aircraft carrier. While he was waiting to take off, he was a hotdog and he sent a missle ondeck, into parked planes, and killed 47 soliders - causing $100 million in damage. Its the famous aricraft carrier filmed soldiers fighting to put out. Weeks later he war flying another plane, and got shot down because he was chicken and went out of formation. Then POW snitched which killed 47 POW's because they would not talk. If he would have been placed in with other POWs, he signed his own death and they would have killed him.

    QAnon 30 days to the minute prior to his execution, gave a tip when he would die. Imagine that. 30 days to the minute forcasted it. Real fake now isn't it?

    What I don't undestand is why you all support the criminal government of the past? Do you want the country to stay Criminal, or do you want it to change to more honesty and open? Clearly your actions show you rather continue to support the criminals inside the US Government, rather then the freedom thta we are fighting for. How do you really think change happens when you refuse to move forward on a 100% outsider, never before in Gov? You all want a 100% clean, non gov person to walk in and clean house, yet that is what Trump is doing.

    Understand, Trump is purging all his close criminals right now and is what any "change" needs to clean itself now doesn't it? If you don't clean house close to you first, how can you clean out the crooks and be looked at honestly? Thats whats going on right now. Yet you 100% always bitched and moan how criminal the US Gov is, yet why do you all CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THESE SAME PEOPLE? Doesn't make any sense, except you are criminal driven and do not want it fixed. So your pissed becasue a outsider came in, with no money ties by Lobbyist or Corporations to influence Trump? If you wanted a outsider to come in clean and clean house, thats what you have.

    The media is 100% twisting everything to fool its viewers because they want to stay in power over its people with corporate money and power. Why do you continue to support them and believe them without actually listening and using your own god given brain, logic and common sense? Once a person looses all human values to think for themselves, and look at things and say thats fucked up, well, you just go with the crowd who hollers the loudest, and loses all common sense, reason and logic.

    But what is coming right now is a mass arrest of all the REAL Criminals inside the US Gov and Corporations. It will include Hollywood, Democrat's and Republicans as well in the highest power positions in the US who is destroying our nation from within and using their Gov powers to "control" the course of their Deep State power to act as the Nations Kings and Queens over the people.

    Their are 40,000 Sealed Indictments ready to be unsealed, and the plan is to arrest all the criminals at the same time! Get it? Arresting 1 at a time is a pack of wolves for each arrest, but doing huge roundups all at once will leave them no were to run.

    Child sex pedo is real and that is the "Control" and "Blackmail" to all the rich, powerful, Hollywood and elite. Their are different levels including murdering children, where they feel they get more power, and their young blood keeps them young. Get it? Its real and the Clintons control the Worlds Children sex trafficing. Those like Di Nero who scream the loudest are the ones that the walls are closing in on, so they are lashing out at Trump, because he's freeing 1000s of children out of the sex trafficing - thats their secret to money and power. Like Di Nero, he is names in a 1 billion dollar fraud, and his child network in LA has been breached. If Hillary would have won, all charges would be dropped and his child sex trafficing power would stay with him. Since Trump is following the Laws and will not drop the charges, he's pissed, as all. Learn with Knowledge and Ready. Please stop just copying everyones false words, but take 2 minutes and do your own search and read the truth.

    He's were you can start with the Secret Government behind the Government we see or "The Deep State", Ever hear of the "Federal Reserve" - you know the bank the US uses right? Did you know it is a PRIVATELY HELD BUSINESS like McDonalds, Walmart, Wendys, KFC, Home Depot? Yeah. Like you and me, we need to go to the bank and borrow money - well so does the US Gov. It is "Owned" by the Rothschild family who are worth $300 Trillion US Dollars? Understand? Yes their are 100s of Trillionares in the World. They are so rich, they own everything and why the media refuses to name them or their true value... So see how someone behind the scene's "Owns" and really "Runs" our laws and nation? Since the bank "owns" someone like you and me, they can fuck with all they want, and what the Fed Reserve does in secret? See they control the media and the lies you read... But QAnon all know this and understand what we are fighting against.

    Anyways, read and learn. JFK was murdered because he tried to buy our debt back from them when he started the "Silver Certificate" dollar, which was Gov money not "Fed Reserve" money. Next Reagan pulled together enough money to pay off the US Debt in FULL, and he signed a Presidental Order to Bush to pay off the US debt when the money was returned from crashing the USSR in 1988. Reagan ran out of time as President, and ordered Bush to pay it off, but do you know what happened? Fucking Bush STOLE $10 TRILLION US DOLLARS AND POCKETED IT INSTEAD! Every President since shared this US TAXPAYERS STOLEN MONEY AS THEIR OWN, AND USED IT TO BUY EVERYONE! WTF IS $100 Billion or $1 Trillion to buy the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, Business, Banks, etc. See how the "FAKE Deep State" was funded? That is what TRUMP IS FIGHTING! Search more of this by searching "LEO WANTA" in your websearch. Leo was Reagans Lawyer who has been fighting for this money back that is the TAXPAYERS MONEY LIKE YOU AN ME! Every person has a price to be bribed and imagine how much $10 Trillion could buy you in "Fixing" the secret gov to control the US AND WORLD? Its value now is $21 Trillion taxpayes money they have today!

    You should understand Trump's purging some criminals close to him and secretly has 40k seal indictments. Reason is they are all being prepared but just not presented yet to the courts for arrest. Then all criminal US will all be arrested at one time, so the damage goes fast. Trumps ready to purge the top 0.01% criminals in the world! Get it? Isn't that what you all want? yet you refuse to learn and side with the mob instead of learning the other side? We are doing 100% what we all want to clean up the Gov, yet you don't understand, and you still support the old criminals in Gov?

    Here is a start to learn in a story of the RICO child sex charges, that 100% involves everyone down the line we want to clean up. Clintons

    Why did Joe Bidens son fly to China with Joe in 2016 on AF2, and when he came back, 1 week later, he had a 6.5 billion dollar China controlled business in his name and control? Clintons have almost $1 Trillion US Dollars. Did you know that President Bush is a fake name? His real german passort name is Georg Scheff Jr and Sr. Did you know that his Grandpa was found guilty of an Attempted coup of the White House back in 1933 for Hitler, as Hitler promised him he'd Rule America? Did you know that about the Bush family? Did you know that Bush was detained in Dallas and questioned right next to Oswald when JFK was murdered?

    You's all have a lot to learn but this is just some of the things you all need to research. If you love Freedom and America and the 1776 Constitution, why are you continuing to follow the same old criminal Gov criminals in office? You don't like them yet you still support them wholeheartedly? What Trumpm and his followers are doing is changing the US back to "We The People" and follow laws. Thats whats Trumps doing and they can't find any charges against him. You know, Trump has been learning Presidental law for 30+ years right - or do you think he just walked off the street and know nothing - as they want you think? If he was just a knowbody, don't you think he'd have 100s of easy crimes they could get him on? Why isn't is a slam dunk? Its because Trump outsmarted them all. Trump for 30+ years had all of Reagan's closest advisors and lawyers teach him, and today he still has them all, and all the top legal experts advising him of all the legal tactics. Understand he's just not off the streets, as they want you to believe.

    But if you love freedom for everyone and the US to back to our US Laws and Rights, you are on the wrong side. No one on planet earth can fix every single issue, but if he can cleanse a huge chunk of them, its a start. Even God today would be arrested for fishing for food without a license, or not having a ID, or using a public bathroom without buying food.

    We all think the ones we like are ANGELS and WOULD NEVER DO ANY CRIMES, but how do you really know? You go based on how loud the mob screams or takes to the streets? Or do you kick back in private and really learn and use your own morals and values. The lost ones feel going along with a mob makes them feel safe and don't know facts only want to feel that acceptance from someone in public. Until you have children and family, the mob does not rule one, but family, children and loved ones. Its family that no one takes to the streets to show how much they love each other, but they keep them closer, as they are the most important thing in life. Who cares what the babys screaming and crying in the streets say because we just laugh how uneducated they really are on whats going on, and its just like little children throwing tantrums to get attention. Using force or violence does not win over people - its whats in the heart and the love using logicl and reason. So if you want to win people over, you want to be able to discuss them with real facts one can explain. Screaming is like a gay parade and we all just laugh. But once we are unleashed, as a War Vet, we will not waste time and we wipe out all in one move.

    Anyways,just wanted to explain reality, as its all a game of fake news and mind control. Brainwashing occurs to everyone, yet they don't comprehend it happening inside their own mind because they don't notice it. So of course, if no one ever confronts them with facts they can't comprehend how lost they really are. If they control your mind and stop you from thinking yourself, and follow mob thought, how do you know? If you have a open mind, you can see 100% exactly whats going on in their shoes, and you can feel their emotions and where they are coming from. Once you do, you can win anyone over using facts. Vioence does not ever win in the long run.

    Turn off the computer for 7 days and see how life and people interact. All too often people can't do that, and think life is behind computer screen and friends are inside data. All minds are "Controlled" or like TV "Programmed" or computer "Programs", thats what they are. They are programing its "User" as they want you to act, think, feel, etc...Thats how you get controlled. Search "TAVISTOCK" to learn more about how programing works without you (its subject) knowing. Its a science.

    Support Trump, We The Poeple, America and learn. The media's agenda is to KEEP THEIR CONTROL OVER THE POPULATION, AND FORM THEIR MINDS TO THINK AS THEY WANT! So who cares if they REMOVE A FACT HERE OR THERE TO FIT THEIR AGENDA? Fake Media removes key turning points (words/facts) so they can twist their plot to fit their end game. To keep their control over the masses, and gain more power and money to rule over them. So the Deep State Bought all the highest people in positions in Gov, plus the data media, so they can keep them off Truth, and work as a sitting partner of the King and Queen who wants to rule over its people. If you were given the oportuntiy to help the King or Queen rule, what is your price for being in the top 10-20 that rules over the masses?

    21st Century Paul Revere
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  28. ^Appears mental.
  29. Sorry don't hate the truth but of course its just a brainwashed reflex to rip someones else point of view without thinking or using reason.

    Proves you's have no mind self control and issues if you can't see life in someones else shoes. How you young snowflakes can easily be trained to jump thru hoops like a good little brainwashed dog. You were trained like a dog to sit, fetch, roll over, and given "treats" for doing what you're told. Good little puppy. Trained like dogs to act as they do, without them comprehending they were trained...

    Unfortunately, only time some wake up is when barrel's are put to their heads and then reality comes to them in a 1 second rush...

    Sorry but having to beg people for donations to keep this up says it all.. Mom's basement and no allowance... It costs me $200 a year and I have 5000+ pages and unlimited... Or $29 a month... But of course you's are god's hey and no job or responsibilty or family. No disrepect given but no cause for it back... As a War Vet, everyones big online but when it comes down it, only one walks away.
    21st Century Paul Revere
    This message by 21st Century Paul Revere has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  30. You are not funny DIAF

  31. You know the UN is a CORPORATION RUN BUSINESS RIGHT - AND NOT ANY GOVERNMENT OR HAS ANY GOVERMENT INPUT? And you all support the worlds largest CORPORATION AS FACTS? When you don't even know the United Nations is all the richest people's corporations way to CONTROL THE WORLD SO THEY RULE OVER IT? Seriously, how can you be so uneducated and brainwashed to not know facts or lies? ITS ALL A PRIVATE BUSINESS CORPORATIONS RAN BY ALL THE WORLDS TOP CORPORATIONS!? BUT WHO CARES - WE WANT "CONTROL" AWAY FROM WE THE PEOPLE! Yet you ALL DRANK THE KOOLAID AND SUPPORT THE UN? hahahahahahahaha You don't even know reality and support all the WRONG THINGS!
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