World Day Against Cyber Censorship March 12 2013

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    In 2011, netizens were at the heart of the political changes in the Arab world and elsewhere. They tried to resist the imposition of a news and information blackout but paid a high price. At the same time, supposedly democratic countries continued to set a bad example by yielding to the temptation to prioritize security over other concerns and by adopting disproportionate measures to protect copyright. Internet users in “free” countries have learned to react in order to protect what they have won.
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  2. "The Internet should be something that always, Remains Free, to Whatever It May Be, and Further More to Whom Ever It May Be!... Except the people we can truly deem as criminals and witch are dangerous to us..." - Words right from my own mind! And I hope you all share this same though too.
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    One Free Internet, comin' right up!

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    This is relevant to my interests
  6. free internet freedom of speech and freedom of your human rights sounds good

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